Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Trending Ideas for Small Bathroom Renovation and Redesign

If you’re planning on redesigning your small bathroom in Toronto or The GTA, don’t quickly assume that you’ll spend a lot less money and time because of its small size. You may end up spending almost close to what someone else with a bigger bathroom would on the entire remodel, reason being, bathrooms have more or less the same elements regardless of their size. You’ve got to be a lot smarter and plan well for your small bathroom remodel to save in terms of time and money without compromising on your desired look.

We’ll go over some small bathroom renovation ideas that will help you spend way less in little time and still give you some serious style.

Understanding Your Bathroom Needs

There are different types of small bathrooms and each serves certain needs.

Powder Rooms

Also known as a half-bath, you’ll find powder rooms in larger homes in Etobicoke designed mostly for guests. They come with just the main amenities needed such as the sink, toilet, and door.

Advantages Of Remodelling Powder Rooms

  • You’re likely to spend less since the fixtures in powder rooms are often limited.
  • You have the flexibility to spend more time on the remodel since they are often considered as a secondary bathroom so there’s another option for the occupants of the home to use.
  • Powder rooms are not so exposed to as much water as the full bathrooms and they also don’t cover as much space, so you have more flooring options to choose from including luxury flooring which would ultimately cost less.

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Powder Rooms

  • Since powder rooms are often small with unusual layouts, your goal should be to optimize the design of the space by establishing a functional layout that’s easy to move around in and has a cohesive look.
  • It can be difficult to add storage in this type of bathroom space, but you may consider wall mounted cabinets that don’t take up any floor space.
  • Consider other creative small bathroom renovation ideas like a storage rack above the toilet or a towel rack over the door.
  • Avoid placing things that are too big and dominate the space as the focal point. Instead, think of adding a unique wall art, vanity, or wallpaper that works in a smaller room.
  • Keep in mind that poor lighting in a powder room can completely ruin its overall appeal and make it appear dingy.
  • Use mirrors to not only reflect light in the powder room but also create the illusion of a larger space.
  • Avoid experimenting with numerous design elements in this small space. A cohesive design that fits the rest of the home will give your guests a more calming and relaxed vibe.

Children Bathrooms

Kids bathrooms should incorporate fun and playful designs without compromising on safety and functionality.

Why You Should Consider Remodelling Your Children’s Bathroom

  • If getting your kids to cooperate during bath time is becoming frustrating every day, a remodel can make the space more comfortable, welcoming, and fun for them.
  • It’s a great opportunity to invest in high-quality fixtures and perform some energy-saving upgrades in your home.
  • A remodel can make your bathroom safer by replacing the flooring and removing dangerously placed elements that would cause injuries especially among younger kids.

Below Are Some Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas For A Space Designed Particularly For Children:

  • Always pick a fun theme: Regardless of the size of the children’s bathroom, starting with a theme gives it a more unified and cohesive look. With a theme in mind, it’s easy to narrow down your choices of fixtures, accessories, and lighting.
  • Avoid white grout that would easily stain in a bathroom that’s often used by children.
  • Children’s bathrooms require plenty of storage. If the space is small, you’ll need to maximize all the space you can get. Just ensure items are neatly stored in organizing bins inside a cabinet.
  • Install tile on the walls to prevent the paint from getting damaged whenever water splashes. Tiling the walls up to the ceiling can make it look higher.
  • Consider installing a removable toilet seat that’s easy to remove and keep thoroughly clean. Traditional toilet seats can be heavy and cause injury to smaller kids.
  • Some additional towel bars can come in handy in a kid’s bathroom since they will need plenty of clean towels every day. For very small spaces, use hooks instead of towel racks.
  • A mini-bathroom vanity or a pedestal sink can help save on space.

What To Avoid When Remodelling Small Bathrooms

  1. Avoid statement standalone sinks in small bathrooms. Fit the sink in a corner to save on space. Pedestal sinks are ideal for such a layout.
  2. Avoid shower doors that swing in. A shower curtain or a sliding glass shower door is most ideal for smaller bathrooms. You may also consider using a pocket door.
  3. Avoid vanities with sharp corners when working with limited spaces as they can be dangerous.
  4. Focus on the texture and not colour to create more interest without making the bathroom look too busy.
  5. Avoid pendants that dangle at the head level. These elements will make the bathroom look even smaller. The best lighting for small bathrooms is wall mount fixtures that add a decorative feature.

Should You Remodel On Your Own Or Hire A Pro?

The choice of whether to handle the remodelling yourself or work with experts will depend on your skills as well as your budget and schedule. If you’ve never handled any DIY home remodelling project before, getting the remodel done fast and properly will be almost impossible. It’s always worth spending a few extra coins on hiring an expert who will get the remodel done quickly and correctly the first time. Keep in mind that bathroom fixtures don’t come cheap and mistakes during installation can be costly in the future.



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