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    Upon estimate acceptance, we’ll arrange a consultation to understand your project and create a custom proposal with clear pricing and scope.

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    Budget And Scope
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    Receive a scope of work, design concept, and an estimated budget with a fixtures breakdown.

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    Design with Confidence

    Our designer will craft your ideal kitchen after measuring your space, offering both catalogue and custom design options, covering all details.

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    Our experienced team ensures a stress-free project completion, adhering to the schedule and budget to realise your dream kitchen.

Scarborough’s Kitchen Renovation Experts

Are you planning on renovating your kitchen in Scarborough? If you are, there are so many options available. However, it is important to involve an expert because the procedure can be very challenging and stressful. At Easy Renovation, we take measurements, provide virtual and in-person consultations, help you choose materials and finishes, and ensure the project is completed within your budget and timeframe. Before any work starts, your new kitchen will be visualised by our design team. Our skilled installers adhere to your approved design and guarantee the installation meets the highest requirements.

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Why Should You Work With A Kitchen Contractor?

Are you planning a kitchen renovation in Scarborough? Do you want a custom design that will showcase your unique characteristics and complement your current space? Look no further. Contractors from Easy Reno will efficiently complete any kitchen renovation project regardless of how unusual your needs are. We will address all your concerns so that you know you are getting your money’s worth.

You might be tempted to go DIY on your upcoming kitchen renovation, but there are so many reasons why this is the wrong move. For starters, a kitchen renovation is not a simple task. Even if you consider yourself to be handy, there are several parts of a kitchen renovation that are challenging to complete. For instance, expert help is needed when taking care of the plumbing and electrical work. Tiling and flooring also require a specific skill.

Moreover, when you have to choose the right materials for your project, it could become difficult if you are doing everything by yourself. Working with a knowledgeable kitchen contractor in Scarborough is the right approach. With the input of an expert, you will be able to make more informed choices when choosing materials and appliances for your new kitchen.

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Kitchen Renovations Tend To Be Overwhelming But They Don’t Have To Be

Easy Reno has simplified the process because kitchen renovations can be ‘Easy’.

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The Different Experts You Will Require for a Kitchen Renovation

When you have the right expert by your side, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is in good hands. Specialists can handle every aspect of the project and make sure you get the exact results you envisioned. Our primary goal at Easy Reno is to deliver comprehensive services that are superior to those offered by our competitors. We will work with your budget, keep your preferences in mind and bring your dream kitchen to life with the best design and functionality.
  • Kitchen DesignerWith the advice of this expert, you can make the most of your available space and create a kitchen that is organised optimally and meets your demands.

  • Cabinetmaker – A cabinetmaker will assist you in choosing the right drawers, hardware, and racks for your kitchen. The expert accommodates all your special storage and cupboard needs.

  • Electrician – The electrician will take care of the electrical elements, such as the kitchen lighting, and make sure that all power outlets are prepared for the wiring and installation of new appliances.

  • Plumber – The plumber is there to install the kitchen sink, all faucets and taps, and make sure connections with your fridge dispenser are up and running efficiently. You need to hire a licensed plumber.

  • Tiler – The role of the tiler is to install the tiles on the backsplash, floors and anywhere else you might need them.

  • General Contractor – These professionals are in charge of the whole kitchen renovation project. They coordinate with all the aforementioned experts to ensure everything is moving in the right direction. The general contractor will be your contact person.

Kitchen Renovation Services
Offered by ‘Easy’ in Scarborough

Easy Reno takes pride in being the go-to company for all matters involving kitchen and bathroom renovation. We offer a wide range of services in Scarborough, including:

— Kitchen Design Services

Whether you need a basic or a complex kitchen renovation, we are happy to provide you with unbeatable services. Our team of skilled kitchen designers has many years of expertise modelling spaces to the specific needs of clients. We always take the time to understand your vision and preferences before designing the space you desire. We offer kitchen design services in-house, unlike other kitchen contractors who are eager to give you the contacts of another designer. We will be your contact person throughout the project.

— Demolition Projects

If you are tempted to handle demolition on your own, please don’t. While tearing down the kitchen by yourself might seem easy and cost-saving, doing so can put your health at risk and cause havoc if you accidently damage plumbing and electrical lines and fixtures. At Easy Reno, we advise leaving the demolition work to a professional. For the safety of all demolitions, our team arrives completely prepared. We won’t accidentally break anything that would cost you money in the near future. Additionally, you can be confident that there won’t be any liability claims brought against you in the unusual event that something goes wrong. All our contractors are fully insured.

— Plumbing and Electrical Work

It takes years of experience to properly complete the extensive plumbing and electrical work involved in a kitchen renovation. Poorly installed pipes or electrical parts may lead to expensive, unplanned future repairs. To get everything done efficiently and in time for the upcoming upgrades, our Scarborough kitchen contractors will make sure every electrical and plumbing line and appliance is accounted for.

— Installing Kitchen Floors and Upgrading the Walls

After the roughing is done, our team will close up the walls and fix the floors. We only install the flooring you approve and paint the walls in your approved colour.

— Installing the Sink and Cabinets

We will help you with the installation of the backsplash, new sink, countertop and cabinets. These are all essential kitchen components that determine how the kitchen design turns out. We will help you select the components that go perfectly with your design plan so that you end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

— Finishing Touches

This is the final step in a kitchen renovation. It is the most exciting phase of a renovation. Our team will install the lighting fixtures, kitchen fittings, moulding, and all the accessories needed to bring the envisioned design to life.

Each stage of a kitchen renovation requires careful planning. Our Easy Reno team will work with you to make sure we pick the right materials and work within your budget and timeframe. We spend more time planning so that we deliver the exact product you dreamed of. Working with us will not just save you time and money but also guarantee your dream comes to life.

Questions to Ask a Kitchen Contractor

Be ready for research if you are planning on hiring a kitchen remodelling specialist in Scarborough. It is unwise to hire a kitchen contractor simply because a friend or family member suggested them. Prior to engaging with any contractor, you must exercise due diligence. Just because your friend was happy with the work that was done doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the same results. The contractor might just have gotten lucky. You don’t want to bet thousands of dollars on luck, do you? There is also the fact that the scale of your project might be too complicated for the same contractor that built your friend’s kitchen.

Finding the right kitchen renovation specialists requires that you ask the right questions. You must also listen to your gut before you settle for a contractor. Never ignore red flags. The lack of transparency in pricing is, without a doubt, the biggest red flag. If you don’t feel comfortable working with a certain contractor, reach out to another promising kitchen renovation company. Don’t hire someone unless you are certain they can deliver what they promise.

10 Questions You Should Ask a Kitchen
Remodelling Expert Before Hiring

  1. Do you provide an all-inclusive service? The right contractor should be able to offer a wide range of services so that you don’t have to deal with the frustration of juggling multiple professionals.
  2. How many contractors will be assigned to the kitchen renovation?
  3. Who will be in charge of the project? You need to make sure there will be a contact person on-site to supervise other contractors and ensure everything moves swiftly and according to the agreed plan.
  4. Who prepares the worksite? Do I hire someone to take care of site preparation?
  5. How do you ensure there are no damages to the rest of the property?
  6. Can you provide samples of your most recent projects that are similar to this? Can you also share the contacts of clients you have recently worked with?
  7. For how many years have you been doing kitchen renovation?
  8. Can you refer me to some of the suppliers you work with?
  9. Who handles cleanup and debris removal?
  10. Will you provide me with an official quote? If yes, will the official quote serve as the agreement that dictates the contractual obligations?

If you are hiring our contractors, rest assured we have already done the hard work of pre screening them. All the same, feel free to ask us all of the aforementioned questions and any other questions you might have. We want you to be confident in our service delivery and capacity regarding kitchen renovations in Scarborough.

How Much does it Cost to Renovate a Kitchen in Scarborough?

The amount of labour you pay when hiring a kitchen contractor will depend on the size of your project and the level of experience of the contractor. Experts in kitchen remodelling often bill between $45 and $100 per hour. Depending on the work’s complexity, the plumbers and electricians may charge more than $100.

You don’t have to be concerned about the contractor’s pace if you choose a contractor who provides an entirely exclusive service. If you are planning a full kitchen renovation project, paying a flat price for all labour costs is a fantastic strategy. You will also save money if you hire a highly qualified and experienced professional to complete the work. This is because the contractor will not rely on guesswork, thus reducing room for expensive errors. Contractors who provide a full range of kitchen renovation services may also get you the best supplies at the lowest cost.

For a complete kitchen remodel in Scarborough, you should expect to spend between $12,000 and $40,000. This price will change based on the size of the kitchen, the materials you use, and the contractor you hire.

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Here’s what to expect when you hire us as your kitchen contractor in Scarborough.

Common Questions

Do you have any kitchen renovation questions? We are happy to provide answers.
  • How long does a kitchen renovation take?

    While a majority of kitchen renovation companies will be reluctant to give you a precise estimate, at Easy Reno, we strive to guide you through our well-structured process. Our unique approach enables us to better plan, design, and execute a kitchen renovation. There are, however, factors that we can’t control, such as a client’s availability, selected materials and the kitchen design of choice. Once everything has been considered, our goal is to have the project completed within 3 weeks.

  • What do I need to do when planning a kitchen renovation?

    Several considerations come into play when planning a kitchen remodel, beginning with the design choice. You can start by looking for kitchen design inspiration from places like lifestyle websites, publications, and remodelling businesses. The objective is to have a distinct mental image of what your ideal kitchen will look like. Ensure that your visualisation is as precise as you can.
    The design process will take longer if you choose a contractor without knowing what you actually want. By reducing your list of potential alternatives and deciding on the components you want, you can accelerate the renovation process. After agreeing on the deliverables, remove all the removable items from the kitchen area before the contractor arrives.

  • Does a kitchen remodel boost the value of a house?

    Your home will unquestionably gain value after you renovate the kitchen. However, the question of how much value the renovation will provide is debatable. All the same, your kitchen's utility and convenience will improve after a renovation. Additionally, a renovation will improve the aesthetic appeal of the area. However, you won't see a return on your investment right away. The financial rewards won't come to you until you sell your house. Even after selling your house, you might not get all of your money back. The immediate benefit of a kitchen remodel is an updated look and more functionality.

  • Is it possible to cut costs without compromising quality in a kitchen renovation?

    Setting a budget and adhering to it is the greatest method to make sure you don't overspend on a kitchen renovation. You should keep in mind that making significant alterations to the chosen design will have a negative impact on the project. You might be charged extra for making alterations when the project is in progress. You must also avoid choosing low-quality materials in an effort to cut prices. Unpleasant outcomes will result from using low-quality components.
    If you have a limited budget, think about remodelling your kitchen in stages instead of lowering the project's quality. You can finish every stage step by step without decreasing the standards and yet have a kitchen you will be proud of for years.

  • What does a typical kitchen renovation look like?

    Demolition is the first step in every kitchen remodelling project. This might include demolishing some walls or taking down wall cabinets. Demolition is done to make room for a new installation. The fixtures should be removed safely by knowledgeable workers to avoid damage and enable recycling.
    If deemed necessary, the walls will be stripped or demolished to allow for the rerouting of plumbing and electrical fittings. After that, the walls and flooring will be repaired. Before the backsplash is completed, the installation of worktops and cabinets comes first. Lastly, the appliances will be fitted, and the area cleaned.

  • Can I start working on a kitchen renovation without a design?

    Any kitchen renovation that doesn't begin with a sound design rarely turns out well. You will be able to concentrate when you have an idea of what the finished product should look like. Coming up with a design first raises the likelihood of success. You don't need to be concerned about the technical aspects when working on a kitchen design – your contractor will take care of that. You only need an idea of how you want your kitchen to look.
    Our experts will be glad to take you through the entire process of developing a professional kitchen design. We will schedule consultation appointments so that we understand your preferences. Thereafter, our design team will execute your concept. When designing your kitchen, we consider your tastes as well as aspects like kitchen functionality. We further pinpoint the qualities most important to you and implement them into your kitchen layout.
    We are pleased to hear from you and provide you with the support you require at any time. When you are prepared to begin working on your kitchen renovation in Scarborough, schedule a meeting with one of our designers. We have renovation projects that you can use as inspiration.

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