Signs You Need a Bathroom Renovation

What are the Signs you Need a Bathroom Renovation?

A bathroom renovation is a hectic project to take on.  You are probably postponing or ignoring the project for as long as possible. The amount of work to be done and the cost of major renovations can be off-putting. However, you can prioritize the areas in the bathroom that need changing urgently and start the renovation process from there. By identifying your needs, you will manage the renovation easily. You’ll also budget properly and spend your money on the most important aspects first. All you have to do is identify the areas of greatest concern by watching out for the following signs.


The whole purpose of a bathroom revolves around water. You need free-flowing water to be able to use the bathroom properly. The water is only beneficial if it flows in a controlled manner in designated areas. You should make arrangements to renovate the bathroom immediately if you notice a leak, no matter how little it may be. Common places of leaks include:

  • Around the toilet:If there is always water around the toilet bowl, call professionals.
  • Faucets:If you notice water dripping from the faucets and it persists even after you tighten the faucet, your pipes could be having a problem.
  • Under the bathroom sink:Water leaking under the bathroom sink isn’t normal.

You can always start by having professional plumbers assess the problem, but that may not give you a permanent solution. Some plumbers don’t fix the cause of the problem, which means you’ll still have leaks soon after the repairs. A renovation may be the best and permanent solution for you.

Damaged floors

Your bathroom floors can become damaged by excess moisture or by natural wear and tear. Either way, they will make your bathroom look old and unpleasant. The best option is to find out what is causing the damage, whether it is water, the floorboards will be rotten and may even have mould growing. Water damage is also shown by discoloration or staining of the floorboards. Rather than spend a lot of money repairing the floors, replace them and the walls too if you can. In most cases, water damage to the floors also affects the walls. Changing the entire area and using better quality materials is a better alternative to repairs.

Fungi growth

Even with the amount of water usually present in the bathroom, the bathroom shouldn’t be conducive for the growth of fungi. When mould starts to grow in your bathroom, it’s time to make a few changes. Inspect the edges of the shower and bathtub to see if there is staining. Check out the ceiling and walls for staining too. In most cases, mould grows in hidden areas like behind the walls. By the time it becomes visible, it will have spread to a larger area. If not dealt with promptly, it will continue to spread to other places. Trying to get rid of the mould is not a practical solution, as the chances of it recurring are very high. Consider renovating the bathroom instead.

Peeling paint

Paint peeling from the surfaces is another sign that there is water damage in the bathroom. If you bought quality paint and hired a reliable contractor to do the painting, you should be alarmed if it starts to peel. However, if the paint was of a lower quality, the steam from the bathroom may cause it to peel soon after application. Assess your situation and determine if there is a plausible reason for the paint to peel. If there isn’t, call professional contractors and start planning for a renovation.

Outdated bathroom

Bathroom design trends keep changing, but that shouldn’t be the only reason you invest in such a renovation. If the bathroom features no longer suit your needs or are no longer as functional as they were before. You can have the bathroom remodelled with new fixtures and features. Updating the bathroom could be as simple as removing wallpapers, but it could also mean redirecting the plumbing pipes. You may also want a new showerhead or smart features in the bathroom to make it modern.

Upgrading the bathroom is crucial if you intend to sell the property in the future. People no longer invest in homes with wallpapers covering the walls or inefficient features like old showers and bathtubs. You have to change all these and even add other features that are missing but will make the bathroom more convenient to use.

You have poor lighting

The lighting in a bathroom can make dramatic changes to the whole space. Initially, most contractors opted for standard lighting fixtures, but that has changed. There are bigger and better fixtures that can give your bathroom a brand-new look. Numerous lighting options are available for you to select. You can have them installed in mirrors, over the shower, or anywhere else you deem fit. Heat lights and smart lights that you can dim or change however you want are also popular choices. You can use them to create the ambiance you want in the bathroom. These can increase the value of your bathroom and your entire home. Whatever option you prefer, your contractor can help find a way to make your ideal bathroom come to life. .

There is inadequate storage space

If you find yourself struggling to keep your bathroom essentials close by when you use the bathroom, you need more storage solutions. You may not have an ideal place to keep your towels and toiletries, or the space you have maybe insufficient t. Many possibilities can arise where your storage space may not be for you anymore. If, for instance, you bought the property as a single person and your family has grown, the storage space will not be enough anymore. The solution is to add more cabinets and shelves to cater to the needs of everyone.

By renovating the bathroom, you will be able to devise new storage ideas that your contractor will customize to fit your bathroom design. You can make other changes such as repainting the bathroom, updating the electrical works, and upgrading your faucets.

Any of these signs is enough for you to start a bathroom renovation in Burlington. Contact our experts today, and we will give you a stress-free bathroom renovation experience.


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