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Kitchen Renovation Experts in Whitby

Having a company willing to dedicate an entire team of experts to your project is refreshing. You get people with renovation expertise in different areas willing to do what it takes to ensure you get a new outstanding kitchen within the shortest possible time. That is what you get with Easy Renovation. Every employee in our crew, from designers to installers, is highly dedicated to clients. We can handle your project in a manner that makes you most comfortable, virtually or one-on-one.

Why Choose Easy Renovation?

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  • Project supervision issues
  • Prices keep changing
  • No assistance with materials
  • Complimentary designs unavailable
  • Disappointing labour results
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Worried About Your Kitchen Renovation? Try The Easy Way.

Why Hire a Kitchen Contractor?

Easy Renovation makes kitchen renovation processes seem easy, but that is not always the case. Our experience, training, knowledge, and ability to work together enable us to complete all renovation tasks effortlessly, something we believe every homeowner in Whitby deserves but is impossible to experience with DIY attempts.

The expertise of professional renovators is unavoidable if you want to escape kitchen renovation Toronto problems. Apart from the vast knowledge, kitchen contractors also know other service providers in the industry. That gives them an upper hand in related matters like material selection and acquisition. Since they already know where to get the best deals and highest quality materials, they can transfer the cost savings to you to keep the kitchen renovation under budget.

Before attempting the DIY approach, break down the renovation process to fully understand the role of professional contractors in ensuring a successful renovation. Consider all the factors separately, like plumbing, tiling, and positioning power outlets, then think about the skills it takes to complete them successfully. That is the fundamental role contractors play in kitchen remodels. Our expert crew is available if you have any questions.

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How It Works

The non-conforming build process for simple kitchen renovations
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    Get a free

    Our consultants can help you start budget preparations by providing a free estimate. You only tell us your preferences and get the quotation for free within minutes.

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    Plan your construction &
    get the materials

    Planning is vital to our processes, just like an actual building. For that reason, our team strives for perfection and customer satisfaction. We have the best solutions whether or not you already know what you want. Use our catalogue for inspiration, or give us a vivid description that our designers will turn into the best design.

  • 03

    Confirm the

    Seeing the vision come to life on paper differs from imagining it in your mind. Our 3D renders add to the experience – you get an enhanced visual depiction, almost like the new kitchen. Our team stays with you to make all changes and provide support until completion.

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    Get your fixtures and
    finishes delivered

    Evade the frustrations of dealing with retailers who do not deliver renovation materials on time by choosing the “Easy” way. We negotiate with suppliers on your behalf to ensure cost efficiency.

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    Let the experts

    Trust our vast experience, knowledge, and teamwork to get remarkable results. Experience a kitchen renovation unlike any other.

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Necessary Experts for A Kitchen Upgrade

You do not have to be ladened with guilt or uncertainties during kitchen renovations in Whitby. Professionals spend a lot of time and resources learning the craft to give you the necessary peace of mind as you transform your kitchen space. They strive for customer service and satisfaction, making them less likely to disappoint you. Working with renovation experts does not mean giving up complete control of the project – we follow your lead. Our renovation plan and procedures will depend on your preferences, including your budget and project duration.
  • Kitchen designers:  Designers determine how different components in the kitchen come together by deciding what goes where for a seamless flow and efficient operability.

  • Electricians:  Our electricians think out of the box to keep every electrical component functioning effectively. They ensure the power outlets can support the appliances and lighting fixtures.

  • Cabinet maker:  There is no limit to the storage options cabinetmakers can give you. Whether you prefer racks, shelves, or upper or lower cabinets, you will have them incorporated together.

  • Tilers:  All your backsplashes, tiled walls, and floors fall under the expertise of tilers.

  • Plumber:  Work with certified plumbers to avoid water-related problems like mould growth. They ensure the water pipes do not leak and dispensers work accordingly.

  • General contractor:  General contractors have management skills that ensure all the renovation crew works together harmoniously.

Unprecedented Services You Can Get from Us

We can cover the following service areas when renovating kitchens in Whitby.

Designing Kitchens

Explaining your design preferences and expectations multiple times can be tedious, yet that is what happens with some contractors who outsource design services. You have to share your vision on several occasions or risk getting a kitchen that does not match your imagination. You do not have to worry about any of that with Easy Renovation. Our seasoned design team will not take long to model your kitchen – we complete the process after one discussion.

Kitchen Demolitions

We tear down before we can rebuild. However, we plan the knocking-down process meticulously, just like every other aspect of the kitchen upgrade. We send the best demolishers to the site with the correct tools and safety equipment. Your property will be in good hands even then.

Please note that DIY demolition is not advisable because the task involves many delicate components, like hidden plumbing pipes. You may not notice any problem until it becomes too extensive. Take a safer approach by hiring professionals – it could be the cost-saving and safer option. Our team will complete the task quickly in readiness for the rest of the renovation work.

Plumbing and Electrical Systems Installation

You do not have to worry about hiring independent plumbers and electricians who charge an hourly rate. That adds to the overall cost of the project eventually. You can get the services from our well-trained and certified crew. Apart from our phenomenal services, our remodelling crew also does the plumbing and electrical work speedily to avoid delaying the project.

Floor and Wall Services

We focus on two elements when fixing floors. One, it should withstand heavy traffic, possible spillages, and excess moisture in the kitchen. Two, it should look great and last long. We use the same ideas for walls. The result is always perfectly laid out material that looks spectacular and remains that way for the longest time.

Installing Sinks and Cabinets

We also handle smaller components like sinks, backsplashes, and cabinets with the seriousness they deserve. Those components are significant contributors to the visual appeal and efficiency of the kitchen. We urge that you choose cabinets, countertops, and hardware suitable for the kitchen design to keep them in style for longer. Our installation procedures will ensure they outlast their lifespans.

Finishing Touches

The final renovation stand often brings reprieve to homeowners because it means the task is coming to an end. You can determine whether the kitchen renovation has been successful by what remains at this stage. Our quality assurance remains intact at this point. We will continue to involve you at this point to ensure the finishes are perfect and highlight your style. Our team is passionate about giving homeowners valuable kitchens they can be proud of through generations.

Please be patient as we tackle this final step, especially when we require a little longer to complete it. We do not rush at the expense of quality and customer satisfaction. Be assured that the results will be worth it.

Questions For Whitby Kitchen Contractors

Whitby contractors get different reviews from homeowners because needs and preferences vary. One property owner may receive satisfactory results from a contractor, yet the same service provider can fail another renovator. Expectations and renovation scopes differ, causing the difference in experiences. That is why you should never accept referrals blindly, even if they are from people you trust. The only way to get value for your money and the best experience is by hiring a contractor that is best suited to handle your requirements.

How you interview a contractor determines the information they disclose and influences your decision-making process. You can ask open-ended questions that create room for detailed explanations, showing you their suitability as your contractor. You can ask some questions virtually, but face-to-face meetings are better because you can assess body language. It is also easier to note red flags and learn other things like dishonesty during in-person engagements. Ensure you hire a contractor that meets all your requirements and can deliver the kitchen design you like.

Consider Asking the Following 10 Questions

  1. How exclusive are your kitchen renovation services? A good contractor handles everything from design to finishing touches to keep you from dealing with multiple renovation experts.
  2. How many employees can you send to my property? The number determines the duration it takes to complete the project.
  3. Do you take full charge of the project? Do you have supervisors for monitoring purposes?
  4. Does your expertise extend to site preparation?
  5. How do you control demolitions and constructions to ensure the rest of the property remains safe?
  6. What are some similarities between your previous projects and my renovation requirements? Can I confirm with some of your previous clients?
  7. For how long have you been renovating kitchens?
  8. What are the chances of getting materials from suppliers directly? Do you have some connections regarding that?
  9. Who caters to waste disposals? You or your clients?
  10. Do you consider estimates to be contractually binding?

If you choose Easy Renovation, be assured that the workers you get are qualified and can display immeasurable skills in renovating your kitchen. We do not restrict the number of questions you can ask. We are confident that we are the best company for your kitchen renovations in Whitby. We will answer all your questions transparently.

How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost?

The thought of paying lower amounts frequently can be enticing, especially when you are on a tight renovation budget, but it is often the most expensive option. The amount of money some specialists ask for on an hourly basis may seem small, but it ends up being more when it accumulates. For instance, paying a plumber or electrician $100 per hour may not seem significant, but it becomes a lot when the job takes several days to complete. You also have to pay other contractors between $45 and $100 per hour for the same kitchen renovation, meaning the amount will have doubled by the time you finish the remodelling. Spending a wholesome amount ranging from $12000 and $40000 could be better. You get a single company to handle all the projects, and the job gets completed faster. You do not worry about unnecessary delays. That option becomes more cost-efficient, especially when you choose a company that prefers supply purchases.

The above price range is the average in Whitby, but Easy Reno can give you an exact number after consultation. We will finish quickly and efficiently.

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Common Questions
You Ask the Questions, and We Give the Answers
  • Would you install wood flooring in the kitchen?

    Yes. Our expertise covers all flooring materials, including wood. However, you should note that wood is not the most suitable option for kitchen spaces. The amount of water splashing around and higher chances of spillages can compromise the longevity of the wood. High traffic in kitchens is also a risk factor. That means you will have to spend a lot of time polishing the wood to slow down wear and tear and maintain its perfect condition and elegance. You can try using wood in adjacent spaces where wear and tear will not be a problem. Our team is available to discuss your options further, but remember, you make all the decisions.

  • Can you confirm that kitchen renovations in Whitby have the best ROI?

    Kitchen renovations are unbeatable as far as return on investment is concerned. You can get at least 75% and, at most, 100% returns with excellent craftsmanship. The ROI mainly depends on the service quality you get. Make sure you hire a contractor who cares about serving clients diligently to increase the chances of getting good returns.

  • What can you recommend for preparation before a renovation?

    Get design ideas. Numerous resources are available online and offline and do not cost any money. Also, do your due diligence and find a reputable contractor who will not disappoint you. However, we can work with you even if you do not have ready designs.

  • Will you turn me away if I do not have designs?

    No. Every client’s needs matter to us. We understand that some people enjoy comparing designs while others dread browsing catalogs for inspiration. We are here to serve you regardless. Besides, we already have numerous predesigned options for you to check out during the consultation.

  • What is the easiest way to start a kitchen renovation?

    Contact us – the best kitchen renovation experts dedicated to simplifying the process for homeowners. Our consultants will obtain more from you before giving you an estimate and proceeding to the design phase. We have prequalified all our employees, so stellar customer service is guaranteed.

  • What is the average duration for a kitchen renovation in Whitby?

    Renovation periods differ with the size of the kitchen, your level of preparation – whether you have the funds and time to start the project soon, and the materials of your choice. Some projects can take up to a month, and others a week. Share your requirements with us, and you will not have to worry about your project dragging unnecessarily. We will complete each phase in due time to ensure you get your new kitchen within the shortest possible timeframe.

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