Best Ways to Transform Your Bathroom

7 Ways to Transform your Bathroom

Bathroom renovation in Toronto can be an intimidating process. However, it can also enhance the appeal of the home.  There may be some fear going into renovating your bathroom. Nonetheless, there are so many different kinds of renovations available for you to try. Some involve demolishing the entire bathroom and starting over, but that isn’t always the best approach. You can still transform your bathroom into a master or guest restroom area without extreme changes that can affect the structure of your home. These types of changes improve the look and performance of your bathroom and without the need to demolish your bathroom walls.

Increasing the open space

Bathrooms that are closed off usually look smaller, making you feel cramped. This can lead you to feeling uncomfortable using such a small area. Since you’ll be using it daily, changing its design to make it more functional is one of many renovation ideas you can try. Sometimes this is not about opening walls to enlarge the space, it is about changing the layout to maximize the use of space that is already there. This can allow more natural light to brighten up the bathroom. Moving things around and removing unnecessary partitions may seem like a lot of work, but it will be worth it. It gets easier when you have the best designers in the business.

Improving the shower

Whether you’re trying to improve the bathroom to sell your property or to enhance your experience when using it, getting rid of the shower curtain will make a huge difference. Removing the shower curtain also means having a standalone shower.  You can rid of the bathtub or place it in a separate space from the shower.  You will feel a big difference when you don’t have to climb over the tub in order to get to the shower.

An open shower will also make the bathroom look larger. If your main reason for having a shower curtain was to add some colour in the bathroom, there is still a way to incorporate color by having a backsplash. Tile installation is an affordable option that will still make the colours pop. Have a glass shower area or a deep shower area that prevents water from spilling over when you’re showering. Glass enclosures will give you the privacy you want, adding elegance to the room without taking up too much space.

Freestanding tubs

Well-selected and well-placed bathtubs can be the focal point in a bathroom. They can be used to make a statement,  only if you don’t choose the first cheapest bathtub you come across. For most people, an alcove bathtub is the preferred option because of the cost. However, this bathtub has only three sides and is attached directly to the wall, which limits your installation options. It’s also difficult to customize this bathtub.

A standalone bathtub may be a little expensive than the alcove tubs, but they are more aesthetically pleasing. You can place them anywhere in the bathroom because they don’t need extra support from the walls. The plumbing options in these tubs are also better. Your contractor or designer can help you choose a suitable freestanding bathtub that suits the bathroom layout without making it appear congested.

More storage

Storage fixtures in a bathroom can increase the convenience of the space and improve the visual appeal.  . Built-in shelves are one of the best options to consider. You can customize them to fit the bathroom décor. They can also help you use wall spaces that would otherwise go to waste, such as the corners. You can use the shelves to reduce the clutter in the bathroom and to accessorize. Allowing shelves will help you arrange your scented candles, towels, oils, or plants on the shelves.  You will also have a great display that looks organized and gives your bathroom an overall clean look.

Upgrading the bathroom fixtures

Fixtures like vanities, lighting, faucets and mirrors are some of the most overlooked bathroom items. However, these small fixtures play a huge role in the functionality of the bathroom. They are not expensive to change, and you won’t need a big construction team to help you with the installation. You can have two vanities installed instead of one. You can even add a large lighted mirror to improve the overall lighting. You can also try other lighting fixtures for decorative purposes, add a waterfall faucet and even multiple showerheads. You have endless options when it comes to the smaller fixtures in your bathroom. Choose the ones that you think will make a more significant change and create a better experience for you when using your bathroom.

Use tiles

If the bathroom floor and walls have become outdated,  don’t worry,  tiles are excellent materials for bathroom spaces. Contrary to popular belief, tiles can enhance the appearance and value of a bathroom when chosen correctly. Different types of tiles are available for you to consider. They all have different quality levels and different prices. Examples include ceramics, porcelain, mosaic, and natural stone tiles. Consider the budget you have when choosing your bathroom tiles. You should also consider the maintenance costs, how easy cleaning them will be, and the durability.

After choosing a suitable tile, other considerations to focus on will be the colour and the pattern. These can differ depending on where you want to install the tiles. Floor tiles, shower tiles, and backsplash tiles can all have different colours and patterns without creating a strong contrast. Your bathroom renovation experts can help you choose the right tiles to add value to your bathroom.

Pick the right vanity

Vanities are available in different types and sizes for different bathroom styles. While these fixtures can add value to the space, the wrong one will look out of place in your bathroom. Consider the space you have when choosing a vanity design. For instance, a wide vanity will take up a lot of space in a small bathroom and make it more constricted. On the other hand, a small corner vanity will fit in the bathroom perfectly without unnecessarily occupying space. Incorporating storage space under the vanity will also increase the performance of the bathroom, whether the space is large or small.

These ideas will not only make your bathroom glamorous, they will also make it storage-friendly and more practical. Let the best renovators in Toronto help transform your old bathroom into a new, more functional, aesthetically pleasing area made for you!


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