Where To Hang Towels In Your Bathroom

An increase in the number of people working from home due to the global pandemic has made the condition of the bathroom and bathroom renovation a more critical issue. Many people now realize that the space should be an oasis, not a boring place that only serves its primary purpose. Initially, it was easier to neglect the bathroom because most people spent most of the time outdoors. Now you may find yourself obsessing over the tiniest details in every inch of the bathroom. Where to put bath towels is one of the focus areas.

Most people never think about the best place to hang towels in the bathroom. They may throw the wet cloths around after showering without any after-thought until they start noticing a musty smell in the room. Towels that do not dry properly contribute significantly to the damp odour in bathrooms. That is why bathroom towel hanging ideas involve places that allow maximum airflow. You need enough space to spread out the towel completely – it is the best way to speed up the drying process and prevent fungi growth. It also guarantees the towel will be dry whenever you use it next. Do not worry if you have inadequate storage in your bathroom. You can still find an idea that works for your limited space, allowing you to enjoy a fresh and dry towel every time you shower.

So, how do you display towels in a bathroom? If this question still lingers in your mind, read on. Some helpful ideas are available below.

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What Causes Bad Odor In Wet Towels?

Primary Reasons Wet Towels Catch Odor

Refusing to Hang Towels To Dry

Failure to hang towels or air them correctly is one of the common causes of bad odour. That means you should not throw yours on the floor or drape it haphazardly after use. The moisture provides a conducive atmosphere for fungi to grow. The humid conditions in the bathroom and higher temperatures worsen the situation, quickly causing the foul smell.

Bodily Debris

Although you use the towel after showers, they retain some gunk from the body. The body never gets rid of all substances like dead skin and oil, no matter how intensely you scrub it. Those remnants transfer to the towel when you dry off. The more you use the same towel, the more the debris accumulates. It does not take long before the cloth starts emitting a foul smell because of the bodily substances.

Leaving a Towel in Your Washing Machine

Most people can attest to forgetting to remove clothes from the washing machine long after a complete cycle. However, the conditions of the washers provide a thriving ground for bacteria and fungi. The space is always damp, dark, and contains lingering debris from the washing process. Leaving your towels in there for extended periods means the bacteria get an opportunity to attach to them. The longer they stay there, the more the situation worsens, causing the bad smell to become more pronounced. Time the washing cycles and dry the towels as soon as possible.

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Towel Hanging Ideas For a Small Bathroom

Planning for towel storage may not be as exciting as other decoration ideas, but it is essential. It becomes more difficult in a small bathroom without hooks, racks, or shelves. Below, we share ideas that show how to hang towels in a small bathroom. They can help you find solutions easily.

Ways to Hang Towels in Small Bathrooms

  • Ladder Rack
  • In-Shower Storage
  • Over-The-Shower Towel Rack
  • Vanity

Ladder Rack

Ladder racks are unbeaten when it comes to storage solutions in small bathrooms. Their frames allow them to fit in without much hassle. They also utilize vertical space, meaning they do not squeeze your bathroom unnecessarily but still allow you to maximize the limited allocation. Choose a ladder-type that you can use creatively to improve the decoration in your bathroom.

In-Shower Storage

Walls and doors are not the only options for organizing towels. If you cannot use them to your advantage, focus on the space inside the shower. You can install bars but keep them on the opposite side for optimal results. It will keep towels from getting soaked as you shower without hindering accessibility when you need to use them. If possible, use bars wide enough to allow you to spread the towel properly.

Over-The-Shower Towel Rack

A shower caddy can have multiple functionalities. You can use it as a towel rack as well. For instance, you can choose a version that keeps your shower products like shampoos on one end and allows you to use the hooks on the other side to air wet towels. It is an easy but practical arrangement that ensures you maintain neatness and efficiency in the bathroom.


The most common vanity types cover the sink pipes and provide closed-off cabinet storage. However, you can explore unconventional options that allow you to repurpose them. When searching for one, consider the potential benefits you might experience with it. For instance, you can buy a vanity with bars that serve as towel racks. You can also utilize the space underneath to solve other storage needs.

Towel Hanging Options For Bathroom of Any Size

Creative Ways To Hang Bathroom Towels

Large Basket

Baskets are perfect for medium or small bathrooms that lack enough wall space. They offer storage flexibility, giving the options of vertical or horizontal placement. Once you fold the towels, you can arrange them on top of each other or beside one another.

It is important to note that baskets will only function optimally when you also have hooks or racks for airing your wet towels. They are still a good solution for keeping clean towels in guest bathrooms or shared spaces. They are available in various unique designs, allowing you to choose one that suits your style. The colours also differ to suit varying preferences.

Towel Display

Towel displays are suitable for different bathroom sizes, including powder rooms. With proper arrangement, they can turn into attractive design pieces. They can contribute to the overall bathroom decoration. The trick is in balancing the display with the surrounding wallpaper. For instance, if you have busy wallpaper in the background, the shelves should have a complementary neutral colour. The openness allows bathroom users to reach for towels easily, but you must always organize the area properly for the proper visual effect.

Tower Storage

Sometimes unconventional storage alternatives are the only fitting solution. You can use elements meant for other rooms to keep your towels dry and clean. A good example is a glass display case. You can place it strategically between the wall.

Ensure the structure you choose works for the available space. Slender units can utilize upper areas and allow you to combine décor pieces and towels. Use enclosed units if you worry about moisture.

Towel Shelves

Multiple towel shelves designs are available for your choosing. They allow you to explore your design taste and use them in the most ideal way. For instance, you can utilize the space above or at the vanity base to store towels, toiletries, and shower products separately. The shelves become essential when you have limited drawer space. Consider unused spaces between studs when considering this alternative.

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Creative Ways To Use a Towel Bar in Your House

Towel bars are not strictly usable in bathrooms only. They can be purposeful in every other room, so long as you come up with creative ways of using them, such as:

Decluttering floors – Add some hooks to the bar and hang items like bags or coats. Keep it at a lower height if you have kids. That will make it their dedicated area to reduce floor cutter.

Gift wrapping station – Avoid struggling when you have a special occasion like a birthday coming up. Create hanging space for all your wrapping papers and related apparel. It will make your work easier during the festive season too.

Safety toolshed equipment – Remove all your tools from the floor where they can be dangerous and put them on the towel bar at a safe height. It works with every garden tool, including the garden hose and spade.

Artwork collection  – Towel bars can be suitable for arranging the paint and other tools. You can use several bars on the same wall for easier accessibility.

Fruit basket holder – Place the bar at an ideal spot and hang your fruits on it. They will be easier to grab.

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