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Newmarket’s Kitchen Renovation Experts

Have you been dreaming about a seamless Toronto kitchen renovation process that yields stellar results without stress? Look no further than Easy Renovation. Do not be overwhelmed by the numerous contractors available in Newmarket – choose the one you can be sure will not make the process unbearable for you. Our renovation crew consists of designers who are technology savvy and can provide 3D rendering, installers who ensure every component fits in its place and performs accordingly, and demolishers who ensure knockdowns remain contained. Whatever you need, we will provide it.

What Makes Easy Renovation Stand Out?

Usual Kitchen Renovation Experience
  • No professional project supervision
  • Random price changes
  • No support with materials
  • No designs
  • Poor-quality services
Easy Reno Experience
  • Client- centred support
  • Written estimates upfront – same price throughout
  • Materials ordered and delivered
  • Remarkable designs
  • Top-notch services

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Why Should You Insist on A Kitchen Contractor?

The best decision you can make when planning a kitchen renovation project is to hire a contractor fit for the job. Attempting the process without professional help does not always end well and is likely to fail however much you think you are handy.

  • Every kitchen renovation in Newmarket involves various elements that require specialized expertise. You must work on different components individually to guarantee the performance of the entire kitchen space. For example, plumbing work requires different skill sets than electrical work. The same applies to painting, flooring, and demolitions. That means the chances of failing in one area are higher, which can compromise the functionality of the whole. Renovation contractors include individuals with special knowledge in every aspect. Failure is not an option for us.
  • Good contractors will find ways to build your dream kitchen within your budget. A common cost-cutting way is purchasing from suppliers instead of retailers, which is possible through industry-specific connections.

Do not postpone getting your dream kitchen for fear of possible renovation mishaps. The Easy Renovation team thrives in delivering bathroom and kitchen renovations in a stress-free manner. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Custom Kitchen Designs in Newmarket

We Provide Materials, Labour, and Fixtures to Make the Process Stress Free

Easy Renovation Changing the Misconception That Kitchen Renovations Must Be Overwhelming

We make it simpler than ever before

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Easy Renovation Process

Our Process May Be Unique, But It Is the Most Stress-Free
  • 01

    Get a free

    Get an idea of what the kitchen renovation will cost quickly and for free by sharing your interest with our consultants. You do not deserve to wait days, weeks, or months.

  • 02

    Plan your constructions
    and materials

    You do not have to know the dimensions, colour schemes, or anything technical to get the perfect design. Explain to our planners what you like in pain terms, and they will cater to the rest to make it happen. We ensure you remain comfortable throughout the discussion and provide our catalogues to assist your further.

  • 03

    Confirm the

    Design can be confusing without proper picturization. 3D rendering, which our team excels at, will keep any confusion at bay. We give you the platform to make all the changes you want, which is easier with the availability of life-like drawings.

  • 04

    Get your fixtures
    and finishes delivered

    Get the materials to your home stress-free. Why bother with retail when you can get better quality from suppliers at lower prices?

  • 05

    Let the experts
    build it

    Rest Easy knowing your project is in good hands. Special skills, decades of experience, and unwavering dedication from our team produce splendid results.

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Experts You Need for A Kitchen Renovation Project in Newmarket

The need to be in control can sometimes be intense, causing the fear that someone else cannot get the job right, even if they are professionals. However, hiring renovation professionals is the most rewarding decision you can make. Not only do we deliver exceptional services based on your needs, but we also strive to complete the task within your timeline and budget. Do not take chances with DIY when experts can guarantee your peace of mind and the highest quality in performance and visual attraction.
  • Kitchen designer:  Designers develop drawings for the new space following your descriptions and desires. Our planners focus on boosting the efficiency of every kitchen by enabling creative usage of existing areas.

  • Cabinetmakers:  Cabinetmakers are essential whether you have a big or small kitchen. Their skills can turn the most basic cabinet storage into pieces of art that transform your kitchen.

  • Electricians: Qualified electricians guarantee your safety and keep all your appliances in perfect shape. They also cater to all your lighting needs, no matter how unconventional.

  • Plumber:  The constant use of water in the kitchen means no renovation should take place without plumbers. The technicians ensure you do not experience excess moisture-related issues.

  • Tiler:  Every renovation squad must involve tilers if you want tiles on your floors or walls. The experts ensure the materials remain undamaged during their lifespan.

  • General contractor:  General contractors ensure the project does not bring your life to a standstill. They monitor the progress and quality assurance, meaning they are always on-site. You continue with your life as they bring you regular updates.

Expert Reno Services the Easy Way

Kitchen Designing

One of our qualities that has stood out is the ability to deliver unrivalled customer service. The ability to carry out any kitchen design you want, exactly how you want it is part of that service. Being in the business for over thirty years has equipped us with the skills and knowledgebase to spot the unique features that differentiate every client’s needs. We listen, ask relevant questions, understand, create a renovation plan, and execute it successfully. Hiring us increases your chances of attaining your dream – we provide all renovation services under one company.


It may be easier to control other parts of a kitchen renovation than demolition. Things can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you with more expenses you should not have to deal with. Hiring professional demolishers reduces the chances of problems arising. Moreover, you remain safe without potential liability claims if you hire a company with the right insurance coverage. You get those and more when you choose Easy Reno. Our workers take time to plan for every possibility and eventuality to keep the demolition within the desired limits. We have also invested in the best gear and tools to increase accuracy and the chances of faster completions. It is never a trial-and-error with us.

Electrical Work and Plumbing

Poor installation is the main reason you end up calling a plumber regularly. The same applies to electrical fixtures – some of your appliances or lighting fixtures can fail if the initial work is below standards. The Easy Renovation team prevents such occurrences. Our technicians understand the dos and don’ts involved with such systems and will give you lasting efficiency.

Kitchen Flooring Installations and Wall Upgrades

Our ability to work with any kitchen design style and flooring or wall material puts us in a better position to serve you. It enables us to give your kitchen the distinctive features you deserve to showcase your style. You can count on the unmatched expertise of our flooring and wall experts for splendid results.

Sink and Cabinetry Installation

Kitchen sinks, countertops, backsplashes, and cabinets can be contrasted or matched depending on the type of kitchen you want. Either way, we try to harmonize them for a cohesive feel in the kitchen. We work with your selection and tailor our installation approaches to ensure each component meets the intended purposes while looking great.

Finishing Touches

The exciting part about finalizing kitchen renovations in Newmarket is seeing the whole space come together. When all the individual aspects, like plumbing, lighting, cabinetry, and countertops, are complete, you conceive the end product with all the appliances intact. At that stage, the modifications you can make become limited, so we ensure that every preceding procedure meets the highest standards. We make it so that everything in the kitchen exudes elegance to give you the oasis you deserve. Our finished product will make you proud for many years to come.

Find A Good Contractor by Asking the Right Questions

You cannot avoid dedicating a lot of time to searching for a suitable contractor to reduce the chances of the project flopping. Many homeowners dread that process, and understandably so, because it can be daunting. However, patiently searching for a good renovation expert is better than hiring one recommended by loved ones without doing any additional background checks. Renovation needs differ, just like the level of expertise. Some contractors can deliver stellar results on small renovations and may be overwhelmed with bigger projects. Conduct the research according to your specific needs – ask relevant questions about your design idea and kitchen specifications. Watch the contractor’s demeanour, especially when you insist on getting clarifications about their abilities. Do not hire them if you are uncomfortable around them or notice a lack of transparency. Spending more time looking for a suitable contractor is better than spending a lot of money on a subpar kitchen.

10 Questions to Ask Your Contractor

  1. Which aspects of the kitchen renovation will you get from other contractors? Determine the renovation scope they can handle in-house.
  2. Do you have enough employees to complete the kitchen renovation within the set timeline? Determine the number of people who will be on your property.
  3. Are your project managers dedicated enough to oversee the kitchen renovation attentively from beginning to end, or will I have to do the supervisory work at some point?
  4. Does your renovation crew consist of demolishers, or will I cater to site preparation separately?
  5. Can you assure me that the rest of my property will be safe, or will unexpected damages add to the budget?
  6. Can you share some of your previous work with the clients’ contacts?
  7. How long have you been in the construction industry? What about the kitchen renovation sector?
  8. Can you help me save money by getting materials from suppliers directly?
  9. Will you recycle some of the old components and dispose of the rest of the rubble? Will I have to arrange for garbage collection myself?
  10. Will you outline our agreement in a written contract?

These questions are suitable for every potential renovation company, including Easy Reno. We will answer you gladly without withholding any facts. We encourage you to make an informed decision that will not turn regrettable in the future.

How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost in Newmarket?

Contrary to popular belief, paying independent contractors smaller amounts on an hourly basis is costlier. Electricians and plumbers charge around $100 for straightforward processes and more for complex fixations. Other contractors will ask for a minimum of $45 and $100 maximum hourly. The longer the project takes, the more you spend. That cannot happen with a renovation company that provides all the services in-house. You spend a wholesome figure for every part of the kitchen renovation, be it labour, materials, and finishing components. That makes it easier to budget for the project and provides assurances about the completion timeline. Companies also put their reputations on the line and will strive for excellence. Most, like Easy Renovation, also care about helping you save money and will introduce you to suppliers that can make that happen without reducing material quality.

Getting turnkey services from renovators is the best option. You can spend around $12,000 on the lower side and $40,000 on the higher side, depending on your style, the duration the project will take, and the materials you want us to use for the remodelling. The breakdown of the price is usually available on the quotation.

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Common Questions
If you Have Questions, We Provide the Answers
  • Should I prepare, or do you handle everything professionally?

    Our professionalism in kitchen renovation is unmatched in the region. However, you can handle aspects like getting design ideas and choosing appliances. Hiring a reputable contractor is also critical in ensuring you get your dream kitchen.

  • How long should I expect the remodelling work to last?

    Easy Renovation takes an average of three weeks for kitchen renovations. However, several factors, like availability of funds, materials, and simplicity of the design, can cause alterations to that timeline. The best approach is to contact us with the specific requirements. We will provide a more reliable timeline after we draft the renovation plan, design, and execution process.

  • What happens when a client does not have designs?

    We still work with you to give your kitchen the transformation it deserves. Our ability to distinguish needs and create designs based on specific preferences sets us apart and enables us to provide impressive services in Newmarket. Whether or not you have a clear and detailed vision of the new kitchen look, our team will surpass your expectations.

  • How do I start kitchen renovation in Newmarket?

    You do not have to worry about the entire renovation process – we will guide you through it after you share the upgrades you want. Contact us to schedule an appointment that includes visiting the house to measure and familiarize ourselves with the existing layout. We also give quotations quickly, as soon as we understand your requirements. Our discussions will include measuring the kitchen space, creating a design for the new kitchen, and determining the best approaches for immeasurable results.

  • What is the average kitchen renovation ROI in Newmarket?

    According to some studies, kitchen renovations in Newmarket can bring 75% – 100% returns. However, the chances of getting your money back will depend on the service you get. A reputable team that understands the value attached to kitchen renovations will bring you more benefits and ensure you maximize the returns.

  • Is wood flooring in the kitchen worthwhile?

    Installing wood in the kitchen may be tempting, but you must remember that it does not last long in areas with high moisture content or traffic, like the kitchen. Placing it on the kitchen floors can cause it to lose its visual appeal quickly, leaving you planning another costly renovation. Numerous flooring materials are available – you can pick a better option that does not require too much maintenance and still looks great. You can leave wood for other rooms in the house.

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