Must-Have Bathroom Essentials and How Often You Should Change These Bathroom Items

Benefit From Bath Products List And Recommendations from Easy Reno on Frequency of Changing Bathroom Things

  • Things Your Bathroom Need – Necessity to Change Bathroom Essentials Often
  • Bath Items You Should Never Keep in the Bathroom
  • Why You Need These Bathroom Items
  • Extra Bath Items Worth Considering to Add To Your Bathroom
  • Bonus Bathroom Essentials That Will Make Your Bath Time Fun
  • How Often You Should Change Essentials in Your Bathroom
  • Other Bathroom Items that Need to Be Replaced from Time to Time

Things Your Bathroom Need – Necessity to Change Bathroom Essentials Often

For most homeowners, bathrooms are spaces where the house inhabitants take care of hygiene. As such, all the items and fixtures should always be clean and in good condition. However, that may be impossible, considering the frequency with which they are used. Therefore, apart from investing in the correct bath necessities, you must also clean and update the bathroom utensils list to maintain high hygiene levels in the bathroom.

Some essential products you may find in the washroom items list include towels, bath products, washcloths, shower curtains, and bathmats. Knowing when to wash, replace, or discard all the bathroom contents is crucial. It ensures you do not overuse them or give the bacteria time to thrive on them.

So, how often should you replace household items? Some, like toothbrushes, should be replaced after not more than three months, while others, like shower curtains and toilet brushes, can be changed after six months. But how often should you replace bath rugs? You can do that after two years and change towels after three years. Bathtubs can be changed after ten or fifteen years.

The above items should be part of a bathroom checklist for the first home or possibly a part of your bathroom renovation. As such, you should know the recommended cleaning frequency. For instance, showerhead cleaning should be done once every week.

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Bath Items You Should Never Keep in the Bathroom

Is it bad to keep products in the bathroom? Yes. The constantly changing temperature and humidity levels in the utility room due to the presence of showers, hot tubs, and faucets do not create a conducive atmosphere for some products.

So,what should you not put in your bathroom?


All medication, including birth control pills, should not be in the bathroom because of the high moisture content. A place with standard room temperature, such as the kitchen, is a better option. Even there, keep them away from ovens and locations with direct sunlight like windows.


Bar soaps that are kept in bathrooms tend to be messier regardless of whether you put them in a soap dish or not. Apart from the mess, the chances of becoming contaminated in the bathroom are also higher. Liquid soap is a better option.


Is it bad to keep jewelry in the bathroom? Yes. The moisture can cause them to rust or become tarnished.


The bathroom atmosphere can cause the perfumes to lose their scent. The bedroom is a better room for storage if they are to maintain the original scent.


Your toothbrush is one of the things you shouldn’t keep in your bathroom because bacteria can breed on it. Particles from the toilet can also settle on them.

Nail polish

Nail polish may be long-lasting, but the lifespan can reduce when exposed to constantly changing temperatures. Any other room in the house is better, including the fridge.

Towels and robes

High humidity results in damp towels and bathrobes, leading to mould and bacteria growth.

Other considerations include:
  • Make-up
    All types of make-up products need room temperature to maintain their longevity and quality. Cream-based types can even melt when you are using hot water.
  • Non-waterproof electronics
    Protect your phone and other electronic appliances from moisture or keep them in a location with less water usage. Frequent exposure to high moisture levels can ruin them.
  • Books
    Reading a book in the tub can be relaxing, but it is also detrimental to them. The humidity will slowly damage books kept in the bathroom.
  • Razors
    Only the razor you are currently using should be in the bathroom, but you have to dry it properly after use. The spare ones can become dull or rust if left there.
Why You Need These Bathroom Items

After investing in your first home or apartment, the next step is buying the required items for all the rooms, including the bathroom. You can choose some bathroom essentials for their functionality and others for decoration purposes. So, what should you always have in your bathroom?

1. Towels (including hand towels)

A set of towels and washcloths are some of the bathroom things you should always have to avoid drip dying. Choose durable ones that dry fast.

2. Mirror

A mirror is one of the bathroom necessities that help you ensure you do not have unwanted smudges. You can have one to accessorize or for functionality.

3. Bathmats

The amount of water used in bathrooms makes bathmats mandatory in the washroom items list. They keep your floors dry and prevent you from slipping when you get out of the bath. Choose absorbent bathmats.

4. Shower curtain

For property owners without glass shower enclosures, shower curtains are must-have small bathroom essentials.

5. Loofah

One of the best ways of maintaining body hygiene is by having a loofah in the bathroom.

6. Bathroom rugs

Bathroom rugs prevent slipping, especially in large bathrooms.

7. Shower or bathtub

A bathroom or bathtub is one of the things you need for an apartment bathroom because everyone needs a shower or bath daily.

8. Toilet brush

Frequent scrubbing of the toilet is mandatory, which is where a toilet brush comes in.

9. Showerhead

Your bathroom essentials set cannot be complete without a shower head that can accessorize your bathroom or increase your convenience as you shower.

Extra Bath Items Worth Considering to Add To Your Bathroom

Other alternative bathroom things may not be essentials, but they can increase efficiency during the toilet, tub, or shower use. They make your life easier while adding to the visual appeal in the bathroom. Although you may not find them in most bath necessities lists, they add unmatched practicality and value to your life, making your investment in them worthwhile.

Bonus Bathroom Essentials That Will Make Your Bath Time Fun

Your bathroom experience can also be fun and worth anticipating. You do not have to focus on bath necessities only - you can also invest in products that will give you and your guests the wow factor whenever you enter the utility. The following are some bathroom things that can make every shower or bath more enjoyable.

How Often You Should Change Essentials in Your Bathroom

Knowing when to clean or replace your bathroom items can save you a lot of money and create a conducive environment in the bathroom. It prevents you from discarding all your essentials simultaneously, especially those that can still serve you for longer. It also helps you change your bathroom style, especially when most of the items are overused.

Other Bathroom Items that Need to Be Replaced from Time to Time

The info above can help you care for your bathroom products more efficiently, but you may have more essentials in your washroom items list that you do not know when to replace. By learning when to wash and change them, you improve the hygiene standards in your bathroom. That is what we want to help you achieve.

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