Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Small kitchens have limitless possibilities when it comes to renovation ideas. We’ll look at some small kitchen renovation ideas that will help you maximize storage and enhance efficiency.

Top Trending Ideas for Small Kitchen Renovation

Small kitchens have limitless possibilities when it comes to renovation ideas. Whether your small kitchen is tucked in a corner or has a u-shaped layout that seems impossible to work with, there are some design tips you can incorporate to maximize your space. We’ll look at some small kitchen renovation ideas that will help you maximize storage and enhance efficiency.

If you’re looking to refresh your existing space, give these small kitchen renovation ideas a try.

Expand Storage Capacity And Provide More Storage Options

One of the goals when designing the perfect kitchen is making sure it has just enough storage to suit your needs. Not all cabinets are designed for small kitchens so have a good plan on what to include where it’s most suitable. Below are some tips to choose the best storage for small kitchens:

  • Consider full-height kitchen cabinets that extend all the way up to the ceiling if you need the extra space. These types of cabinets not only allow for additional storage but also expand the height of a small kitchen.
  • To maximize space in impractical and inaccessible corners install corner units, which can be used to store canned goods and dishes as well as small appliances.
  • Add open shelves that are long and deep enough to hold kitchen utensils such as plates and bowls. Think about the items you want to put on full display and keep in mind that they may collect dust over time, so they need to be well maintained.
  • Turn deep cabinets that you can’t reach into drawers. This will make it easier for you to reach the items in the back. You don’t have to remove the current cabinets, installing drawers in the space behind the door can still work.
  • Use the shallow drawers for storing silverware and cooking utensils. The deeper drawers are best used for storing heavy pots and pans as well as flatware.
  • Changing the hardware on your cabinets is a quick way to give it a completely new look. You can choose to match the cabinet hardware to your lighting fixtures or faucet or go with something totally different.
  • A kitchen sink can be covered up so that it doubles up as a prep area. Modern sinks come with cover-ups to create additional workspaces.

Evaluate Your Kitchen Counters And Work Surfaces

Quartz and granite are the most common kitchen countertop materials used today in Scarborough. They are both economical, easy to maintain, hygienic, and scratch-resistant. The best countertop materials are highly durable. They should be easy to keep cleaning without constant sealing and polishing. Kitchen counters are exposed to a lot of stains and should be non-porous to avoid staining and etching.

With small kitchens, counters are valuable real estate and so often they become a magnet for your home’s clutter. The best way to give yourself more counter space is by learning how to declutter & take daily steps to keep the area clear.

We’ll share below some small kitchen renovation ideas to keep your kitchen counters well organized:

  • Start by clearing any unnecessary items from your countertops. This includes food, random junk, and appliances. Place them aside so you can look for alternative areas to keep them.
  • Decide on what items to keep on your kitchen counters. You can leave items such as often used appliances: coffeemaker, toaster, and microwave as well as your fruit basket and dish rack.
  • Keep off the less used appliances out of your counter. Form a habit of keeping them away in the cabinets after use.
  • Get rid of unused appliances. Appliances that are used occasionally can be kept on a high shelf so that they’re out of the way.
  • Consider adding kitchen countertop storage such as a wall hanging fruit basket, mount the paper towel holder on the wall, and use a hook for keys.
  • Commonly used spices can be placed on wall-mounted racks instead of the kitchen counter.
  • Have a junk drawer where you keep miscellaneous items out of sight.

Quality Lighting Fixtures For A Petite Kitchen

Choose LED fixtures that are energy-saving and offer a long service life. You can add a contemporary pendant or two which goes along with the theme and style of your home. Pendants placed strategically above the kitchen counter can beautifully light up space. Look for a pendant that is slim and simple so it can blend with any kind of backdrop. Consider combining the pendant with recessed lighting for a bigger impact. Don’t treat natural lighting in your kitchen as an afterthought. Having a beautiful window strategically located in a small kitchen will reduce your dependency on artificial lighting and help you cut energy costs during the day. You may also consider having skylights that bring in more brightness in a small kitchen during the day.

Get Organized Inside The Cabinets

Most homeowners in Toronto don’t realize that they are running out of storage because of how they organize items inside the kitchen cabinets. When you don’t have too much space, you can’t afford to waste any of it. Pull-out cabinets can be used to store spices, dry food items, and other cooking essentials. Put items into baskets and organizers so that they don’t quickly fill up in the cabinets and make it cluttered. You can also get vertical separators to put cutting boards and prevent a messy pile up inside the drawers. Don’t forget to label all your containers inside the cabinets. It will help you to quickly find everything you’re looking for without having to filter numerous logos and brands.

Use Lighter Colours To Create An Illusion Of A bigger space

Lighter colours can visually expand your kitchen space. We recommend using lighter palettes on areas such as the countertops, backsplashes, and walls. This will make your small kitchen feel a lot more open. White is a good choice for small kitchens as it helps spread and reflect light around creating an illusion of a bigger space.

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