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Our process

Enjoy a stress-free renovation with our unique build process.
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    Issuance Of A Free
    No-Obligation Quote

    We begin by evaluating your space and goals, leading to a comprehensive project estimate. This initial step ensures a clear understanding of your renovation needs.

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    Plan Your Constructions
    & Materials

    Our project manager will collaborate with you to outline the project’s scope and timeline. We provide a detailed schedule with key deliverables for clarity and planning.

  • 03

    Your Design

    Choose a design from our catalogue or create a custom one with our team. We provide detailed drawings and measurements to visualize your envisioned space.

  • 04

    Fixtures And Finishes

    Leverage our team’s experience and connections to source materials. We offer discounts on quality materials from local suppliers, or you can source them yourself.

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    Construction begins with a focus on staying within the set schedule and budget. Our team works diligently to minimize any inconvenience during the renovation process.

Newmarket’s Bathroom Renovation Experts

Bathroom renovation does not have to be stressful. Serving Newmarket, Easy Renovation can help you streamline your next renovation project by offering virtual or in home consultations, design rendering and material selection. Our qualified and trained staff will be able to guide you step by step while offering design, quality materials and professional installation, all on your timeline.

Why Choose Easy Renovation?

Usual Renovation Experience
  • Management problems
  • Unclear price changes
  • All materials hassle on you
  • Minimal or no design
  • Unprofessional labour
Easy Renovation Experience
  • Start-to-finish customer support
  • Upfront transparent proposal
  • Materials ordered & delivered
  • Experienced design help
  • Professional trusted contractors

Renovation Has Never Been So Easy

Your Bathroom Renovation Expert in New Market

Your bathroom should be the place you relax after a long day at work as you take a bath. It doesn’t have to be a place you feel uncomfortable in or somewhere you fear showing your guests. Easy Reno is here to transform your bathroom into one of the most luxurious spaces in your home. Our team consists of New Market locals that are highly trained and qualified, and that helps us deliver exceptional services. We understand the local market and the needs of New Market residents, which makes us best suited to serve you.

Whatever type of renovation you want, Easy Reno will deliver. We value competency and excellence, and that is why we vet all our employees thoroughly before employing them. We make sure all our contractors are experienced and skilled before allowing them to handle renovation projects. We can handle large and small renovations alike and complete the project within schedule. Feel free to contact us if you want a free quote without any obligation.

Easy Design Libraries

Bathroom Design
At Your Fingertips

Whether you prefer classic or want to go with a modern bathroom design, at Easy Renovation we offer a number of diverse design libraries to help you create your ideal bathroom. Remember, you can always mix and match the details, or integrate custom elements, the goal is to create a space you can truly call your own.

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What to consider before a renovation?

You should determine the scope of the project before calling a contractor. Figure out what you want to change or remove a well as all the other factors you would like to improve. You may choose to change your bathroom fixtures or the floors, expand the bathroom for more space, or install another bathroom in a different part of the house. Determining your exact needs will help you with budgeting and the timely completion of the project. Whatever it is you want to do; we will make sure we do it to perfection.

The qualities of the contractor you’re hiring are also essential and should be taken seriously. Make sure the contractor is a good fit for you by finding out:

  • The services they provide
  • How long it would take them to complete the project
  • How they will handle the project and whether there will be a project manager
  • If they do the demolition and the clean up after completing the project
  • How they intend to keep your property and your loved ones safe during the renovations
  • The level of experience and the bathroom renovation projects they’ve handled before
  • How they source the materials for the job

These will show you whether the contractor will finish the job at a pace you’re comfortable with, and if they have what you need for your bathroom renovation.

Our bathroom renovation services

We also cover multiple areas of a bathroom renovation to ensure that you get the exact services you need.

With the bathroom designs we have; you are sure to find one that fits your style. We can give you a few ideas and design samples while allowing you to continue using your creativity to create a customized design that is uniquely befitting. Our designers can also create a unique design that is based on your wishes. We will listen to you and take into account all the features you would like in the new bathroom, then come up with a design that includes all of them.

We also do demolitions because we believe that every step of the renovation process deserves professional attention. You shouldn’t put yourself in danger by trying the demolitions on your own, just like we don’t want you to cause extensive damage. Our experts know where all the delicate components like pipes are located. We will remove everything in good condition and may even reuse some of the items to help you reduce costs.

Our expertise extends to plumbing and electrical work. We want you to have a functional and cosy bathroom, which is why we handle all the water pipe installations and electrical fixture installations. Easy Renovation will make sure you get the proper lighting and enough water for your use.

Another area of our services is the selection of flooring materials as well as cabinetry, vanity, walls, and other furnishings you would like to have in your bathroom. We will give you a bathroom that is easy to maintain and is pleasant to look at. We can add handcrafted details to make the bathroom stand out and bring your vision into reality. We do all these within time and according to your budget.

Why hire us

Working with Easy Renovation means working with professionals. We do the job right the first time to save you time and money. With us, you won’t worry about trial and error that could end up damaging your bathroom even more. All our contractors and company are insured and licensed, which means your safety and quality of the work will be guaranteed. Since we specialize in bathroom renovations in New Market, we understand the building regulations in the region. We’ll make sure you don’t run into any legal trouble because of the bathroom renovation.

Bathroom renovation cost

The type of bathroom renovation you want will determine the amount you spend. For instance, a complete renovation will cost more than a partial one, and minor changes like repainting the bathroom will cost even less. Other factors determining the renovation costs include:

  • The contractor you hire and the labour costs they charge
  • The type and quality of materials needed for the job
  • The amount of preparation necessary before the job
  • The cost of materials in your neighbourhood

Research these factors and come up with an estimated renovation cost. Remember to set aside at least 30% of that cost for an emergency in case things don’t go as planned. You can also contact us, and we will give you a more accurate quote after assessing your property and calculating the cost of all the materials needed. Easy Reno’s costs start at approximately $13,000. Reach out for more details.

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Renovation Do’s And Don’t

Renovation tips


Here’s what to expect when you hire us as your experienced bathroom renovation contractor in Toronto.

Common bathroom renovation questions

Bathroom Renovation Questions and Answers
  • How long will I wait for the project to be finished?

    We will tell you the exact timeline after we come up with a renovation plan, and we cater to elements that could cause delays. When you have all the materials and the funds ready for the job, we will take approximately 10 days. It could be longer if you want custom bathroom features and a complicated layout that’s more difficult to work on.

  • How do I start?

    The thought of starting a renovation can be dreadful when you don’t have the right guidance. With easy reno, you will have a partner that guides you throughout the renovation process. Just give us a call, and we will discuss all the details with you.

  • Do I choose the renovation materials and accessories?

    We recommend that you select the materials. That way, you’ll choose the quality and style you like most. However, we can also help you with the selection, especially if you don’t have a trusted supplier in New Market.

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