Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

What is a modern cabinet style? This is a fundamental question when planning to sell, build, or renovate your house. Such cabinets have a sleek finish that creates a seamless flow within the room. Their surfaces consist of clean lines and flat surfaces, but the finishes can vary to include super matte, textured, or high-gloss. Modern kitchen cabinets also have many storage compartments, such as pullout drawers, with the styles differing according to the kitchen type.
You get limitless options when working on kitchen renovation in Toronto, especially while doing so with modern custom cabinets – they do not constrain you to specific design ideas. You also get several hardware selections which can be overwhelming if you do not have an expert to guide you. Easy Reno has a dedicated design team with unbeatable experience in the installation of the best Toronto kitchen cabinets.
What is the latest trend in kitchen cabinets? Multiple styles are available, and our professionals can help you choose the most suitable one. We recommend you consider the practicality of the kitchen – whether you will do more cooking or prefer a family gathering space. We can assess your needs to determine the most important ones to ensure we incorporate elements that serve you properly in the modern kitchen. For instance, if you need more storage, we can add hidden cabinets in a way that allows you to use the kitchen conveniently without taking up too much space unnecessarily.
We specialize in modern kitchen design in Toronto. That, coupled with our expertise, ensures we don’t disappoint you. Whether you prefer bright colours, metallic finishes, or optimal use of space, our esteemed team will work closely with you and exceed your expectations.

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Materials Modern Kitchen Cabinets Are Made Of

Enhance the Beauty Of Your Modern Kitchens in Toronto with Stylish Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Matte Cabinets

Matte cabinets are not reflective because they are neither shiny nor dull. That attribute makes them perfect for areas with numerous artificial lighting fixtures, like around a kitchen island. Despite their non-reflective nature, the cabinets provide better aesthetic appeal in open spaces rather than confined areas.

Veneer Cabinets

Veneer cabinets are some of the most versatile options in terms of wood types. You can choose between reconstituted wood that is more eco-friendly or natural wood that provides timeless appeal. Popular options you may come across include prefinished, exotic, and composite veneers. You can also choose a customizable alternative that makes your kitchen one of a kind.

Glass Cabinets

Also known as poly-glass, glass cabinets produce a refined and clean finish, making them a favourite among many kitchen designers. Some style options you can consider include textured, back-painted and frosted, or smooth and clear. You can personalize any of those options to suit your design style. Remember, any glass kitchen cabinet type can have a glossy, mirror-like finish.

Laminate Cabinets

Laminate cabinets are mainly known for their durability, easy maintenance, and resistance to stains and scratches. The material does not leave fingerprints, making it a perfect addition to any kitchen. Laminate provides a matte finish, so you do not have to worry about glares in the kitchen. However, you can also use acrylic laminate if you prefer the glossy finish.

Texture Cabinets

If you want a unique kitchen that does not have the same cabinetry prevalent in many homes, textured cabinets are the best option. They provide an uncommon finish that is scarce in many homes and are still perfect for modern or contemporary designs. Although they have exceptional visual appeal, only a few people find them appealing. Therefore, you should not use them if you plan to sell the property soon.

Lacquer Cabinets

Lacquer cabinets are a luxurious option that has several colour choices you can choose from. The finished product has a glossy appearance, with other attributes like impressive durability and resistance to scratching. They are unlike other materials with a shiny finish. Maintenance is also simple, with the option of buffing when it starts to wear off. It is an excellent material that can serve you for the longest time while maintaining its original condition.

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What You Should Know Before Purchasing Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The best modern cabinets must maximize the use of the available space rather than provide aesthetic appeal only. You can also customize the materials or colours you choose to suit your unique style. Some popular kitchen cabinets in Toronto are plastic, wood, metal, or glass materials. If you buy wood cabinets, avoid moulding or ornate designs frequent in traditional kitchens. Instead, consider two-tone hues – they could be better than single colors.

  • Replace Kitchen Cabinets VS Reface Kitchen Cabinets
  • Other Materials Kitchen Cabinets Are Made of
  • How Much Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto Cost
  • Possibility to Make Oak Kitchen Cabinets Look Modern

Replace Kitchen Cabinets VS Reface Kitchen Cabinets

Sometimes, it makes more economic sense to reface cabinets rather than replace them. The state of the existing cabinets determines that decision. If the cabinets are too damaged or outdated, you can donate them for recycling instead of throwing them away. However, before discarding the old cabinets, reface them to evaluate whether they can fit the new vision for your kitchen. Remember, something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can give you a breathtaking transformation. 

Other Materials Kitchen Cabinets Are Made of

The most common kitchen cabinet materials are plastic, glass, and metal. However, wood cabinets are also gaining popularity in modern designs. Ensure you do not craft ornate styles or moulding that can make them more suitable for traditional kitchens. All the materials can have glossy or matte finishes, and you can improve the outlook by painting different colour hues that blend.

How Much Modern Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto Cost

Several factors determine the cost of modern kitchen cabinets. The main ones are the cabinet material and the magnitude of luxury you want. The minimum amount you can spend is $100, and the maximum is approximately $1200 per linear foot. Typically, you could invest between $4000 and $13000 for the complete installation.

Pro tip: if your budget is limited and you want to choose between countertops and cabinets, work on countertops first. They tend to be more valuable than cabinets and are likely to bring you a better return on investment during property resale. 

Possibility to Make Oak Kitchen Cabinets Look Modern

One of the cheapest and most convenient ways of modernizing your cabinets is by adding new hardware fixtures. For instance, you can use stainless steel hardware with a black matte finish that looks sleek and blends with any surface.

An alternative is to reface the cabinets to transform the whole kitchen. That idea works best in kitchens with arched looks, double cathedral, or shaker styles that are common with traditional kitchens designs. You can paint the cabinets black to bring a modern appeal.

Types of Modern Kitchen Cabinets That Will Suit Your Kitchen Well

Choose the Best Cabinet Style For Your Modern Kitchen

White Cabinets

White cabinets are versatile and easy to incorporate into any existing design, whether traditional, contemporary or modern. The colour application is not too restrictive either – you can apply it on a larger surface to create an open illusion or pair it with white quartz countertops for a better effect. That combination is perfect for smaller spaces because it creates an expansive feel.

 Another option is to create a contrast with the white hue. You can have a black backsplash or countertops, and the kitchen will still look great and modern. Remember to avoid ornate elements that could contradict the style. Invest in stainless steel hardware to get an elegant overall look.

Kitchen Cabinets with Unique Geometric Lines

Geometric lines are for trendsetters, not followers. They do not limit your creativity, but you have to be careful not to overdo them because they capture attention the moment you walk into the room and can tend to distract the eyes. That is one of the reasons they are considered futuristic – they create an unmatched visual appeal that is impossible to copy.

Cabinets with Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are more suitable for kitchens with constricted spaces. The trick is to choose a sleek colour pallet that can open the space. Consider the possibility of adding another element like a piece of art during the selection. Choose a colour that can blend easily with others, especially when you decide to add a splash of brightness to break the monotonous hue.

Two-Tone Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Although single colours can be elegant, they can also be one-dimensional. If you want to add a dimension, have two-tone cabinets. Our professionals can help you figure out how to install such colours perfectly. One way is installing frosted glass at the center of the cabinets, but you can also paint different tones on the cabinet sides. Just make sure the colours are not too contrasting.

The two-tone idea works best when you keep the design simple. Do not be too artsy or trendy with the hues. Remember, your attempt at creating a modern design can quickly turn into a contemporary style if you are not cautious with the colour shades. Our team is readily available to assist as soon as you contact us.

Country Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Country-style cabinets can also work well in modern kitchens. The warm and inviting designs have interesting colour palettes that easily make your kitchen stand out. Ensure you find the perfect combinations to avoid mismatching. For instance, you can have wood cabinets with a lighter shade paired with a green backsplash. Add organic accents to blend them.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets with Quartz Countertops

Quart countertops and modern cabinets make the perfect combination. The best part is that you can use them with cabinets of any material, shape, or color. It gets better when you work with an experienced team that knows how to implement innovative ideas to create a splendid modern kitchen. Our renovation personnel can work with fresh concrete, Lagos Blue, and ice snow, among many others. We have many other options that you can sample.

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Why You Need a Professional Team to Handle Your Modern Kitchen Project

Modern kitchen designs exude effortless elegance that is only possible with a professional touch. You can play your part by choosing preferable colour palettes and custom designs, but working with professionals gives you access to expansive knowledge to create a kitchen space you would not want to leave. 

We believe that modern kitchen design in Toronto requires simplicity, but that does not mean the space should be cold or uninviting. We use our expertise to give you clean finishes combined with calming neutrals and warm textiles.

Hiring our team to install the best modern cabinets in your kitchen also brings experience as an advantage. We have been in the business for decades, honing our skills to become industry leaders. We have also mastered the art of customizing our approaches to suit various demands and budget constrictions. Our team is not only creative and capable; we also know how to utilize technology, including the latest three-dimensional software, to ensure you get a perfect replica of the kitchen you envisioned.

Modern kitchen cabinets Toronto experts from Easy Reno are also readily available to provide professional support in a factual and friendly manner. The exceptional craftsmanship we use when handling cabinets in Toronto ensures you get a practical kitchen without sacrificing style and warmth.

Several resources on how to build modern kitchen cabinets as a DIY are available, but they do not match the convenience, surety, and definitive results that professionals bring. Easy Reno makes it better by providing comprehensive services under one roof. You do not have to worry about compromised durability, quality, or usability. We have an expansive showroom you can visit whenever you want as you plan your kitchen upgrade. We are custom kitchen cabinets Toronto experts that cannot disappoint you. We can discuss your project ideas whenever you are ready. Contact us today for more information about our products and services or any other inquiry.

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