Kitchen Trends To Avoid

Outdated kitchen trends are not the only issue evident this year. The Covid-19 pandemic is still making headlines, but that does not mean you should ignore the appearance of your house.

Outdated Kitchen Trends You Might Want To Avoid

Interior design trends are becoming vaguer. That is something most expert designers agree over. The last couple of years has seen a decrease in design accuracy in kitchen renovations. Most homeowners focus on achieving a seamless blend of various details, adding a personal touch, and exploring fewer ideas. Such minimal effort is nowadays enough to get relevant styles.

Kitchen trends in need of a refresh aren’t the sole focus of the design world this year. Thus, being aware of kitchen trends that might be falling out of favour is crucial. This knowledge empowers you to effectively rearrange your kitchen space, keeping it in line with current preferences.

You need to understand the correct techniques to apply to give your apartment an outlook that will remain in style for years to come. Some of the common principles remain as active now as they were in the previous years.

Examples include:

  • Having an open space that allows the flow of air and light
  • Using precise lines
  • Choosing relaxing colour palettes
  • Prioritizing natural remodelling items.

With the kitchen cabinet trends to avoid below, you can avoid costly mistakes that come with poor kitchen decorations.

Outdated Kitchen Trends You Might Want To Avoid

Some Kitchen Trends Are On The Way Out

Don’t get left behind with these kitchen trends nearing their expiry date

  • Pure White Surrounding Cabinets
    White kitchen design has held a solid place in the design world. This style has demonstrated its longevity, and there’s no indication it’s falling out of fashion anytime soon. However, an all-white kitchen space can become dull, potentially cheapening the look of your kitchen rather than enhancing its sophistication. To break up the monotony white cabinets, incorporate accents or introduce another colour. Metallic or neutral colour often works better than contrasting colour, but don’t hesitate to go bold colours or use a vibrant hue if that suits your taste. Another strategy is to add a variety of textures to your kitchen.
  • Exposed Appliances
    While the current kitchen trends emphasise the visual richness of kitchen islands and bringing warmth to the space, kitchen functionality should remain a top priority.Strive to minimise clutter – keep smaller appliances like toasters and hand mixers out of sight. Storing them in the pantry is a practical choice. Opt for a design that keeps microwaves hidden too. The aim is to keep functional elements discreet. Larger appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers can be concealed with suitable cabinet doors. With a variety of door panels styles emerging, it’s becoming easier to keep such items out of view.
  • Granite Countertops
    Granite countertops have enjoyed their time in the spotlight, but their reign is fading. The new king is quartzite, which brings a pricier, yet more elegant touch to kitchen cabinets and islands. This material can transform your kitchen cabinets and islands into the most sought-after space in your house.The key difference lies in the fact that quartzite is veined, while granite is grained. This means quartzite features strands of lighter or darker shades running through the solid stone, while granite has a speckled appearance that’s less appealing. The more solid colours offered by quartzite, marble, engineered stone, and wood panelling are preferable.
  • Mismatching
    Open space kitchens remain in high demand. Most home builders and renovators are steering clear of designs that isolate the kitchen from the rest of the living space. However, open plans require more thoughtful design compared to closed-off kitchens – they necessitate careful planning and creative ways to achieve a cohesive flow.Avoid giving your kitchen a classic look or a rustic design if your floor plan leans more towards mid-century modern. Such combinations are no longer on trend. Instead, decide on a style you love and implement it in an open floor plan kitchen. You’ll find it easier to create a harmonious look than trying to juggle multiple styles.
  • Home Office Space
    In the past decade, workstations in kitchens have become increasingly popular. However, the rise in people working from home has shifted this trend. More people are embracing remote-work opportunities, leading to the creation of dedicated workspaces and traditional kitchens.The traditional kitchen desk no longer suffices due to limited room and the potential for interruptions during work calls. Home offices are expected to take their place in the near future. These larger, quieter, well-equipped, and dedicated spaces enhance productivity, enabling remote workers to conduct meetings without worrying about disruptions from children or other family members.
  • Excessive Detailing
    Excessive detailing has been a popular trend for many years. However, this is changing as interior designers and property owners are opting for minimalist styles. Consequently, extravagant detailing no longer holds its appeal.The new preference is for a plain and chic style, with minimal detailing to add a personal touch. However, the design can also look great without any additional embellishments. You can pair it with temporary accents that are easy to change over time. A simpler approach tends to stay in fashion longer, which can be advantageous if you’re considering selling your property. It provides potential buyers an opportunity to add their personal touches.

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Which Kitchen Trends Are Better To Avoid?

Some kitchen trends, while currently in vogue, may not be appealing to potential buyers, making them a less wise investment. Being aware of these kitchen trends can save you considerable trouble when you decide to sell your house.

  1. Monochrome White Kitchens
  2. Wooden Rustic Kitchens
  3. Secluded Kitchens
  4. High-Gloss Surfaces

Monochrome White Kitchens

Is the era of white kitchens coming to an end? This question might cross your mind if you’re renovating or building a new home. The answer is, indeed, yes. While white kitchens aren’t entirely out of fashion, the all-white decor has been overdone in the past decade and has lost its charm. That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate white elements into your kitchen. To keep your kitchen design fresh and on trend, consider complementing white fixtures with other popular colours, like grey, green, and blue. These shades work particularly well on kitchen cabinets, especially when paired with natural wood tones.

All-White Kitchens

Wooden Rustic Kitchens

While rustic wood carries a unique charm, it doesn’t quite fit in modern kitchens. It should only be used if your house features a traditional or classic theme. Even then, the appeal of rustic wood tends to be short-lived. As both an interior designer and homeowner, you’ll want a design that stays stylish for longer even using eco-friendly materials. Rustic wood doesn’t offer that kind of timelessness. Be cautious not to overuse wood panelling, no matter how appealing it might be.

Rustic Wood Kitchens

Secluded Kitchens

While a secluded design might be ideal for hiding a messy kitchen, it doesn’t hold a candle to the open space kitchen trend. Open plan kitchens lend themselves better to contemporary designs. Yes, you might have to work a bit harder to keep the space tidy, but you’ll be rewarded with a seamless flow throughout your house that is sure to impress.

If you feel the need for some separation, consider a partial enclosure. Use cabinets and other fixtures to create a minor partition that still maintains the concept of openness. Smooth and clean finishes can help you achieve the best flow between the kitchen area and the rest of the house.

Closed-Off Kitchens

High-Gloss Surfaces

One of the primary trends in the near future is optimal functionality, something high-gloss surfaces fail to deliver. These surfaces tend to get dirty easily, leading to higher maintenance needs. Whether it’s the backsplash, countertop, or façade, you’ll find yourself frequently wiping them down to maintain their pristine appearance. Additionally, excessive light reflection might be bothersome.

Instead, opt for matte finishes. They offer you the flexibility to experiment with various ideas, like patterned ceramics mixed metals, textured wood, or natural stone. You can create the style you desire without the overpowering shine.

Glossy Surfaces

Are Your Kitchen Backsplashes Outdated? – Kitchen Decorating Trends That Are Out

A backsplash offers a fantastic avenue for showcasing your creative streak. It provides an opportunity to experiment with a plethora of design ideas, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer to leave it to the professionals. However, it’s worth being aware of several kitchen backsplash trends that are losing popularity.

  • DIY backsplashes
    While installing a backsplash yourself might be an appealing way to save some money or further explore your creativity, it’s one of the trends that’s best avoided. A DIY installation typically doesn’t measure up to the quality of a professional job, which could lower the value of your kitchen remodel and lead to less-than-ideal aesthetics.
  • Busy patterns
    It’s crucial to remember that trending patterns, colours, and décor styles frequently change. Therefore, if your backsplash lacks a timeless appeal, it’s likely to become outdated quickly. Considering the challenge of altering backsplashes, this could result in financial losses down the line.A simpler design is a safer bet. Neutral styles are more versatile and can blend well with other changing surfaces in your cooking space. To prevent a neutral backsplash from becoming mundane, steer clear of overly common choices like subway tiles. Opt for non-rectangular shapes and arrange them in distinctive patterns. This approach allows you to maintain simplicity without sacrificing versatility.
  • Minimalist Backsplash
    While a minimalist backsplash might seem like a practical way to achieve a clean lines design, this approach has been overused. If you decide to incorporate a backsplash, don’t neglect the rest of wall space in your kitchen space in your design considerations.
  • Colour-printed glass
    Photo printing on glass backsplashes black cabinets, offering a variety of designs such as seascapes, floral motifs, and panoramas, enjoyed popularity a few years ago. However, as kitchen design trends evolve, such backsplashes have become less complementary to most kitchen interiors, often giving off a synthetic and cheap vibe.

A more tasteful alternative is to use materials like tile, frosted glass, clear glass, or porcelain stoneware. These materials can add a touch of class and sophistication to your kitchen walls, the same way as making your kitchen design feel more refined and on trend.

Are Your Kitchen Backsplashes Outdated

Kitchen Design Trends for the Near Future That Might Not Be Worth Your Investment

Kitchen Trends That Are Not a Good Investment

Microwaves Over The Stove

For a long time, the installation of microwaves over the cooking range hood has been commonplace. Some even considered it a necessity in every kitchen setup. While homeowners choose this arrangement under the belief that it saves space, it can also contribute to an outdated appearance for your own kitchen cabinets.

More contemporary alternatives are available that better fit the evolving needs of the modern kitchen. For instance, placing the microwave in a location that’s accessible yet separate from the cooking area is gaining popularity. As we look to kitchen trends to consider for the near future, it might be best to steer clear of the over-the-stove microwave setup. A microwave installed on a shelf or in a cabinet can be a more stylish and functional alternative.

Over-the-Range Microwaves

In-Kitchen Fireplaces

Some homes feature electric fireplaces in the kitchen. If this describes your home, it might be time to consider removing it. Fireplaces are among the top kitchen trends to avoid for the near future. This is particularly true if your fireplace is a mass-produced model with basic features that cheapens the overall look of the kitchen.

Moreover, a fireplace isn’t an essential element in a kitchen and doesn’t contribute much to its functionality. If you absolutely must have a fireplace, opt for a high-quality model that can potentially increase the value of your property.

Open Shelving Upper Cabinets

While open shelves can certainly enhance the aesthetics of a kitchen, especially when paired with a harmonising colour scheme, they’re no longer a safe bet for modern kitchen design. Despite being a popular trend in recent years, the appeal of open shelves is beginning to wane.

Increasingly, homeowners are opting out floating shelves for traditional, upper cabinets, which are more suitable for long-term use and less likely to become outdated compared to open shelves and cabinets. Closed upper cabinets provide better protection for kitchen items, offer more storage space, and are more stable for fragile kitchenware. Additionally, they do a great job of concealing any messiness.

Open Shelves

Textured Wallpaper

Printed wallpaper has lost its relevance in recent years, a trend expected to continue into the near future. Various styles including floral, abstract, geometric, ornamental drawings, classical, and maxi formats are all falling out of favour. Even photo wallpaper and wall art are no longer considered stylish. Instead, a neutral background is preferred as it allows other light fixtures, kitchen furniture, and textured walls to take centre stage in the room.

When selecting wallpaper, opt for plain designs. Keep in mind that not every solution will work for your kitchen. Enhance your kitchen’s appearance by using high-quality paint and choosing colour shades that don’t clash. Be sure to prepare the surface adequately before application.

Textured Wallpaper

What To Do If Your Kitchen Is Outdated?

New Lighting Over Kitchen Island

Switching out old lighting fixtures can drastically change the ambiance of your kitchen. While this approach works best when paired with updating other outdated kitchen components, it can also significantly improve the visual aesthetics on its own. Don’t treat lighting as an afterthought. Be deliberate about the lighting solutions you choose to ensure versatility, ambiance, and improved illumination in the room.
Relying solely on a single overhead light source won’t suffice. Consider recessed lighting with a dimmer switch that allows you to control the brightness level. Pendant lights over the kitchen island, for instance, can highlight marble countertops or dark colours. A chandelier can also be a great addition and serve as a focal point statement lighting.

Modernize Your Countertops

Given that countertops occupy a significant portion of kitchen space, they play a crucial role in defining the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Older kitchens often feature tiled countertops with grout, or cheap vinyl workspaces, both of which can detract from the kitchen’s appeal. Nowadays, numerous modern countertop options are available, ranging from natural stone materials like marble to solid surfaces such as polymers and resin. You’re sure to find a style that fits your budget. If you’re looking for a guide, many designers tend to opt for heavy-duty materials. Other materials to consider include brick, concrete, or modern tile options.

Reconsidering Metals in Your Kitchen

Metals dominated kitchen decor over the past decade, with many kitchen hardware pieces being made of metal. However, manufacturing innovations have led to the emergence of new design trends. This means if your kitchen is filled with outdated drawer pulls, light components, and other metal elements, it might be time for an update. If you want to keep some metal elements, consider using copper, a matte white, aluminium, brushed gold, or stainless steel. These materials can add a stylish touch to range hoods, pendant lighting, or cabinetry hardware.

Upgrade Your Cabinet Doors

Cabinetry upgrades can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or a new stain. This is a great solution if you’re on a tight budget but want to make a noticeable change. While vibrant colours can certainly work, other trendy colour choices include darker shades, blues, or blacks. These colours can refresh old wood cabinetry, giving your kitchen a fresh, new appearance. Other ideas include distressing the cabinet doors, and/or staining them.

Consider removing upper cabinets to open up the space and create a larger entertaining more spacious feel and sitting room. However, remember to take your storage needs into account to ensure you don’t compromise functionality.

Removing Walls

Compartmentalised kitchens may feel outdated, yet they’re still quite common. To modernise this layout, consider taking down a few walls. This will allow your kitchen to open up to the adjacent room, whether it’s the dining room or living room. Make sure to only remove non-load-bearing walls to maintain the structural integrity of your house.

Creating an open space expands your decorating options, allowing you to experiment with different colours, mix materials and lighting solutions to make the kitchen more welcoming. It also creates the illusion of a larger space, which is more conducive to a family-oriented lifestyle. If you’re unsure about the potential impact of such a change, consider consulting an architect, interior designer or structural engineer.

Artwork in the kitchen

Artwork can breathe life into any room, and the kitchen is no exception. Kitchens are often seen as purely functional spaces, but they also hold great potential for showcasing personal style and sentimentality. Incorporating artwork into your kitchen design can transform the space into a cosy, inviting hub of your home.

When it comes to positioning artwork, don’t be afraid to experiment. A large, vibrant canvas can serve as an exciting focal point on a kitchen wall, while larger canvases can fill divider walls and add visual interest to the surrounding areas. For a dash of vintage charm, consider using metal and gold frames.

But artwork doesn’t have to be limited to paintings. Cherished items, like your grandmother’s heirlooms, can be displayed and celebrated. Not only will they add a personal touch to your kitchen, but they’ll also create a sense of nostalgia and connection as you prepare family recipes passed down through generations.

To truly make your artwork stand out, consider incorporating additional lighting. Under-lighting can draw attention to paintings, while spotlighting can highlight treasured items. Through thoughtful placement and lighting, artwork can transform your kitchen from a purely practical cooking space into a visually rich, welcoming environment that tells a unique story.

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