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Even with a clear picture of what you want your kitchen to look like, getting the best service provider to make it a reality can be challenging. Numerous contractors deal with kitchen renovation in Burlington, but your best option is Easy Reno. Our step-by-step process easily stands out and enables us to deliver first-class results. You can start by going through our showroom before setting up a consultation. We follow strict renovation guidelines and will help you with material selection.

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Enjoy a stress-free kitchen renovation with our unique build process.
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    Our project manager will meet with you to learn more about your project and create a custom proposal outlining of work and transparent pricing.

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    Receive a scope of work, design concept, and an estimated budget with a fixtures breakdown.

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    After your space is measured, our designer creates your dream space. Select from existing design catalogues or custom design your space.

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    Get your project built by professionals who will make your dream into reality, staying on schedule and on budget so your renovation is stress-free.

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Why Hire A Kitchen Contractor in Burlington?

Kitchen renovation should not be done as a DIY project unless you have the tools and experience as a contractor. The job entails a long process that requires a high level of expertise and can cost a significant amount of money. Some of the phases you will have to complete include plumbing, flooring, tiling, and electrical fixtures installation. Failure to do any of them professionally can compromise the entire renovation. Such ventures also require quality materials that a qualified renovator can help you select. Experts can choose durable supplies that suit your style preference and budget.

Our kitchen contractors are specialists in the industry. That means we can make the renovation process stress-free and work fast to minimise the inconvenience you have to go through because of the construction. We customise every kitchen design – a process that begins with gathering all details and understanding your vision.

If you are worried about kitchen renovation cost Burlington, don’t be. We have the most competitive rates in the region. Our designers will craft several design options at different prices to ensure you get the most fitting one for your budget.

Kitchen Designs Types

Enjoy a stress-free kitchen renovation with our unique build process.

Kitchen Renovations Don’t Have To Be Overwhelming Anymore

We can make the process of kitchen renovation ‘Easy’.

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Type Of Experts You Will Need For A Kitchen Remodeling

The main advantage of working with an expert when starting kitchen remodelling in Burlington is knowing the job will be done to perfection to give you your money’s worth. A professional will understand our needs first and note the tiniest details to make your kitchen different from others. When you hire Easy Reno, you get a team keen on delivering a kitchen that matches your exact vision. We will give you advice and be present for consultative purposes, but you must choose the budget and materials.
  • Tiling experts – If you want tiles on your kitchen floor or the backsplash, an experienced tiler must be available to do the installation.

  • Cabinet makers – The cabinets you choose should match the kitchen design. The cabinet maker ensures the styles blend and the fixtures such as drawers, racks, knobs, and other hardware match your preferred kitchen style.

  • Plumbers – Sinks, taps, and faucets are crucial fixtures in every kitchen, meaning you need a functional plumbing system. Plumbers will also ensure other systems like the fridge dispenser work effectively.

  • Designers – Kitchen designers will help you choose a layout that suits the available space. They also ensure you capitalise on that space, including the corners. Their role guarantees optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

  • General contractors – General kitchen contractors Burlington are usually in charge of the overall project. They promote cohesion among the various experts, ensuring they all work together to complete the job on time.

  • Electricians – All the electrical fixtures in the kitchen, such as lighting and power outlets, require an electrician for them to function well.

Kitchen Renovation Services in Burlington ‘Easy’ Offers You

Easy Reno offers a wide range of kitchen remodelling services.

They include:

— Kitchen design services

Every person has a different dream of what the kitchen should be. We understand that, and that is why we endeavour to provide multiple design options for our clients. Our designers have been in the industry for years and have garnered the necessary skills to make every model unique. We never outsource designs or ask our clients to come with their own, but you can share your ideas. The services are available in-house from our trusted and capable team.

— Demolition projects

Most people think that demolition is a simple step that involves knocking down walls, but that is not the case. The process requires a meticulous approach that prevents injuries or damage to other fixtures such as electrical components. We have an expert team that handles such work and ensures that your plumbing pipes remain untouched. We have invested in the best equipment and training to guarantee safety. We practice extreme caution to avoid damaging other elements. As a result, we do not add to the costs. Easy Reno also has insurance covers for all the workers, meaning you will not be liable if anything goes wrong.

— Plumbing and electrical work

The plumbing and electrical systems in the kitchen must function optimally and safely for the utility to remain efficient. Our experienced team will keep you from incurring regular repair costs by following correct installation protocols. We care about your experience and will ensure you enjoy the convenience of fully-functional plumbing pipes and electrical fixtures.

— Installing kitchen flowing and upgrading the walls

Our services also include flooring, which comes after roughing is complete. We also close the walls after that and add finishing touches like painting. We will put up your preferred flooring choice and complete any other necessary steps before installing the kitchen appliances and other accessories you may want. Our job is to make the space practical and beautiful.

— Installing the sink and cabinets

Cabinets and sinks also count as essential fixtures in a kitchen – they determine a kitchen’s efficiency. That is why installing them properly is crucial.  We will exceed your expectations as we put them in place, then add the countertops and backsplashes. We take all the renovation elements seriously, from selection to installation, because we know they determine the final appearance of the kitchen.

— Finishing touches

The finishing comes after most of the renovation work is finished. It involves several aspects such as lighting fixtures installations, adding moulding, and accessorising the space however you want us to. The final stage contributes significantly to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen, which is why you should pick the finishing elements carefully. They can make the space unique and add your personal touch.

Like every other renovation stage, adding finishing touches requires extensive planning. The Easy Reno team will ensure that it does not become a problem because we work out the details before starting the work. We try to save time and money by not ignoring the planning.

Top questions to ask a kitchen contractor

Asking the renovation contractor you want to hire the correct questions can save you a lot of stress and money. It ensures you get the best fit for the job and the exact kitchen you envision. The questions you ask should help you understand the capabilities and limits of the contractor regardless of whether they were referred by a relative or friend.

Find out if they have the necessary licences or insurance covers and whether they only provide general services or specialised ones. Their experience with kitchen remodelling in Burlington also matters because it shows you whether they have what it takes to meet your requirements. The kind of contract they are willing to give, their willingness to work within your budget, how they handle adjustments during the renovation, and communication channels are also crucial.

It is better to prepare the questions beforehand and pay close attention to the answers from the contractor during the interview. A vague service provider who does not give in-depth answers will most likely disappoint you.

 10 questions you must ask kitchen renovation contractors before hiring them

  1. Do you have insurance covers for the employees, and do they have licences?
  2. Do you issue written contracts, and how do you handle changes from the client after renovation starts?
  3. How long have you been doing kitchen renovations, and can you show me some samples?
  4. How do you infuse technology into your processes?
  5. What is the communication protocol – is there a contact person like a project manager?
  6. How long do you need to complete the job?
  7. How many people will you send over?
  8. Do you subcontract any of the services?
  9. Who are your suppliers, or can I buy the materials?
  10. Do you give quotes?

How much does a kitchen renovation in Burlington cost?

Kitchen renovation services cost different amounts of money according to the location, the service provider, and the magnitude of the work. That is why it is best to determine the estimated cost before setting a budget.

In most regions, a renovation contractor that has been in the business for a long time will charge more than contractors with less experience. The average rate per hour ranges between $45 and $100 per hour. Some specialists like electricians or plumbers may ask for more than $100 if the job is too complicated.

The best option is to hire a renovation company that offers inclusive services instead of dealing with individual workers. They charge standard costs, which will end up being lower than what you would pay if working with various contractors. They also manage the entire project and will update you on the progress. Signing a contract with wholesome services also increases your chances of spending less on renovation materials. They may use suppliers they have worked with in the past, thereby giving you some undisputable discounts. The standard fee may range between $12,000 and $40,000 depending on the amount of work the job requires and the materials.

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Common Questions

You have questions – we have answers.
  • What Can I Do to Plan for a Kitchen Renovation?

    Planning a kitchen renovation comprises several factors, starting with design selection. Therefore, you can begin by searching for inspiration from available resources such as magazines, online platforms, or renovation companies. Forge a clear mental picture of what you want your new kitchen to look like and try to make the visualisation as detailed as possible.
    If you approach a contractor without knowing what you want, they will take longer to create the best designs. Narrowing down your options by identifying elements you are willing to compromise will speed up the consultation process. After agreeing on the deliverables, you can remove all your personal items from the renovation area as you wait for the workers to arrive.

  • Will remodelling a kitchen add value to my home?

    Kitchen renovations add value to every property, but there is an ongoing debate about the quantity or value it brings. Like other home improvement projects, remodelling your kitchen can increase its usability and make it more convenient. It also makes it more aesthetically pleasing. However, you are unlikely to enjoy the returns on your investment soon after completing the renovation. You may only get the monetary benefits when you sell the property. Even then, it may not bring back all the money you spent on the renovation. However, you can still enjoy the perks of having a more efficient kitchen.

  • How can I cut costs on a kitchen renovation?

    Setting a budget and sticking to it throughout the renovation is always the best way of ensuring you do not spend more than you can afford. However, as you think of other methods of reducing costs, it is critical to remember that making drastic changes will have a negative effect on the project. That is why you should not change the materials in a bid to save money. Low-quality products will result in an unpleasant kitchen that may need repairs soon after completion.
    Instead of reducing the job quality, consider doing the renovation in bits. By reducing the number of products, you can complete each phase without lowering the standards and get a kitchen you can be proud of for many years.

  • What does a kitchen renovation process look like?

    Every renovation process begins with demolitions. Whether it involves knocking down walls or removing cabinets, you must clear the area for the new installations. In most cases, contractors remove the fixtures methodically to avoid damaging them if you want to recycle.
    The next step is stripping the walls or removing them if the job entails that. We will reroute the electrical and plumbing fixtures, fix the walls, and work on the floors.
    The next process will be installing the cabinets and countertops before working on the backsplash. We will then put your appliances in place and clean the area after finishing.

  • Should I design my new kitchen before I contact a kitchen renovation contractor?

    Starting a kitchen renovation without a proper design never yields successful results. Having a vision of the final product gives you something to focus on, thereby increasing your chances of achieving your goals. You do not have to worry about the professional blueprint when thinking about the design. You only need to envision the transformation you would like.
    Our team will walk you through the creation of the expert design. We have a consultation meeting where we ensure we understand your exact preferences. With our experience and design skills, turning your dream into a reality will not be a problem. Apart from your likes, we also consider other factors, such as the kitchen functionality, when crafting the plan. We identify the features you need most then include them in the design, whether storage or counter space. You can set up a meeting with one of our designers whenever you are ready to start the renovation process. If you need inspiration, check out some of our previous work.

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