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Bathroom renovation is Easy!
As leaders in bathroom renovations in Toronto, we know that the process can be stressful. At Easy Renovations we offer a step by step process; from a virtual or in person estimate, to interior design and material selection, both our design consultants, project managers and qualified bathroom contractors will ensure your project runs smoothly.

Why Choose Easy Reno Bathroom Contractors?

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Easy Renovation Experience
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Streamlined Process, Stunning Designs Exceptional Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations don’t have to be a dreadful and overwhelming process. At Easy Reno, we make the process of revamping your bathroom as easy, hassle-free, and exciting as possible. We do this by maintaining a friendly and transparent relationship right from the start. We have renovated bathrooms for as low as $9,000 to up to $55,000 and delivered exceptional quality each time. We focus on quality bathroom renovations and respect our client’s property. Be assured that your compound will be left clean and tidy once we’re done with all the renovations.

Depending on how much you intend to spend on your next bathroom remodel, our bathroom renovation contractors can help you bring your dream to life. We’ll factor in the materials, structural upgrade, and labor so you have a reasonable quote at the beginning. We even offer our clients a complete design solution free of charge. If you decide to select custom bathroom fixtures, we will even pick up and deliver all the materials. Our goal is to deliver unmatched quality and we do all it takes to address any underlying issues before finishing your bathroom.

Premium Design Options

Bathroom Renovation
Merged With Design

Whether you prefer a classic look, a contemporary finish or a modern design for your bathroom remodel, we got you covered. After learning about your goals, style of the rest of the home as well as practical needs, our design team can turn your vision into a reality. Not only shall we design your dream bathroom; we shall procure and deliver all the materials prior to commencing the work, all at insider prices. Bathroom renovation is now that Easy.

Our Approach To Bathroom
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At Easy Reno, we aim to deliver an all-inclusive renovation service and strive to ensure that
each bath remodelling project stays on time and within budget.

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Enjoy a stress-free renovation with our unique build process.

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Enjoy a stress-free renovation with our unique build process.

Why Hire A Bathroom Contractor?

Bathroom remodels are fun and may often appear to be simple DIY projects. But, as soon as you start the work, you’ll realize how much time, energy, and expertise it takes to have a successful bathroom renovation. Different aspects of the remodel such as plumbing and electrical require an expert. To avoid running into potential setbacks, it’s best to hire a bathroom contractor. Turning the remodel into a DIY may appear to be a money-saver but it could cost you more if you end up making expensive mistakes unknowingly.

The best way to realize your plan of renovating the bathroom is to work with an experienced contractor. This will ensure you have the capacity, skill, and experience needed to get things done right the first time. Contractors who specialize in bathroom remodelling projects also know how to avoid common renovation problems and keep costs within budget.

What To Consider First When You Start Planning A Bathroom Renovation?

Before you embark on any renovation project, the first thing to consider is what you would like to change about the space. For bathrooms, you may want to change or improve on several things such as:

  • Upgrade the flooring and fixtures

  • Add more space in the room or make it look less cluttered

  • Add an extra feature like a half-bath to your home

  • Add a walk-in shower or a tub

  • Additional storage by taking advantage of extra space such as under the sink

  • Add exciting features like mirrors, a built-in vanity

  • Make the bathroom safer and more functional such by adding a bench or handicap toilet area

Bathroom Renovation in Toronto

Here’s what to expect when you hire our bathroom contractor

Get help with bathroom design: We know the most exciting process for many of our clients is deciding their new bathroom design. You can work with our team of experienced designers who will show you all the possible options to optimize your space. We’ll look into your goals and help you choose elements that will complement your new design. We begin the demolition process: We come well equipped to ensure the demolition process is safely and effectively done. Though some clients choose to demolish the bathroom themselves, we always recommend hiring an expert who will not only be better equipped to handle the work but also know exactly where the critical bathroom elements and pipes are located so as to avoid unnecessary damage. Our bathroom contractors will be very meticulous when demolishing the old bathroom space and ensure any usable elements are left intact. All our workers also possess adequate insurance which helps cover the cost of damage or injuries if ever something goes wrong. Plumbing and electrical work: Installation of electrical and plumbing systems may seem like an easy job, but a small mishap can cause serious issues in your entire home. Our team will handle all plumbing and electrical installations required. We complete these projects to the highest quality standards. Walls and flooring: Once the essential plumbing and electrical work are done, our contractors will then begin the process of painting your walls, installing the flowing, vanity, and other furnishings. We install bathtubs, showers, toilets, and all other required key fixtures at this stage. Finishing touches: To add that drama and make your bathroom space stand out, we finish up by installing the ideal lighting fixtures, molding, backsplash, fittings, and all accessories as planned. With Easy Reno, you have qualified contractors by your side who know the solutions that work best for you and are always happy to deliver.


Here’s what to expect when you hire us as your bathroom contractor in Toronto.

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