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Contrary to popular belief, finding a good renovation contractor in Brampton is the most challenging part when planning kitchen upgrades. You must narrow down the suitable contenders from the numerous options available in the region and confirm that they can fulfill your renovation requirements, a tasking and sometimes frustrating process. Easy Reno is here to eliminate all the hardships associated with kitchen renovation Toronto. We have a dedicated and diverse team that enables us to take measurements, complete installations, design, select materials, and conduct in-person or virtual consultations worry-free.

What Makes Easy Reno Different?

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  • Management issues
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Why Put much effort into Finding a Kitchen Renovation Contractor?

A complete kitchen renovation involves several intricacies, including plumbing and electrical unit installations that require special skills. That shows that the process is more complex than most people think. That is why hiring professionals is vital. Experts know how to deal with every renovation component effectively to save time and money. In most cases, professionals take preemptive actions to mitigate potential problems before they manifest to maintain the schedule, budget, and scope. Their skills and experience can also keep you from choosing materials that wear off sooner or need too much maintenance. Do not underestimate the reassurance that comes with knowing everything is on track and is done according to the highest quality standards – that is what professional contractors provide.

Easy Reno goes a step further to make Brampton kitchen renovations simpler. We are passionate about making remodelling processes as stress-free as possible. Our pride comes from meeting each client’s distinctive needs. We answer all your questions factually without reservations. With us, you get what you pay for without any stress.

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How it Works

Let Go of Renovation Hassles by Hiring Easy Reno
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    Get a free

    Why wait when you can get a kitchen renovation estimate within hours? The best part, it is complimentary. Share your ideas with us, and our project consultant will handle the rest.

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    Planning construction
    and materials

    We will assign you a planner to iron out the design concept. Expect stellar results whether you utilize our predesigned packages or choose to customize one from scratch.

  • 03

    Confirm the

    The design determines whether you get your dream kitchen or not, which is why we dedicate a team that can ascertain your preferences. We use 3D rendering that eliminates any possible confusion by showing you the exact upcoming kitchen.

  • 04

    Get your fixtures
    and finishes

    Experience the price difference between buying directly from a supplier and using a retailer. Our procurement crew will ensure you meet honourable suppliers whom we are sure can guarantee cost efficiency and good quality.

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    Experts start

    The construction, installation, and fixations begin once everything is in place. Be assured of seamless processes, guaranteed by the adeptness of our team.

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Experts You Must Hire for Your Kitchen Renovation in Brampton

The desire to be involved in every renovation process should never replace the need for professionals. You should hire remodelling experts that include you by adopting your specifications and involve your input throughout. Experts reduce the chances of the kitchen renovation going wrong, which keeps the schedule and budget on track and ensures you get the exact kitchen space you imagined. Easy Reno strives for excellence every time we handle renovation projects. Your needs take center stage in our processes, enabling the construction of fully- functional kitchens that are also sophisticated.
  • Electricians:  An electrician will complete the job efficiently whether you want a pendant or under-the-cabinet lighting. They also ensure that power outlets are sufficient to accommodate the appliances you intend to use.

  • Cabinetmakers:  These professionals keep up with the changing storage trends and provide the most versatile and trendy options. Their expertise contributes to the overall outcome of the kitchen. However unique your needs are, our cabinetmakers will provide suitable solutions.

  • Plumber:  Running water is fundamental to every kitchen, and so are plumbers. These technicians ensure you get the correct water flow pressure through the taps and faucets. Licensed individuals will prevent common plumbing system problems and guarantee peace of mind.

  • General contractors:  Experienced general contractors know how to unify the entire team to ensure the individual areas of specialization create a seamless flow. You can rely on reputable contractors to keep all the other experts in check.

  • Kitchen designer:  Good kitchen renovation designers can transform your vision into a reality you can be proud of for many years. They plan the usability of every space accordingly to make the kitchen suitable for current and future needs.

  • Tilers:  Tiles must be cut and laid out precisely on the floors or walls to guarantee their longevity and prevent damage. Tilers handle that.

Renovation Services from Easy Reno

We Provide a Variety of Turnkey Services in Brampton

Kitchen Designs

The design process is crucial to us – nothing, not even demolitions, can take place before the design process is complete and you sign off on it. That is why we never outsource design services. The Easy Renovation design crew understands the importance of their expertise in our successes and your satisfaction. They are well-versed with different trends, from traditional to contemporary, and are highly dexterous to ensure every client gets their unique desires.

Demolition Projects

Obliterating structures requires the same precision and knowledgeable approach as design or installations. Contrary to popular belief, hiring a non-qualified professional to start knocking down walls without a proper plan or professional guidance is not a cost-saving option. A lot can go wrong with the tearing down, leaving you with additional costs and extending the initial project timeline. You can eradicate the possibility of problems arising with our professionals. We not only have the latest and most effective tools and equipment, but we also possess years of experience that enable us to anticipate potential issues to prevent them. Our liability insurance also adds to your peace of mind – no liability claims in case of an accident.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

Plumbing and electrical components require strategic placements and connections to function seamlessly and optimally. All the plumbing pipes must accommodate your needs, and the electrical pieces, like the power outlets, should leave room for possible future additions. Our team takes all prospects into account when handling plumbing and electrical installations.

Flooring and Wall Installation and Upgrades

Our team also excels at fixing torn-down walls and floors. Whatever material you choose for your walls and floors, whether natural stone, ceramic tiles, or wood, our team will handle the job perfectly. We work with your layout style to maintain aesthetic appeal from any angle in the kitchen.

Cabinetry and Sink Installations

Cabinets and sinks are not hidden kitchen fixtures – they are attention-grabbing, the first elements people notice when they walk into the kitchen. They are also purposeful and must have the capacity to serve their respective roles. We find the perfect balance between their aesthetics and functionality. We stick with your selections and ensure the installation highlights all the best attributes.

Finishing Touches

The final stage is about tying all the loose ends and confirming that the kitchen is as functional as it should be. It also involves adding all the decorative components that contribute to the overall beauty. We will connect the waterpipes, bulbs and accent lights, appliances, and any other feature you want in the kitchen. Your involvement throughout the renovation process matters to us, and this final stage will not be different. We will use the same materials you picked during the design stage to keep the job within the budget as we finalize the remodelling and bring the new kitchen to life.

Questions For a Potential Kitchen Contractor in Brampton

Homeowners who have done their due diligence before hiring a renovation contractor have never regretted doing so, and for a good reason. Proper research shows you the capabilities of the potential renovation partner, meaning you make an informed decision to hire them. You can then manage your expectations based on your interaction with them, contrary to relying on referrals from friends and family only. Remember, contractors have different levels of expertise according to their areas of specialization. That may differentiate the renovation scope they can handle comfortably or expertly, with some capable of working on complex projects and others on simpler projects.

Interviewing the contractors before giving them the contract is mandatory, which is why you need the right questions. Arrange an in-person session that allows you to read their facial expressions and body language. Trust your instincts. Let go of any contractor providing evasive answers and probe for clarity when necessary. A dishonest renovation contractor in Brampton can cost you a lot of time and resources without delivering satisfactory results.

10 Questions to Guide You When Interviewing Your Contractor

  1. Will you work with other contractors on the project? Find out if they outsource some specialists like electricians or plumbers. Inclusive in-house services are always better.
  2. What is the approximate number of workers you will send to my property?
  3. Will a representative from your company be in charge of the project? How do they handle changes the client wants mid-project?
  4. Do your inclusive services include site preparation? Find out if you will be required to hire separate demolishers.
  5. What cautionary measures do you put in place to limit the construction of the kitchen area? The answer will show whether the contractor can protect your property from unnecessary damage.
  6. Are you conversant with the kitchen design I want? Can I contact some of your previous clients to confirm that?
  7. How long have you been dealing with kitchen renovations specifically?
  8. Can your procurement officers assist in acquiring renovation materials from suppliers instead of dealing with retailers?
  9. Will you arrange for waste disposal? Do renovations result in much debris that you must dispose of correctly?
  10. Do you prefer word-of-mouth or written agreements? What about estimates – do you consider them obligatory?

Easy Renovation does not shy from answering all the above questions and any others you might have. We pride ourselves in transparency, which starts with double-checking the qualifications of our team members to ensure they can deliver exceptionally.

What is the Kitchen Renovation Cost in Brampton?

The approach you take when hiring contractors determines the amount you spend on a kitchen renovation. You will pay more if you hire multiple contractors for different phases of the remodel instead of hiring one company to cater to the project from beginning to end. Some experts charge hourly rates when hired independently, but a company will quote a single figure, which you pay once. For instance, plumbers and electricians can charge around $100 per hour or more if the job is too complex. Some contractors will charge between $45 and $100. That option also limits your control over the renovation pace – some workers may drag the job to get more payment. The scenario differs with a company delivering exclusive services. Once you agree on the terms and schedule, the company will ensure timely completion, which is a significant advantage when renovating the whole kitchen. You may even get assistance with materials to increase your savings.

Despite all that, you need at least $12000 for a complete kitchen remodel. The amount can also be as high as $40,000, according to the scope, fixtures, and labour.

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Common Questions
Lingering questions? Find answers from us
  • What do experts say about wood flooring in the kitchen?

    Wood flooring is not the best option because of its vulnerability to exposure to excess moisture and high traffic. You can try other materials that have better durability under the conditions in the kitchen. We will explore all the alternatives to ensure you get a lasting option.

  • Can you work with my designs?

    Yes. We can give you an exceptional kitchen whether you have designs or not. Our clients can find design inspirations from other sources like online platforms, but we also allow the use of our catalogues for the same purpose. Our design team will work with you regardless.

  • How long before the construction is over?

    Kitchen renovations differ, which is why some companies shy from providing timelines. However, we take an average build period of 3 weeks. It could be less, depending on the exact upgrades you want. Please note that we provide comprehensive and detailed schedules after discussing the project with our clients. Knowing the kitchen design and materials you prefer, your availability and readiness to begin the task, and the project scope puts us in a better place to issue accurate period estimations.

  • Will my level of preparation make a difference in the renovation process?

    The new kitchen should be a manifestation of your vision. That means you need design ideas, including the type of appliances you want, prior to searching for a contractor. Our team can work with your clear descriptions to build a great kitchen. However, we can also work with you without design ideas.

  • Which is the first step in a kitchen renovation?

    A reliable contractor to take you through the rest of the process systematically. You can contact us, after which we will schedule an appointment and visit the property to determine the kitchen size and get a clearer picture of the changes you want to make to the layout. We then draw the plan with your guidance and discuss the fixtures and materials you would like us to use. We start the actual building soon after finalizing the agreement.

  • Is it true that kitchen renovations in Brampton produce good ROIs?

    Kitchen renovations may be expensive, but their value and returns make them worthwhile endeavours. You only need an experienced team you can rely on to complete every renovation phase with the same level of high standards. Low craftsmanship skills can compromise the returns, but a high level of expertise can give you at least 75% or 100% returns.

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