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A Dependable Kitchen Renovation Team

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Bradford’s Kitchen Renovation Professionals

When you need expert kitchen renovation in Toronto, we’ve got you covered. We know that you will be spoilt for choice when searching for a service provider. We offer virtual and in-house consultations to help you make the best choice. Our experts are happy to take all the measurements of your space and help you make the best decision on materials, finishes and new appliances throughout. We create a 3D render with all your specifications to ensure we understand what you need. Upon your approval, we will use an in-house team to install everything and ensure the highest quality standards are met.

Why Work with Us?

Other Companies
  • Countless management problems
  • Hidden charges and unexplained price changes
  • Problems ordering materials and getting them delivered
  • Poor or no design
  • Outsourced or unqualified labour
Easy Renovation
  • Devoted support from start-to-finish
  • Our prices are transparent and upfront
  • We order the needed materials and deliver them on time
  • 3D visualisation before starting
  • We only work with certified in-house contractors

Our Process

We offer a tailored process that guarantees a stress-free kitchen renovation experience.
  • 01

    You Request
    An Estimate

    The first step is for you to make contact with us. Our project consultants will assess your preferences and provide an initial estimate within minutes.

  • 02

    Planning The

    Our team creates a custom kitchen design with all your preferred fixtures and finishes. We have a large catalogue for you to pick from.

  • 03


    The 3D rendering of the custom design helps us make sure we understand your exact preferences and also gives you a chance to improve the design.

  • 04

    Delivery Of

    Our working relationship with leading renowned suppliers helps us offer our clients the best prices on high-quality required materials.

  • 05

    Bring Your
    Vision To Life

    Meeting and exceeding the needs of clients is paramount to us. That is why we only use an in-house team of dedicated contractors

At Easy Reno We Use the Finest Kitchen Renovation Process

Why You Need To Hire Our Team

Do you need help with a kitchen renovation in Bradford and are after tailored services that match your personality? If so, Easy Reno is the right team for you. We are fully committed to meeting your exact specifications in any kitchen renovation. Over the years, we have been improving our kitchen renovation contractors process to give you such a great job hassle-free experience regardless of the type of kitchen renovation contractors you need. We take time to listen to you and are always happy to answer any question you might have. We are here to bring your vision to life without exceeding your budget.

In some cases, the renovation work seems so simple that some homeowners choose to do it on their own. While turning a kitchen or bathroom renovation project into a DIY is okay, it is not the best route. This is more so when you consider that a renovation takes up a lot of time and money and requires expertise from skilled professionals.

Moreover, several phases of the project will require skilled labour. This is more so when it comes to plumbing and electrical work. When handling the project on your own, there is the risk of using the wrong materials. Working with our team guarantees that the project is completed on time, using the best quality materials and without exceeding your budget. We guarantee the best quality materials that will not just do an excellent job and look amazing but also last longer.

Custom Kitchen Renovation Made Easy

Enjoy a hassle-free kitchen renovation experience by hiring us.

Kitchen Renovation Doesn’t Need To Be Too Demanding

Easy Reno offers a unique process that simplifies kitchen renovation.

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You Need A Variety Of Professionals In A Kitchen Renovation

When you select a kitchen renovation specialist, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your project is in capable hands. An expert has the skill and experience to manage the project's numerous parts and make sure the final project is exactly what you had in mind. At Easy Reno, we strive to provide turnkey services. This means we work with you to evaluate your preferences, needs, and budget before getting down to creating your dream kitchen. We will deliver a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.
  • Kitchen Designer: An experienced kitchen designer will help you make do with the available space. Designers take advantage of every available square footage to design a kitchen that not only meets your needs but is also organized.

  • Cabinetmaker: Your kitchen needs storage space. It is the work of the cabinetmaker to work on everything from racks to drawers. The cabinetmaker addresses your unique storage needs.

  • Electrician: A kitchen renovation involves a lot of electrical work. The electrician is responsible for the electrical elements, including power outlets and lighting.

  • Plumber: You need tap water and a reliable drainage system in the kitchen. The plumber will install the taps, kitchen sinks, and faucets and address all your water supply and drainage needs. The plumber further ensures that the connection with the fridge dispenser is efficient.

  • Tiler: The tiles on the backsplash, walls and floors will be installed by a tiler.

  • General Contractor: This is the expert that coordinates the other professionals. The general contractor will make sure everyone on the team does their job well and on time.

Representative Services Offered at Easy Reno

Kitchen Design
Whether you are targeting a simple or sophisticated kitchen remodeling design, we are happy to offer services that will change the look and feel of your space. Years of experience renovating kitchens to the exact specifications of clients in Bradford give us a unique position to complete any kitchen remodelling project. We have the talented, kitchen remodel designers and builders you need to bring your vision to life. Prior to getting started on demolition work, we spend some time designing a space that satisfies your unique demands. Best of all, we handle everything in- house.

Demolition Work
Do you need to knock down some walls to expand your kitchen space? We are the qualified team you need for the demolition work. While it may seem fun, demolition work must never be turned into a DIY project. The slightest mistake during demolition can lead to expensive damages. Working with a professional is the key to protecting the structural integrity of your own home’s aesthetic, and getting the results you need. Our team is equipped to handle any demolition work efficiently and safely. We are big on recycling and will recycle as much as we can. You will be happy to know that we are insured. We take the burden of liability from you.

Plumbing and Electrical Work
A kitchen remodel involves immense plumbing and electrical work. Poorly installed electrical lines or pipes can lead to problems that involve costly repairs. Our in-house team of plumbers and electricians has the equipment, experience and skill to do their job perfectly and efficiently.

Installing and Upgrading Floors and Walls
Following a kitchen renovation in Bradford, you will need to reinstall or upgrade the walls and floors. We have the most qualified team for the job. Our in-house team will take care of everything from the tiles and paintwork to new floor or wall installation. The floors and walls must be fixed before kitchen fixtures are installed.

Cabinet and Sink Installation
Do you need a backsplash, cabinet, countertop or sink installed? We’ve got you covered. Our team has lots of experience installing these key kitchen elements. These elements are what determine the efficiency and look of a kitchen. We will work with you on the choice of the required kitchen elements. Our team is very meticulous when installing these elements.

Finishing Touches
In a kitchen renovation, the finishing touches include the installation of fixtures, lighting, moulding and other selected extras. Proper planning is vital in kitchen renovation. That is why at Easy Reno, we dedicate a great deal of time to planning. Proper planning guarantees that we deliver the exact results you want. We will save you time and ensure we complete the project within your set budget.

What You Must Ask a Kitchen Contractor

Adequate research is essential before hiring a kitchen makeover specialist in Bradford. Never pick a candidate just because they were recommended by a close friend or relative. To make sure you are teaming up with the correct individual for the job, you must exercise due diligence. You must remember that a contractor that delivered the best results for your neighbour will not necessarily do the same amazing job for you. Each project is unique. Your kitchen renovation needs are considerably different from your neighbour’s, even if you selected the same kitchen layout. Your project might be more challenging than your neighbour’s. When prescreening professional kitchen renovation contractors to find the best one for the job, it pays to learn the questions to ask. You must also never ignore your instincts. If you feel that a contractor is not a good match for you, you should keep searching for the right one. This is because if you are not comfortable with a contractor, you will end up second-guessing their actions, which will only impede progress. The right contractor will make you feel valued by involving you in the process.

Top 10 Questions You Must Ask Before You Choose a Kitchen Remodeling Professional

  1. Do you offer all-inclusive services? To save time and avoid frustrations, you should stick to contractors that offer all the kitchen renovation services you need under one roof. This means you will only deal with one renovation company throughout the project.
  2. How many contractors will be assigned to my project?
  3. Will there be someone coordinating everything? Getting one person in charge of the project will make the project hassle-free.
  4. Will you prepare the site? Having to bring in a different contractor for site preparation will cost time and money.
  5. How will you protect the rest of my house?
  6. Can I get images of your past work? Can you share the contacts of your most recent clients?
  7. For how many years have you been offering kitchen renovation services?
  8. Do you offer clean-up and waste disposal services?
  9. Can I order the materials myself? If yes, can you share the contacts of your best suppliers?
  10. Do you offer an official quotation? Will the official quote serve as an agreement?

Do you want the best kitchen renovation experience? Our team at Easy Reno is dedicated to offering unparalleled kitchen planning services. As the most highly recommended top company in kitchen planning and renovation in Bradford, we have already vetted all the members of our team. Feel free to ask anything to evaluate our competence. We always want you to be at ease when working with us.

The Average Cost of a Kitchen Renovation in Bradford

While it would be good to have a direct answer on how much a kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovation really costs, that is not possible. This is because so many factors come into play. For example, the cost of labour depends on the experience of the contractor, the size of the project and how complex the project is. On average, labour costs range from $45 to $100 per hour. The cost is different when working with specialists. For example, the cost of hiring a licensed plumber and electrician might be more than $100 per hour.

To manage your expenses better, you should stick to a professional home renovation company that offers all-inclusive services. With this option, you will pay a standard fee that was agreed upon in the contract. The company will then worry about the pace of their contractors. Furthermore, most professional kitchen renovation companies have established professional relationships with suppliers that help them access quality materials at below-market prices.

On average, it will cost you between $12,000 and $40,000 to complete a kitchen renovation in Bradford. How much you spend will depend on the budget, style and size of your kitchen, selected materials and the type of labour you hire.

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Here’s what to expect when you hire us as your kitchen contractor in Bradford.

Common Questions About Kitchen Remodel

We are always eager to hear from you and answer all the questions you might have.
  • How long does a complete kitchen renovation project take?

    Although the majority of remodelling firms are hesitant to provide a precise estimate, at Easy Reno, we do things differently. We make an effort to assist you in understanding how long the project will take by leading you through our process. Our method not only improves how we plan, create, and carry out the project but also gives you a clear idea of how long it will take. It is important to be aware that several circumstances, such as the client’s availability, and the design and materials chosen, may cause delays. Nevertheless, we work hard to complete the assignment in 3 weeks.

  • How do I get started with a kitchen renovation with you?

    You can either call us or complete the contact form on our website. Our staff will ask you a few questions when you get in touch with us to get a better grasp of your vision. We will then provide you with a rough estimate. If you’re impressed, we’ll arrange for an in-person or virtual estimate. We will take measurements of your kitchen space and create a unique representation of your ideal kitchen using our advanced 3D rendering software. If all is per your expectations, we will choose a convenient date for the renovation work to start.

  • Must I provide my own kitchen designs?

    Although some customers enjoy it, others dislike looking through the catalogues of designers. In any case, we are delighted to offer designs from our extensive catalogue or just serve as your guide as you strive to create a unique kitchen design. Free designer consultation is available. Take advantage of this free service.

  • How do I get ready for the renovation?

    We advise that you collect as many concepts and ideas as you can about the features you want in your kitchen. That is the key to creating your ideal space. These specifics will help the contractor to understand what you are after. It is also essential that you locate the top renovation specialist in Bradford. We are confident that we are the best squad for the job, and our excellent track record can attest to that.

  • What return on investment does a kitchen renovation offer?

    For any residential property, a kitchen makeover delivers the best return on investment. Recent studies indicate that when the remodelling is done properly, you may expect a return on investment of somewhere between 75% and 100%. Your dream kitchen can be realised by working with a reputable and skilled remodelling contractor. This is so that you can achieve the best ROI by utilising the right team’s tried-and-true procedures.

  • Is wood flooring ideal for kitchen floors?

    The installation of wood flooring in the kitchen is not advised. However, due to their aesthetic appeal, wood floors continue to be a popular choice. When connecting the kitchen to a room with wooden floors, wood is a terrific alternative. Wood flooring is typically avoided by designers because of the potential for wear, exposure to dampness, and water damage. As a result of the continuous use of the kitchen, flooring tends to age more quickly. Periodically, wood floors have to be refinished, which is yet another drawback. These reasons keep wood flooring from being ideal for kitchens. The most frequently suggested flooring is tile because of its strong resistance to moisture, leaks, and foot traffic.

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