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    Design Consultation

    Our kitchen renovation experts will visit your King City home, assisting you in planning your layout and selecting the perfect fixtures and finishes from our extensive range.

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    Review Budget
    and Project Scope

    We provide a detailed scope of work, a bespoke design concept, and a transparent budget, including a comprehensive breakdown of fixtures.

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    Finalise Your Dream
    Kitchen Design

    You’ll receive a thorough blueprint and a 3D model of your new kitchen in King City, complete with a full list of materials required for your dream space.

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    Expert Construction

    Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Rely on our experienced team, with over 30 years in the kitchen renovation industry, to transform your space.

King City’s Kitchen Renovation Specialists

Seeking kitchen renovation in King City? The myriad choices can be overwhelming. Easy Renovation simplifies this with both virtual and in-person consultations, precise measurements, and a curated selection of materials and finishes. Our design team will craft your ideal kitchen, while our skilled installers ensure top-quality installation.

Why Opt for Easy Renovation?

Typical Renovation Issues
  • Management woes
  • Price ambiguity
  • Material burdens
  • Limited design
  • Inexpert labour
Easy Renovation Approach
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  • Delivered materials
  • Design expertise
  • Trusted professionals

Welcome to the Effortless Kitchen Renovation Journey in King City

The Importance of Hiring a Kitchen Contractor

Ready to transform your kitchen in King City? Seeking a bespoke design that reflects your personality and complements your home? Easy Reno is your go-to. Our team specialises in kitchen and bathroom renovations, ensuring a smooth process. We’re here to address all your queries, guaranteeing satisfaction with your investment.

Considering a DIY approach for your kitchen remodel? Remember, renovating a kitchen involves complex tasks. Home renovation requires handling plumbing, electrical systems, tiling, and flooring – tasks that demand professional skills. Choosing the right materials is crucial too. A proficient kitchen contractor in King City will provide guidance tailored to your budget and preferences, helping you select durable, high-quality materials. With expert advice, you’re assured of a result that combines longevity and style.

Effortless Custom Kitchens in King City

Experience a hassle-free kitchen renovation journey; inclusive of all fixtures, materials, and expert labour.

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Kitchen Renovations Simplified in King City

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For Your Kitchen Remodel, Various Specialists Are Essential

Having a kitchen remodelling expert from our renovation company ensures your project is expertly managed. Our professionals handle every detail, ensuring the final outcome aligns with your vision. At Easy Reno, we aim to provide comprehensive services, meaning we collaborate with you to establish a budget and preferences that realise your dream kitchen, balancing design and functionality.
  • Kitchen designer:  This expert will maximise your space, crafting a kitchen that’s both functional and stylish, fitting your lifestyle and needs. Perfect for families looking to create a modern, functional space for life and entertainment.


  • Cabinetmaker:  Specialising in kitchen cabinets and storage solutions, our cabinetmaker tailors elements like drawers, hardware, and racks to your kitchen’s design, ideal for both kitchen and bathroom renovations.

  • Electrician:  Our electrician ensures all electrical aspects, including kitchen lighting and power outlets, are prepared for new appliances, essential in modern kitchen and bathroom renovations.

  • Plumber:  A licensed plumber instals kitchen sinks, faucets, taps, and ensures connections for appliances, crucial in both kitchen and bathroom renovations, especially for homes undergoing a complete home renovation project.

  • Tiler:  This professional meticulously handles tiling for backsplashes and flooring, a key aspect in creating a dream bathroom or kitchen.

  • General contractor:  Overseeing the entire renovation project, the general contractor coordinates all specialists, saving you time and hassle in your home renovation journey, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, or basement renovation.

Renovation Services for Your Dream Kitchen by Easy Reno

Easy Reno, a renowned kitchen company, offers comprehensive kitchen remodelling services in Toronto.

This includes:

— Kitchen design services

Whether your dream kitchen is simple or complex, our team excels in creating designs that meet your unique needs. Our expert designers specialise in crafting spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for a growing family or entertaining guests. We ensure every room in your house, from the kitchen to bathrooms, reflects your lifestyle.

— Demolition projects

Thinking of DIY demolition? It might seem cost-effective but can lead to serious injuries and damage to essential plumbing and electrical systems. Our skilled team handles demolition safely, preventing costly mistakes and ensuring no liability issues for our clients.

— Plumbing and electrical work

Essential in both kitchen and bathroom renovation projects, our professionals manage all plumbing and electrical tasks with precision, preparing your space for the transformation ahead.

— Installation of Flooring and Wall Upgrades

After initial construction, our team will install your chosen flooring and upgrade walls, setting the stage for the new kitchen. This step is crucial in creating a modern, inviting space.

— Sink and Cabinet Installation

The installation of kitchen sinks, cabinets, backsplashes, and countertops is a critical phase. These elements are key in determining the overall look of your kitchen. We select each component in line with your design plan, ensuring your renovation project meets your expectations.

— Finishing touches

In the final stage, we add lighting fixtures, moulding, and other fittings to complete your kitchen’s unique design.

At every stage of the renovation process, careful planning is essential. Easy Reno collaborates with clients to finalise materials and budget, ensuring each renovation project, be it a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, or even a basement renovation, is tailored to your desires. Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction in home renovations means saving you both time and money, ultimately enhancing your life and home.

How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in King City?

The cost of a kitchen renovation service can vary widely, depending on several factors. When you engage a kitchen contractor, the labour cost is influenced by their expertise and the project’s scope. Kitchen remodelling professionals typically charge between $45 to $100 per hour. For more intricate tasks, plumbers and electricians might have rates exceeding $100 per hour.
Opting for a contractor offering comprehensive services means you pay a fixed fee for all labour, a practical choice for a full-scale kitchen renovation. This approach is cost-effective, ensuring work is completed by highly skilled contractors. These contractors, often part of a larger renovation company, can secure the best materials at lower prices due to their network and discounts with suppliers.

For a complete kitchen renovation in Toronto, budgeting between $12,000 and $40,000 is advisable. This estimate varies based on your kitchen’s size, the materials chosen, and the contractor you select. Such a renovation not only transforms your kitchen but can also enhance the overall modern appeal of your house, including updates to areas like countertops and baths as part of the broader home renovation.

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