Outdated Kitchen Trends You Might Want To Avoid In 2022

Interior design trends are becoming vaguer. That is something most expert designers agree over. The last couple of years has seen a decrease in design accuracy. Most homeowners focus on achieving a seamless blend of various details, adding a personal touch, and exploring fewer ideas. Such minimal effort is nowadays enough to get relevant styles.

Outdated kitchen trends are not the only issue evident this year. The Covid-19 pandemic is still making headlines, but that does not mean you should ignore the appearance of your house. That is why it is essential to know the kitchen renovation trends to avoid 2022. It is the only way you will be able to use acceptable methods of rearranging your space.

You need to understand the correct techniques to apply to give your apartment an outlook that will remain in style for years to come. Some of the common principles remain as active now as they were in the previous years.

Examples include:
– Having an open space that allows the flow of air and light
– Using precise lines
– Choosing relaxing colour palettes
– Prioritizing natural remodeling items.
With the kitchen cabinet trends to avoid below, you can avoid costly mistakes that come with poor kitchen decorations.

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Some Kitchen Trends Are On The Way Out

And You Don’t Want To Stay Behind With These Outdated Kitchen Trends

Monochrome White

White kitchens are unbeatable in the design industry. The style has proven to be long-lasting, and all the signs show that it will not go out of style any time soon. Despite that, an all-white kitchen can be monotonous. It can make your kitchen look cheap instead of sophisticated. To make it work, use accents or add another colour. Metallic or neutral colours tend to work better than bold and bright ones, but you can also use a popping colour if that is your preference. Another alternative is to add different textures to the kitchen.

Overt Appliances

Kitchen functionality should be of utmost importance, even though the current trends focus more on the visual appeal of the space.

Aim to declutter – keep smaller gadgets like toasters and hand mixers from open view. The pantry is a better place to store them. Use a design that hides microwaves too. The goal is to keep the functional elements out of sight. Heavier devices like fridges and dishwashers can remain out of sight with the help of appropriate cabinet doors. Multiple door styles are coming up, making it easier for such components to disappear from open view.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have been a favourite, but they are going out of style in 2022. The replacement is quartzite, which is costlier and more elegant. It is bound to transform your kitchen into the most desirable space in your house.

The main difference is that quartzite is veined while granite is grained. That means the former has different strands of lighter or darker shades running through the solid stone. Granite has a speckled look that is less attractive. The more solid colours you get from quartzite, marble, engineered stone, and wood are better.


Open-plan kitchens are still in high demand. Most home builders and renovators are avoiding plans that separate the kitchen from the rest of the house. However, open plans are harder to design compared to closed-off kitchens – they need well-thought-out considerations and creative ideas that can give the room a cohesive flow.

Do not give your kitchen a rustic design if you have a mid-century modern floor plan. Such combinations no longer work. Instead, settle on what you like and implement it in an open floor kitchen. It will be easier to match than trying to work with several styles.



The last ten years have seen workstations in kitchens become more popular. However, increasing the number of people working from home has changed this trend. More people accept opportunities that involve remote-jobs, meaning they are creating dedicated work areas.

The kitchen desk is not sufficient anymore because of limited space and potential interruptions during job-related calls. Home offices are more likely to replace them this year. The larger, quieter, well-equipped, and dedicated spaces are better for productivity, allowing workers to have meetings without worrying about children or other family members causing disruptions.

Ornate Detailing

Ornate detailing has been a trend for the longest time. However, that is changing this year because designers and property owners are choosing minimalistic styles. As a result, extreme detailing is not attractive anymore.

The replacement is a plain and chic style with a few details to add a personal touch, but the design can also look great without additional embellishments. You can use it with temporary accents that will be easier to change in time. A simple approach tends to trend for longer, which can be beneficial if you decide to sell the property. It gives potential buyers a chance to add personal touches.

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Which Kitchen Trends Are Better to Avoid In 2022?

Some kitchen trends can turn off potential buyers even though they are in-style, making them a bad investment. Knowing them can save you a lot of problems when you decide to sell the house.

  • All-White Kitchens
  • Rustic Wood Kitchens
  • Closed-Off Kitchens
  • Glossy Surfaces

All-White Kitchens

Are white kitchens going out of style? If you are renovating or building a new home, this question may have popped into your mind. The answer is yes. White kitchens are now outdated, but that does not mean you cannot have a mixture of white colours in your kitchen. The all-white décor has been used too much in the past ten years. That is why it has lost its appeal. You can still add white fixtures to complement other décor solutions like grey, green, and blue colours. Those are popular colours for 2022 on cabinets, mainly when you include natural wood shades. 

Rustic Wood Kitchens

Rustic wood still has its unmatched elegance, but it does not work in modern kitchens. You should only use it if your house has a classic theme. Even then, they only maintain their charm for a short period. You may achieve a splendid outcome with the design, but it will become outdated after a short duration.

Every designer and homeowner prefers a concept that remains in style for longer. Strive to achieve a look that retains its splendour for years. Rustic wood cannot give you that kind of timelessness. Do not install too much wood regardless of how fancy it is.

Closed-Off Kitchens

A closed-off design may be perfect for hiding a messy kitchen, but it does not compare to open-plan trends. Open spaces are better for contemporary kitchen types. You may work harder to keep the area neat and clean, but you get a seamlessly flowing house that is bound to impress.

If you must, have it partially enclosed. You can use cabinets and other fixtures to create a smaller partition that retains the openness concept. Smooth and clean finishes can also get you the best results for a continuous flow between the kitchen area and the rest of the house.

Glossy Surfaces

One of the main trends in 2022 involves optimal functionality that glossy surfaces do not have. The ease with which such areas get dirty easily translates to more maintenance needs. Regardless of whether it is the backsplash, countertop, or façade, you will spend a lot of time wiping them down to keep them perfect. Light reflection may also be a hindrance factor.

Choose matte finishes instead. They allow you to try out several ideas, such as patterned ceramic, textured wood, or natural stone. You can create the style you want without an overwhelming shine.  

Bad Kitchen Trends That Won’t Add Value To Your Home

2022 Kitchen Trends That Are Not a Good Investment

Over-the-Range Microwaves

Microwave installation over the cooking range has been common for a long time. It even became a compulsion at some point, and it never missed in any kitchen setup. Many property owners who choose that style believe it is a space-saving method. There may be some truth to that belief, but it also gives the kitchen an outdated look.

Trendier concepts exist as a replacement. They are more suitable for the evolving needs in the modern world. For instance, you can place the microwave in a more accessible location that is not the cooking area. All signs indicate that as one of 2022 kitchen trends to consider, stay away from over-the-range style. Installation on hooks is a much better alternative.

Built-In Fireplaces

Some properties have electric fireplaces in the kitchen. If yours is one of them, you need to uninstall the appliance as soon as possible. Fireplaces are among the top trends to avoid while decorating a kitchen in 2022. Getting rid of it is essential if it is one of the mass-produced models with simple features and looks cheap. Leaving it in place will only interfere with the aesthetic appeal of the entire area. 

Additionally, a fireplace is not an essential component in the kitchen. It is not practical in that space. If you must, choose a high-quality one that will increase the value of your property.

Open Shelves

The beauty of open shelves remains undisputed. You get an unmatched beauty when you combine them with a matching colour. However, they are not a sure decoration option despite being a trend in the last two years. The outstanding appeal they offered initially is now an outdated style. They may be available in a few homes, but they won’t stay for long.

More people are going for closed cabinets that are more appropriate for long-term use. They are less obsolete, unlike open shelves that also increase the risk of kitchen items falling. Cabinets offer better protection and are proving to be more practical. They also provide more storage space and are more stable for your fragile kitchen items. Additionally, they can also hide a messy arrangement perfectly.

Textured Wallpaper

Printed wallpaper became irrelevant in the last year, and that trend should continue in 2022. All the options such as flora, abstract, geometric, ornamental drawings, classical, and maxi formats are not in style anymore. Even photo wallpaper and wall art are no longer stylish. A neutral background is a better option. It allows other fixtures, kitchen furniture, and textured walls to take center stage in the room. 

Select plain wallpapers. Remember, not every solution will work for your kitchen. Make it better by using quality paint and choosing colour shades that do not contradict too much. Prepare the surface adequately before application.


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What To Do If Your Kitchen Is Outdated?

New Lighting Can Be a Good Solution

New lighting fixtures can create a remarkable transformation to a kitchen. It works better when you replace older kitchen components with new ones, but it can also give you the visual aesthetics you desire. Do not install lighting as an afterthought. Be intentional with the lighting solutions you choose to achieve versatility, ambiance, and improved illumination in the room.
A single overhead lighting is not enough. Recessed lighting with a versatile switch that allows you to change the brightness level is better. A good example is pendant lights over the island to highlight the countertops. A chandelier can also be a great addition.

Modernize the Countertops

Countertops cover most of the kitchen space, making them a major determining factor in the outcome of a kitchen style. Older kitchens have tiled countertops with grout which is inconvenient. Others have cheap vinyl workspaces that are distasteful in the kitchen. Numerous modern countertop options are available for your selection. You can have natural countertop materials like marble or solid surfaces such as polymers and resin. You can easily find the ideal style that suits your budget range. Most designers tend to go for heavy-duty materials, meaning you can use that as a guide. Other examples you can consider include brick, concrete, or modern tile options.

Do You Need Metals In Your Kitchen?

Metals took over the kitchen decoration industry with a storm in the past decade. The style became so popular that most kitchen hardware was metal. However, innovations by manufacturers have resulted in better design trends coming up. That means if you have outdated drawer pulls, light components, and other metal elements, consider changing them. If you must have metal, choose copper, matte aluminum, brushed gold, or stainless steel. Any of those materials can look great on range hoods, pendant lighting, or cabinetry hardware.

Upgrade the Cabinetry

Cabinetry upgrades can be as simple as repainting or staining them. It is a perfect solution if you are on a tight budget but need a transformation. Vibrant colours can work, but other colours include darker shades, blue or black. They can cover old wood cabinets that are still functional to give the whole room a fresh appearance. Other ideas are distressing doors and/or staining them.
Get rid of upper cabinets if they are available. It will open the space to make it feel more spacious, but remember to factor in your storage needs to ensure you do not tamper with practicality.

Take Down the Walls

Compartmentalized kitchens are outdated, but they are still common. Change that layout by bringing down a few walls. The kitchen can share a view with the next room, which might be the dining area or living room. Ensure you choose partition areas that are not bearing any load. Do not interfere with the structural integrity of the house. 

An open space increases your decoration options. You get to experiment with different colours and illumination options to make the kitchen welcoming. It also gives a bigger illusion that it is more suitable for your lifestyle if you have a family. If you are not sure about the effects of such a move, consult an architect or structural engineer.


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