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Quality Condo Kitchen Renovation in Toronto

Renovating your condo kitchen transforms it from a basic room for preparing meals to a relaxing place where you can enjoy spending time with your family. Easy Reno knows the best ways to multiply the practicality of the kitchen without squeezing the already limited space. We can customize the features, integrate new appliances with the layout, and equip the area with the latest technological solutions. We will give you all the information to ensure you make the best condo kitchen renovation decisions.

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Condo Kitchen Ideas to Choose From

Let Our Experienced and Professional Team to Make Your Kitchen Renovation Experience for Condos As Pleasant as Possible

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    Describe to us the current state of your kitchen and the changes you prefer, then wait a few hours as we create the price estimate.

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    Plan Your Constructions & Materials

    Do not worry about the project scope, schedule, or cost. Our project manager will walk you through every detail and help you plan effectively.

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    Your Design

    Ascertain your preferred style as you pay close attention to the fixtures. Our team can give you a design catalog if you are unsure about the changes to make.

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    Get Your Fixtures and Finishes Delivered

    Our experts can schedule and follow up with vendors to ensure material delivery is on time, stress-free, and without unnecessary delays.

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    Let The
    Experts Build It

    Our knowledgeable and experienced builders have a reputation to uphold, so expect quality delivery throughout the renovation. You’ll get an elegant kitchen within budget and timeframe.

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What is Included in Condo Kitchen Renovation Process

The stringent regulations in condo units discourage most owners from attempting renovations, but that should not be the case. You can still have your dream kitchen by hiring experienced contractors who know how to navigate those rules like Easy Reno. It also helps to identify the renovation permits you may need as stipulated in your ownership agreement and some changes you can make to improve the space and property value.
  • Plumbing and Electrical:  Plumbing renovations include replacing faucets and sinks or relocating them. We can also change electrical outlets if the design documentation allows.

  • Demolition and Garbage Removal:  We start by removing all appliances and cabinetry before proceeding to the necessary levelling and waste disposal. 

  • Appliances:  Once we discuss your preferences, we can order the new kitchen appliances, arrange for their delivery, and install them correctly.

  • Design:  Our designers use their unmatched expertise from years of experience to create 2D and 3D designs to give you different perspectives and help you make the best choice.

  • Countertops:  We can help you change your countertops using any material. We design, fabricate and install all kinds of materials, including quartz. 

Common Problems and Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating a Condo Kitchen in Toronto

New Furniture For Your Condo Kitchen

Arrange for early delivery if you choose to purchase supplies and new kitchen fixtures without the contractor. That is a critical aspect that can influence the overall project schedule. Order early and follow up with the supplier to avoid miscommunication. Planning the transportation sooner allows you to mitigate possible hiccups you may encounter later.

Remember to measure the materials to ensure they can fit the elevator space or hallways for a smooth transition. Finding out the furniture is too big for the available space after it gets there only brings frustration. Work closely with your supplier – they are most likely in a better position to overcome issues you may encounter.

Choosing the Right Floor for Condo Kitchen

Do not choose flooring material because it is in style or looks great. Consider all the possible factors, such as its suitability for the kitchen, specifically maintenance and moisture tolerance, and the duration it takes to install. For instance, hardwood flooring may not be ideal if you have limited time. Installation requires a lot of planning and mapping, especially if you want a pattern with intricate details. Remember, condo boards only allow construction work during specific hours. You may get the desired flooring in the end, but it could cause problems with property management.

Condo Kitchen Renovation vs Condo Bathroom Renovation  – Which is Advisable to Begin With?

Bathroom and kitchen renovations in a condo are equally important and have great potential for adding value to the unit. However, it is better to start renovating the kitchen area because it is more exposed and likely to be the center of attention from the living room. Condo kitchen renovations are also simpler to handle and not as expensive as bathrooms. For example, you can add backsplash or change countertops only and still get an impressive transformation because of the size. You do not have to make extensive changes. Condo bathroom remodelling requires detailed planning. 

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Here’s what to expect when you hire us as your kitchen renovation contractors in Toronto.
Common Questions
You have questions – we have answers
  • How long does kitchen remodeling take?

    While many companies refuse to provide a precise estimate, we strive to guide our clients through a well-structured process, which allows us to better plan, design and execute your kitchen renovation process. There are factors that depend of client availability, design choices and material selection yet once all that is settled we aim to complete the entire renovation in 3 weeks.

  • How do I start the process?

    Its simple, either give us a call or fille out a form on our website. We shall ask you a series of questions in a step by step process and schedule an in house or virtual estimate. Our experienced design team can measure, design and propose a fully custom rendering to your existing kitchen space. Then it is a matter of getting the renovation process going.

  • Do I need to have design ideas before we start?

    While some clients prefer to browse designer catalogues, there are others who do not have the time or desire to do so. In any case, we are able to either offer a kitchen cabinetry style from our catalogue or guide you to a custom designed solution. Our free designer consultation is included- so take advantage of it.

  • Should I Prepare For a Kitchen Renovation?

    To get your dream kitchen, it is imperative that you gather designs and ideas as well as a list of appliances that you would want your renovated kitchen to have. It is also paramount that you hire the most reputable kitchen renovation contractor in the region. Working with the best team is the key to achieving the best results.

  • What Type of Return on Investment Can I Expect From Remodeling My Kitchen?

    Kitchen renovations offer some of the highest returns on investment for residential properties. Studies have shown that a kitchen renovation can offer somewhere between 75% and 100% return on investment when done properly. What you need is a reliable team of kitchen renovation contractors to help bring your vision to life. The right team will use the right materials and processes to help you earn maximum return on investment.

  • Is Wood Flooring Good For a Kitchen?

    Wood flooring is often not recommended for a kitchen. All the same, it remains to be a popular choice thanks to its visual appeal. Wood is also great when opening a kitchen into an adjacent space that has wood flooring. Typically, designers don’t choose wood because of the wear and tear factor as well as exposure to water/moisture damage. Since the kitchen is a high-traffic room, wood floors tend to wear quickly than in other low-traffic rooms. The wood floors also require to be refinished periodically. The plumbing in the kitchen further exposes the wood to water damage. As a result, tile floors are highly recommended because they are more resistant to humidity, leaks and high foot traffic.

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