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Simplifying Kitchen Renovation in Georgetown

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    In-Home Design

    Our Georgetown kitchen designer will assist you in planning your layout and choosing fixtures and finishes from our extensive selection.

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    Budget and
    Project Scope

    We provide a detailed scope of work, a tailored design concept, and an estimated budget, complete with a breakdown of all fixtures.

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    You’ll receive a comprehensive blueprint and a 3D model of your envisioned kitchen, along with a full materials list.

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    Emphasizing quality, our seasoned professionals, with over 30 years of experience, bring your Georgetown kitchen renovation to life.

Georgetown's Kitchen Renovation Specialists

Seeking a kitchen renovation in Georgetown? With numerous options available, finding the right one can be challenging. Easy Renovation simplifies this process with both virtual and in-showroom consultations, precise measurements, and personalized selection of materials and finishes. Our skilled design team will craft your new kitchen, ensuring every installation meets the highest standards.

Why Opt for Easy Renovation?

Typical Renovation Challenges
  • Management issues
  • Unclear pricing
  • Material hassles
  • Limited design
  • Inexperienced labour
Easy Renovation Advantages
  • Full customer support
  • Transparent proposals
  • Delivered materials
  • Expert design assistance
  • Trusted professional team

Embrace the Easy Kitchen Renovation Process in Georgetown

Why Opt for a Professional Kitchen Contractor?

Planning a kitchen remodel in Georgetown, Ontario? Looking for a custom design that enhances your space and reflects your style? Choose Easy Reno. Our team expertly manages kitchen and bathroom renovations, ensuring a smooth process. We address all your queries, ensuring you’re delighted with the outcome.

DIY vs. Professional Kitchen Remodeling: Considering a DIY approach? Remember, kitchen remodeling involves complex tasks like plumbing, electrical work, and installing solid wood kitchen cabinets or granite countertops. Our Georgetown kitchen renovation company provides expert guidance, helping you choose quality materials that last.

Our Services: We specialize in kitchen remodels, from kitchen refacing with durable materials to installing custom cabinetry and porcelain tiles. We focus on creating a functional, aesthetically appealing kitchen that suits your family’s lifestyle.

In Georgetown, we handle every aspect of your renovation, ensuring your new kitchen or bathroom is everything you’ve dreamed of. Contact us to start your kitchen transformation journey.

Effortless Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Experience a hassle-free kitchen renovation in Georgetown. What types of kitchen cabinet layouts will you choose?

Streamlining Kitchen Renovations
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Navigating the Kitchen Remodel Process in Georgetown

With a kitchen remodelling expert by your side, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your project is in good hands. A professional will take care of every detail and ensure the ultimate result is exactly how you had envisioned it. At Easy Reno, our goal is to deliver turnkey services which simply means that we work with you to decide on the budget, needs, and desires that will deliver your dream kitchen in terms of design and functionality.
  • Kitchen designer:  Our Georgetown kitchen designer plays an integral part in maximising your kitchen space. They ensure your kitchen layout suits your family’s lifestyle and needs, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing area.


  • Cabinetmaker:  Specialising in custom cabinetry, our cabinetmaker tailors storage solutions to your kitchen design. From selecting the right wood to choosing doors in different colours, they ensure every cabinet is a perfect fit.

  • Electrician:  Our electrician handles all electrical aspects, including kitchen lighting and power outlets, essential for the functionality of your appliances.

  • Plumber:  A licensed plumber is crucial for installing sinks and ensuring all faucets and taps are properly connected, a key component of both kitchen and bathroom renovations.

  • Tiler:  The tiler’s job is to precisely install backsplashes and flooring, using tiles that complement the overall design of your Georgetown kitchen.

  • General contractor:  Overseeing the entire process, our general contractor coordinates all specialists, ensuring a seamless renovation experience. They manage the project from start to finish, including kitchen refacing and installing granite countertops.

Comprehensive Dream Kitchen Renovation Services by Easy Reno in Georgetown

Easy Reno offers a full suite of kitchen remodelling services in Georgetown, ensuring every aspect of your renovation is meticulously handled.

Our services include:

— Kitchen Design Services

Our team of expert kitchen designers specialises in creating spaces that reflect your family’s needs and style. We take the time to understand your vision, ensuring your Georgetown kitchen renovation is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

— Demolition Projects

Demolition is handled by our professionals to prevent damage to your house. We ensure safety and efficiency, avoiding costly mistakes.

— Plumbing and Electrical Work

Essential in kitchen renovations, our experts ensure all plumbing and electrical work, including sink and appliance installations, is done correctly.

— Installation of Flooring and Wall Upgrades

We install quality flooring and wall tiles, focusing on creating a cohesive look that complements your kitchen’s overall design.

— Sink and Cabinet Installation

Our team instals sinks, backsplashes, and cabinets with precision. Whether it’s solid wood cabinets or custom cabinetry, we ensure they enhance your kitchen space.

— Finishing touches

The final stage includes installing countertops, doors, and other fixtures, bringing your dream kitchen in Georgetown to life.

Planning Your Kitchen Renovation

At Easy Reno, we work with you to finalise the materials and budget, ensuring a smooth renovation process. Our goal is to create a functional and beautiful kitchen that adds value to your home.

Questions to Ask Your Kitchen Contractor

When hiring a contractor, it’s crucial to ask:

  1. Do you offer all-inclusive services?
  2. How many employees will work on my project?
  3. Who supervises the renovation?
  4. How do you protect my property during work?
  5. Can I see examples of your past projects?
  6. How long have you been in business?
  7. Can you recommend quality material suppliers?
  8. Do you handle debris removal?
  9. Will you provide a detailed, official quote?

Choosing Easy Reno means selecting a team that’s been thoroughly vetted for their skills and reliability in Georgetown. We invite you to explore our services and contact us for your kitchen and bathroom renovation needs. Let us transform your space into a place where your family loves to spend time.

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Common Questions

You have questions – we have answers.
  • What is the average cost of a kitchen renovation in Canada?

    The average cost varies widely, typically ranging from $25,000 to $50,000, depending on factors like the size of the kitchen, quality of materials, and extent of the remodel.

  • What is the most expensive cost in a kitchen remodel?

    Typically, kitchen cabinets are the most expensive part, often accounting for a significant portion of the budget. Other major costs can include high-quality countertops and appliances.

  • How do you approach a complete kitchen renovation project?

    We start with a detailed consultation to understand your needs and preferences. Then, we plan the layout, select materials, and design the space. Our team coordinates all aspects, from demolition to installation, ensuring a cohesive and functional kitchen design.

  • How do you manage the construction phase to ensure timely completion of the renovation job?

    We use a project management approach, scheduling tasks efficiently and monitoring progress closely. Regular communication with all team members and clients helps us stay on track and address any issues promptly.

  • Can you guide us through choosing the right appliances for our renovated kitchen?

    Absolutely. We consider factors like your kitchen’s layout, your cooking habits, and energy efficiency. We’ll recommend appliances that complement your kitchen’s design and meet your functional needs, ensuring they integrate seamlessly with your new space.

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