Steam Shower Benefits For Your Health

Steam showers are most sought after feature as part of bathroom renovation these days due to its benefits. For years, steam baths have been used in a wide range of applications ranging from cleaning to bathing.
Getting the right amount of steam to fill the space depends on having the right generator. When the generator is chosen and installed correctly, it brings benefits such as:

  • Better skincare
    A steam bathroom can open pores, moisturize, lubricate, and rejuvenate the skin. The cleansing process removes all the dead cells and makes shaving or waxing easier, allowing the skin to absorb vitamins, minerals, and oxygen.
  • Reduces respiratory illnesses
    A steam shower can alleviate respiratory and allergy symptoms because it opens airways and nasal cavities and soothes the throat area. Steam also loosens secretions, thus acting as a natural expectorant.
  • Promotes general and physical wellbeing
    Exposure to steam improves blood flow, which invigorates tired muscles and encourages flexibility in stiff muscles. It also reduces sore pain and joint pain that can bring discomfort.
  • Relieves stress and increases metabolism
    At home steam room also reduces stress, insomnia and relaxes the mind and body. It encourages better sleeping patterns, especially when used with aromatherapy.

Steam Shower Benefits

Is Steam Shower Way Better Than Sauna?

Top reasons to improve your life with steam shower renovation:

  1. Steam Showers Improve Health
    Unlike a sauna, a steam shower is moist, which increases the intensity of your experience. The moisture and heat combine with body sweat and create heat of condensation, which helps remove dead skin cells to open pores. Additionally, steam helps people with respiratory issues like bronchitis and asthma by alleviating related symptoms. All these are possible with the high humidity that steam showers have, but saunas don’t.By causing the body to sweat a lot, a steam shower also speeds up the removal of toxins from the body, resulting in better physical health. A sauna can achieve the same results because they are hotter, but the lack of moisture may leave your skin feeling dry.
  2. Steam Shower Renovation is Fast and Safe
    Sauna and steam baths can both be installed in a residential property. A sauna needs heat-resistant materials, especially seats that are not absorbent, and a lot of structural work. The room must be insulated properly, waterproofed, and electrically fitted correctly. It may also need a lot of repairs to accommodate the new use.A steam shower will also need features like a sloped ceiling, high ceiling height, and dedicated electrical outlets to work. Other features like waterproof and non-porous surfaces are also needed, but you may already have them in your bathroom. The number of structural alterations necessary for such installations is also minimal. With the right professional, the steam shower installation job won’t take long or cost too much.
  3. Steam Showers Take Less Space
    Both sauna and steam rooms don’t occupy large spaces, which is why they can be installed at home. However, in most cases, a sauna requires a dedicated room with modular enclosure doors. The insulation and electrical work it may need may require the enclosure to be bigger.On the other hand, steaming can be done in the existing bathroom with a standalone shower. Just add a steam head and seating area, then you will be able to get the same functionality a standard shower provides.

    The compact nature of steam showers and the ability to use different generator sizes also allow them to fit in any space. The minimal space allotment also increases faster cooling, washing, and steam dissipation.

Steam Shower Features For Dummies. Where Will Generator Work Best?

One of the most important features of a steam shower is the steam generator. It should be located where it is easy to access for maintenance or servicing purposes. Some places to consider are under a bench, the closet, or the vanity in the shower. The bench should be properly sealed before the generator is carefully placed beneath, and it should be at least 60 feet away. It can also work when put in a well-insulated and heated attic, so long as the distance doesn’t exceed 90 feet and there is enough space.

A source of power and running water are also mandatory for the optimal functionality of the steam generator. Keep it close to a fuse and have a flushing mechanism to get rid of the water from the tank after use.

Other features like the steam head will work best when placed at the same position as the faucets with running water. For safety reasons and ease of use, it should be 6 to 12 feet above the floor. The steam control should be near the seating area, between 4 to 5 feet above the floor, for easy access when users are seated.

Steam Shower Features For Dummies. Where Will Generator Work Best

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Excellent Steam Shower Remodeling Ideas You’ll Crave Immediately

There many different ways to renovate your steam shower. Chose one for you based on your taste, requirements, and budget, and let the Easy Reno team make this dream come true.

Eight Ideas To Turn Your Steam Shower Renovation Into Luxury At-Home Service:

  1. Steam Shower feat. Tub
  2. Sophisticated Bench
  3. Curved Style
  4. Cave Style
  5. Steam Room
  6. Massager
  7. Extra Window
  8. Aromatherapy & Bluetooth

Steam Shower Feat. Tub

The combination of a foot tub and steam shower is one of the best options you should consider for practicality and a luxurious aura. If you have a rare or vintage tub that is still in perfect condition, choose a shower closure that will showcase how special it is.

Steam Shower feat. Tub

Sophisticated Bench

A floating bench enhances the steam shower experience by allowing users to get ultimate relaxation. It also makes the place appear bigger, which enhances comfort during use. Their minimalistic designs work for every bathroom style and size. A sliding door will make it even better.

Sophisticated Bench

Curved Style

Most homes have rectangular steam showers, but you can make yours unique by choosing a curved steam shower. Additional features like massage jets, an aromatherapy system, and an advanced showerhead system with a rainfall ceiling showerhead and a handheld one will make it better. These can be combined with aromatherapy and chromotherapy systems for the utmost experience.

a quality bathroom including shower and enclosure, toilet and bath, with white tile decoration

Cave Style

For a cave-like experience to be achieved, the steam shower should have features that promote the dramatic effects mandatory for it. A waterfall showerhead, dark tiles, and a built-in bench are some of the elements that can work in such a steam shower. Dramatic lighting will also make the bathroom look great.

Cave Style

Steam Room

Natural wood planks give steam showers the same appearance as a sauna. Adding a wooden bench in the shower makes the sauna-like experience more profound. Quality natural wood like cedar is essential for low maintenance and appearance. The bench can be oversized and contrast with the wall tiles.

Steam Room


A modern steam shower unit with a massage exudes luxury and can have multiple functionalities. The massager can be a bathtub with a foot massager to soak in, and additional fixtures like a ventilation fan can make it more comfortable. It can also have a radio with a cool sound system without occupying too much space.


Extra Window

A small window in a bathroom can make it look cramped. Adding a steam shower with an extra window can open the space and give it the ultimate transformation. You will have enough natural light to illuminate the seating area, but a perfect layout for the extra window and features is necessary.

Window at bathroom

Aromatherapy & Bluetooth

Like every other modern shower, an aromatherapy and Bluetooth steam shower can give you a complete unit with a clean, elegant design. Electrical fixtures are mandatory for the unit to function well. A handheld shower, sterilization system, and a good sound system are some of the factors that can make it even better.

Aromatherapy & Bluetooth

Simple Ways To Take Care Of Any Steam Shower

Steam showers may be expensive, but they can bring tremendous value if they are taken care of properly. Great benefits of steam include alleviation of respiratory illness symptoms, relaxation, promotion of quick recovery for injured muscles. The installation, integration in the existing bathroom, and maintenance should be done correctly for you to enjoy all these benefits. The steam shower checklist and tips below can ease the way you use and take care of it.

Having double-paned windows
A steam shower bathroom needs to retain the hot moist air within.
A double-pane window will trap in the vapor and reduce heat transfer to unwanted areas. Insulation around the steam generator and doors can
serve the same purpose. However, leave a little space on the door for air circulation.

Installing the right steam generator size and shower surface
Always use water-resistant materials like tiles and natural stone on
the shower surface. It should also be resistant to corrosion and non-porous. The right generator size is also the prolonged life of the shower.
A smaller generator will not produce enough heat for the mist, and a big one will use too much energy. Some of the factors to consider when choosing the generator size are materials on the shower surface and ceiling height.

Dissipating steam
Before you will open the steam shower bathroom door, allow cold water into the shower to run for a moment. Cool air from the water will cancel out the remaining steam to keep it from escaping the bathroom.

Investing in an exhaust fan and vent in the shower
An exhaust fan right outside your shower will serve the opposite purpose as cold water inside. Turning it on ensures warm air escapes the enclosure safely. Just remember not to install any HVAC unit inside the steam shower. A vent is also essential in getting warm air to the exhaust. Louvers and window transom can also do the trick.

Steamhead and control placement
For better use and longevity, the steam head should be at the same location as the faucets and not more than 12 feet from the bathroom floor. The control
should be easily accessible when users are seated; so not more than 5 feet from the floor. For more visual effect, you can match the steam head and control with other bathroom features. For example, you can have oil-rubbed bronze or polished nickel faucets with white glass or matte black surfaces.

Cables and electrical outlets
Instead of damaging the bathroom surface to install a different steam shower cable, have a mountable control system without damaging or removing the existing ones. Such devices work on all surfaces, including glass walls. Steam showers use electrical and plumbing fixtures that only professionals can handle. It’s never a good idea to install one as a DIY project.

steam baths

In a Nutshell: Is It Actually Worth It?

Given all the benefits of steam baths, investing in one is a good idea that will bring a lot of value to you and the property. The improved health and physical wellbeing, relaxation, and stress relief, together with the experience of having a spa at home are worth the cost and installation hassle. You will always feel like you are on vacation in your home when you use the steam bath/shower.

Turning normal showers into private steam showers is a fairly simple process. Some of the materials and fixtures you will need are an enclosure made with composite materials like fiberglass or natural stone, high ceiling height, and 208 V to 220 V electrical supply. A generator that can fit in a closet, heated attic, or basement is also necessary, together with water lines that lead to and from the generator to the shower and drain line. The ceiling should be at least 8 inches and sloped to prevent condensation.

A sauna and steam room estimate for all these is approximately $1,250 before installation costs. Since a professional plumber and electrician are needed for the install, the price will be slightly higher but still very affordable for the extra comfort and benefits you will be getting.

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