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Vaughan’s Kitchen Renovation Experts

There are many kitchen renovation companies in Vaughan, but not all of them will deliver the project to the required standards, on budget, and within the set timelines. At Easy Renovation, our craftsmen have years of experience, and we endeavour to complete all our projects on time and within budget. We simplify the kitchen renovation process. Our process involves consultation, getting an estimate, material selection, measurement of the space, coming up with a pre-designed or custom design, ordering materials, construction, and finally, inspection.

Why Choose Easy Renovation?

Usual Renovation Experience
  • Management problems
  • Delays in project completion
  • Unclear price changes
  • All materials hassle on you
  • Minimal or no design
  • Unprofessional labour
Easy Renovation Experience
  • Start-to-finish customer support
  • Completing the project on time
  • Upfront transparent estimate
  • Materials ordered & delivered
  • Experienced design help
  • Professional trusted contractors

How It All Works

Enjoy stress-free kitchen remodelling, thanks to our unique build process.
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    Get an Estimate

    Get an estimate in minutes. It is that easy. Just talk to our project consultant, answer a few questions about your dream and your current space, and you will get your estimate. Call us today!

  • 02

    Meet The Project

    We will arrange a meeting between you and our project manager to better understand your dreams. We will develop a custom proposal with a transparent pricing calculation and scope of work.

  • 03

    Budget And Scope
    Of Work Review

    Receive a scope of work, design concept, and an estimated budget with a fixtures breakdown.

  • 04

    Design with Confidence

    A team member will take detailed measurements of the space. Our design team will then start drawing up the custom design. Note you can also pick from one of our pre-designed designs.

  • 05

    Let The Experts Build It

    Get your kitchen renovation done by a team of experts who have over 30 years of experience. We are committed to completing the project on time, within budget, and to the highest possible standards.

Say Hello to Easy Kitchen Renovation Process

Why Hire A Vaughan Kitchen Renovation Contractor?

You should not do kitchen renovation as a DIY project. You may be tempted to do so to save money, but very few people have the tools, equipment, and expertise needed for the job. Note kitchen renovation requires working on the cabinets, floor, plumbing, and electrical installations.

At Easy Reno, we have a design team that will help you come up with a pre-designed or custom design. We will assist you in picking the right materials, fixtures, and finishes for the job and also help with the procurement and inspection of the same. Once the materials are at the site, our team of cabinet makers, flooring experts, plumbers, general contractors, and electricians have the skills, licences, and insurance necessary for the job.

Hiring us means you do not need to worry about safety at the site. We will give you a dedicated project manager to ensure the entire team works in unison to deliver the project on time and within budget. You need not worry about kitchen renovation costs in Vaughan as we have some of the most competitive rates in the region.

Custom Kitchens Made Easy

Enjoy a stress-free kitchen renovation: all fixtures, materials and labour included.

Kitchen Renovations Need Not Be Overwhelming

We have simplified the kitchen renovation process.

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The Experts You Will Need For Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation involves working on cabinets, tiles, electrical fixtures, plumbing, and painting, among others. It, therefore, takes a team of experts to give you a dream kitchen. At Easy Renovation, our experts have the training, experience, tools, and equipment needed for the job. Hiring licensed and insured experts ensures no violation of regulations or codes, you will not be liable in case of an accident, and warranties will not be void. We take time to understand your project goals, and our experts, under the leadership of the project manager, then work towards these goals.
  • General Contractor: The general contractor oversees the kitchen renovation project from start to finish. The contractor handles all permits and inspections, navigates building codes, makes intelligent decisions on materials and methods, and coordinates the rest of the professionals.

  • Designer: It is the work of the kitchen designer to ensure that the different elements are arranged in such a way that they achieve maximum comfort, safety, and efficiency. The designer puts the design on paper, and it is this design that the other professionals will use in the construction.

  • Tiling expert: The tiling expert will cover the floor, the wall, and the backsplash with the selected tiles. Tilers work with different tiling materials such as ceramic, slate, and marble and lay tiles in different styles.

  • Electrician: Kitchen remodelling may require that you move the electrical wiring and change the location of the sockets. An electrician will make these changes and install such electrical features as sub-panels and circuit breakers.

  • Plumber: Some of the tasks done by a plumber are laying or moving around drain lines and plumbing pipes, sink, tap, and faucet installation, dishwasher and garbage disposal system installation, and everything else water-related.

  • Cabinetmaker: The cabinet maker will guide you on the cabinet material, fixtures like knobs, drawers, and racks, and design to go with the rest of the kitchen decor. Other than making custom cabinets, the cabinet maker also makes wall units and wine racks and even refurbishes your dilapidated furniture.

The Kitchen Renovation Services Our Vaughan Clients Can Expect from ‘Easy’

At Easy Reno, we are your go-to company for all your kitchen renovation needs.

Our services include:

— Design Services

Our designers will engage you to determine your dream for the kitchen and come up with blueprints for the kitchen. Our designers have years of experience with big and small projects, and they will advise you on additional features that may be of use to you. No matter how unorthodox your dream is, we will find a way to turn it into reality. We will advise you on best practices, materials, accessories, finishes, the latest styles, and related matters.

— Demolition Services

Are you tempted to do kitchen demolition yourself in preparation for a kitchen renovation? While it may appear easy, demolition is more complicated than you may think. It involves applying for the necessary permits, disconnecting existing services like gas, drainage, electricity, and water supply, protecting nearby structures and properties, ensuring that the space is safe to work in, and disposal of the waste. At Easy Reno, our demolition crew has the necessary training, experience, and tools to quickly but safely do the job while ensuring that the fixtures you want to reuse are not damaged. Our crew is insured, meaning you will not be held liable in case of a workplace accident.

— Electrical Works & Plumbing

During the kitchen remodelling process, the electrical and plumbing systems should be put in place by a professional to prevent such problems as water damage and electrical fires. At Easy Reno, we have a team of experienced electricians and plumbers who use the correct installation procedures, materials, and fixtures. Our electricians and plumbers have the relevant licences and insurance.

— Installing Kitchen Flooring and Upgrading the Walls

Tiling is more than setting the tiles in position. The area has to be cleaned, holes, gaps and cracks filled, and uneven surfaces levelled with plaster. Our tiling expert will ensure the tiles are precisely set for a consistent look. Our team will then make the finishing touches on the walls, including painting and preparing them for fixtures and accessories that will be fixed.

— Sink & Cabinet Installation

Our team will then embark on the installation of essential fixtures such as the countertop, sink, faucets, backsplash, and cabinets. We select each of these components carefully since they are not only functional but also affect the aesthetics of the kitchen. We have the experience, training, tools, and equipment to ensure these fixtures are installed following the design plans.

— Finishing Touches

Accessorising the space is the next step after the construction work is completed. This involves the installation of such fixtures as handles and doorknobs, installation of bulbs and other lighting components, and the addition of moulding. All stages of the kitchen remodelling process require proper planning, including finishing. We will assist you with the selection of fixtures beforehand so that we can start with the finishing the moment construction is over. This saves you time and money.

Questions to Ask
a Kitchen Contractor

Like all trades, some kitchen contractors are more credible and reliable than others. If you ask the right questions, you will be able to filter the wheat from the chaff. You should ask questions to determine if the contractor is able to handle your project. The contractor should provide past works done and prove their team is experienced and has the necessary tools for the job.

Licensing and insurance are a must-have for any contractor. Ask for proof of the licence and determine if the team is insured. Ask if the contractor offers general services or specialised services. You should also confirm if the contractor does the job in-house or if they subcontract some of the work. You should also ask questions with regard to the contract they are giving, whether they are willing to work within your budget, and whether they are able to meet the set timelines.

At the end of the day, trust your guts when making the decision. Be on the lookout for red flags such as the contractor failing to prove they are licensed or failing to show their past work.

10 Questions to Ask a Kitchen
Renovation Contractor
before Hiring

  1. Is your service all-inclusive, or will you sub-contract some of the work?
  2. How many employees will you deploy to my kitchen renovation?
  3. Will you have a project manager supervise the project?
  4. Are your plumbers, cabinet makers, tilers, electricians, and other installers certified?
  5. What safety measures will you put in place? Do you carry liability insurance for your workers?
  6. How will you ensure that the rest of my property does not suffer any damage?
  7. Have you done a similar kitchen renovation before? If yes, can you provide a recent, local reference?
  8. Do you assist with the procurement? If yes, which suppliers do you work with?
  9. Do you do debris removal after demolition?
  10. Do you prepare an official quote? If yes, is it binding?

How much does Kitchen Remodelling in Vaughan Cost?

The total cost of kitchen renovation is determined by the scale of the project, the size of the kitchen, the current versus the desired configuration and the quality of the materials and the separate elements you plan to add to the kitchen. In Vaughan, contractors charge between $45 for smaller projects and $100 for larger projects. Some electricians and plumbers charge more than $100 for more complex jobs.

To save money on labour, consider hiring a contractor who offers all kitchen renovation services under one roof. This way, you will get a standard labour cost. Hiring a single full-service contractor also makes managing the project easier. You also expect to pay less on labour because full-service contractors usually use suppliers that they have worked with many times in the past and who are likely to offer discounts.

By offering complete turnkey kitchen renovation services, the Easy Reno team is able to do a full kitchen renovation in Vaughan for between $12,000 and $40,000.

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Here’s what to expect when you hire us as your kitchen contractor in Vaughan.

Common Questions

Here are answers to your frequently asked questions.
  • What is the cost of a kitchen renovation?

    The cost of the project depends on the complexity of the job, the quality of the materials and fixtures, and the size of the kitchen. The cabinetry takes a big chunk of the total budget, mostly because of the sheer volume of materials required. Some contractors charge per square foot while others charge by the hour. The labour cost is about 22% of the budget while that of design is usually around 4% for a total of 26%. You will save on labour costs with a full-service kitchen renovation contractor. When you come to us, expect to pay between 12,000 and $40,000 for a complete kitchen renovation, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

  • Can I do the demolitions myself?

    This is a common temptation for homeowners as they look to save costs. However, demolition is not as easy as it appears. You need the necessary permits to disconnect services like electricity, water, and gas, to protect nearby properties and structures, and ensure safety measures are put in place. A professional will have the right tools and training to do the job safely and carefully remove fixtures that are to be reused. We also carry liability insurance in the unlikely event of an accident.

  • What are the steps in a complete kitchen renovation?

    Once you select the kitchen renovation contractor, the design team will sit with you to understand your project goals and come up with a workable design. The materials and fixtures to be used will then be ordered, and while waiting for delivery, we will be seeking the relevant approvals from the authorities. The next step is demolition, followed by delivery of materials to the site.
    The rough electric and plumbing works will then be done, followed by wall and subfloor preparation. The flooring and cabinets will then be installed, in that order. Next, the walls will be primed and painted, paving the way for countertop and backsplash installation.
    Next is plumbing finishing, where the sink, faucet, and dishwasher will be installed. The rest of the appliances, accessories, and door hardware will then be installed. The final step is the installation of light fixtures, under cabinet lighting, and other electric finishes.

  • Where do I buy the materials and finishes?

    Luckily, you do not have to buy the materials and finish them yourself. We have a procurement team that will source the materials for you. We work with top North American suppliers, meaning you will be assured of quality materials at the best possible rates.

  • Where can I get design ideas?

    You can get design ideas from magazines and home renovation programs. Once you have an idea of how you would like your kitchen to look, you will talk to our design team, and the team will transform your ideas into workable plans. We use 3D renders to help you visualise what to expect. We make custom designs for our customers for unique kitchens. If you do not have ideas, worry not. We have pre-designed layouts that you can use.

  • What return on investment do I expect from remodelling my kitchen?

    If you are looking to sell your home, kitchen remodelling is a sure way to increase the resale value of your home. The kitchen is one of the first things home buyers consider when deciding if they will buy a home. According to a report by Realtor Magazine, the average ROI for a kitchen renovation is between 84.8% and 98.5%.

  • Is re-facing a good solution if the budget is tight?

    Cabinetry is the highest kitchen renovation cost. If you are thinking of re-facing, although this may save you some money, it is usually not recommended. If you are planning to replace doors and drawer fronts, you will also need to replace the front face of the cabinet frame to ensure the doors and visible parts match. Re-facing the frame often creates problems since unattractive seams will show if the laminate peels or shifts away.
    In any case, 70% of the cabinetry cost is doors. If you are already paying this much for re-facing, why not add a little more to get completely new cabinets? Talk to our experts to confirm whether re-facing is a logical choice for your kitchen.
    Contact us today to start your journey towards turning your kitchen into a haven.

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