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Bolton’s Kitchen Renovation Specialists

Are you in need of kitchen renovation in Toronto? We believe we are the best team for the job. We understand that the numerous options already in the market can be confusing. That is why we are happy to offer not just showroom consultations but also virtual consultations. Our design experts will take the measurements of your new kitchen space and help you pick the best materials and finishes before rendering the project to help you see how the end results will look. We always guarantee that the installation meets the highest quality standards.

Why Choose Us?

What You Get With Other Renovation Companies
  • Innumerable management issues
  • Confusing price changes
  • Hassle ordering materials delivered
  • Little to no design
  • Unqualified labour
What You Get With Easy Renovation Company
  • Dedicated customer support from start-to-finish
  • Transparent proposal
  • We will order and deliver all the materials
  • 3D visualisation of the project
  • Professional contractors

How Our Process Works

Take advantage of our modern custom build process for a hassle-free kitchen and bathroom renovation in Bolton.
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    Request A Free

    Get in touch to speak with our project consultants. After understanding your preferences, our consultant will send you an estimate in minutes.

  • 02

    Planning Construction
    And Materials

    Our project planner will help you pick the best pre-designed package or create a custom design with all the finishes and fixtures you need from our diverse catalogue.

  • 03


    We will provide you with 3D renders to help you visualise your future space. We do this to ensure you understand how the renovation will look based on your budget and preferences.

  • 04

    Get Finishes And
    Fixtures Delivered

    We have a procurement team that will order the necessary materials from leading suppliers. Our relationship with suppliers enables us to give you the lowest prices.

  • 05

    Our Experts Bring
    Your Vision To Life

    Quality is a top priority for us. We work with dedicated builders that have more than 30 years of experience. This guarantees perfection in everything we do.

Take a Look at the Best Kitchen Renovation Process

Why Should You Hire Our Kitchen Contractors?

Are you preparing for a kitchen renovation in Bolton? Do you need a custom design that matches your personality? At Easy Reno, we are committed to high quality products and to working within your space to deliver the best kitchen renovation services hassle-free and within your budget. We are always happy to answer your questions and offer recommendations whenever you are stuck. Our goal is to do high quality work and give you the best value for your money.

It is common for homeowners to consider turning their kitchen renovations or remodel into a DIY. While this is okay, you must remember that revamping any kitchen space requires expertise and time. There are numerous phases of the renovation that will require specialised skills. For example, when working on a kitchen renovation in Bolton, you will need the right skills and equipment to handle the electrical, plumbing, flooring and tiling work. There is also the issue of picking the wrong materials for the job. Our skilled team has completed numerous kitchen renovation projects in Bolton. We know which materials to use depending on your home and kitchen renovations needs, budget and unique situation. With us, you will get superior-quality materials that look great and fall within your budget and last long.

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You Require Different Experts In A Kitchen Remodel

When choosing a kitchen renovation specialist, you will have the peace of mind from knowing your project is in good hands. A specialist will handle the various aspects of the project and guarantee that the finished product is exactly what you had in mind. Our aim at Easy Reno is to provide turnkey services. We consult with you to determine the budget, requirements, and preferences that will result in the design and functionality of the kitchen of your dreams.
  • Kitchen Designer: With the advice of this expert, you can make the most of the available space and create a kitchen that is optimally organised and meets your demands.

  • Cabinetmaker: A cabinet maker will assist you in choosing drawers, hardware, and racks for your kitchen if you have special cupboard and storage demands.

  • Electrician: The electrician will take care of the apparent electrical elements, such as lighting, and ensure that all power outlets are ready for the wiring and installation of new appliances.

  • Plumber: To install the kitchen sink, taps and faucets and ensure connections with the fridge dispenser are efficient, you need the services of a licensed plumber.

  • Tiler: This is the expert in charge of the flooring and backsplash.

  • General Contractor: This individual will oversee the whole project on your behalf. Instead of having to deal with each of the aforementioned professionals separately, a general contractor will coordinate all of them to save you time.

Key Services Offered by Easy Reno

Easy Reno is the go-to company for kitchen remodelling services in Bolton.

Our services include:

Kitchen Design
Whether your ideal kitchen is basic or complex, we are delighted to provide services that will transform your space. Our experienced team of skilled kitchen designers has years of expertise modelling spaces to the specific needs of clients. We take time to create a space that meets your needs before starting work on the demolitions. We provide the service in-house. This is unlike many other kitchen contractors that will refer you to a designer.

Demolition Work
Never take the chance of turning a demolition into a DIY. Yes, it might seem like a lot of fun, but the wrong move can cause expensive damage and even serious injury. To keep the rest of the structure, electrical and plumbing components intact, we encourage you to hire a professional for the demolition work. Our team is not only experienced in demo and using high quality materials and quality workmanship, but also well- equipped to complete any demolition project safely and efficiently. We will not damage anything that doesn’t need to be removed. It is also good to note that we are insured. You will not be held liable for our team or unplanned damages if anything goes wrong.

Electrical and Plumbing Work
There is a lot of attention to detail because of electrical and plumbing work that is involved in a top notch quality professional kitchen remodel. Any poorly installed electrical components or pipes can lead to expensive repairs in the near future. We work closely with a professional team that will make sure everything is done effectively and perfectly.

Upgrading and Installing Walls and Floors
We have the best team for the job when you need help upgrading or installing new floors and walls. We have the team of skilled professionals to take care of the paintwork, tiles and all aspects of the floor and wall installation. This whole installation is an excellent job done before adding the required other kitchen cabinets and fixtures.

Sink and Cabinet Installation
The installation of the kitchen cabinets, backsplash, sink, countertop and other kitchen cabinetry, comes next. These are important kitchen elements. They determine in detail how the overall kitchen design looks. To ensure the best results and that we deliver exactly what you need, we choose each component carefully, attention to detail, and with your preferences in mind.

Finishing Touches
At this point, the majority of the work is done, and the fun part has begun. We will install the various kitchen cabinets, fixtures, moulding, lighting fixtures, and any other extras required to make your new dream kitchen just as practical and distinctive as you want. Planning is necessary for each step of the dream kitchen and remodelling process. Before we start, Easy Reno works with you to decide on the materials and budget. To make sure we deliver exactly what you need, we can take a little longer in planning. Working with our kitchen remodelling specialists will not only save you time but also probably money as well.

Questions You Should Ask Kitchen Contractors

Prior to hiring a kitchen remodeling or renovation expert in Bolton, it is paramount that you do some research. You should never hire someone simply because they came highly recommended by friends or family members. Due diligence is needed to ensure you partner with the right person for the job. Just because a contractor was great for your neighbour does not mean they will be able to meet your unique needs. Even if your house is the same as your neighbour’s, your remodelling needs will be very different. As a result, your project may be more demanding than your neighbour’s. Knowing the questions to ask is key to finding the right contractor for the job. You also need to pay attention to your intuition when hiring a contractor. If you notice a lack of transparency or any other red flag during your interview with a prospective contractor, it is good to walk away. A great kitchen remodelling contractor will be able to clarify the concerns you might have to help you make an educated choice when hiring them.

Top 10 Questions You Need to Ask a Kitchen Renovation Expert

  1.  Are your services all-inclusive? The ideal contractor to work with is one who offers a full range of kitchen renovation services. That way, you will not have to juggle different professionals from different companies to get the work done.
  2. How many contractors will work on my project?
  3. Will you assign someone to be in charge of the renovation? Getting someone to supervise the renovation will give you the much-deserved peace of mind.
  4. Who prepares the worksite? Hiring a different contractor to get the site ready will cost you more time and money.
  5. How do you prevent damage to the rest of the house?
  6. Can you provide images of your previous work? Do you mind sharing the contacts of a few of the customers you recently worked with?
  7. How long has your company been handling kitchen remodels?
  8. Will you clean up and dispose of the waste?
  9. Can I order my own materials, and can you provide me with the contacts of your suppliers?
  10. Will I get an official quotation? Will the quote be the agreement that details contractual obligations?


Working with our experienced team here at Easy Reno guarantees attention to quality craftsmanship and details the best services. As a reputable and trusted kitchen renovation company in Bolton, we have already done the difficult work of pre-screening our team. You can ask us any question to determine our competence and quality craftsmanship. We want you to have a very positive experience and be completely confident working with us in kitchen renovation in Bolton.

What is the Cost of a Kitchen Renovation in Bolton?

Several factors impact the cost of a kitchen renovation project. One of the unavoidable costs is the labour cost. How much you pay in labour will depend on the experience of a contractor and the scope of the project. Usually, a kitchen renovation expert will charge between $45 and $100 per hour for labour. Electricians and plumbers charge higher rates, often over $100 per hour. The fee depends on how demanding the renovation project is.

Working with a contractor that offers an all-inclusive service is the way to go. This is because you never have to be concerned about the pace of the contractor. These contractors charge a standard fee for labour. This is great when you want to keep an eye on your expenditure. Moreover, companies offering all-inclusive home renovation experts kitchen remodeling services have great relationships with suppliers, which enables them to access high quality products and-quality materials at the most competitive prices. The cost of a complete kitchen remodeling renovation in Bolton ranges from $12,000 to $40,000.

The cost of kitchen renovations varies depending on the materials used, the size of the kitchen and high the quality workmanship of the contractor you are hiring.

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Here’s what to expect when you hire us as your home renovation contractor in Bolton.

Common Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you have.
  • How long will it take to complete a kitchen remodelling project?

    Although most renovation companies are reluctant to give a specific estimate, at Easy Reno, we strive to help you understand how long the project will take by guiding you through our well- structured process. Our process not only helps us plan, design and execute the project better but also helps you get a clear picture of how long the project will take. It is good to note that some factors may cause delays, such as the availability of the client, selected design and materials. All the same, we strive to get the project done within 3 weeks.

  • How do I initiate the renovation process?

    You can fill out the contact form or simply call us. When you contact us, our team will ask a couple of questions which help us understand your vision. We will then give you an initial estimate. If you love what you see, we will schedule a virtual or in-house estimate. Our team will measure and design a custom rendering of your dream kitchen. If everything is in order, we will set a renovation date that works for you.

  • Do you require me to have my own design ideas?

    While there are clients that prefer browsing through designer catalogues, there are some that don’t like doing that. Whatever the case, we are happy to provide you with kitchen cabinetry style from our large catalogue or simply guide you through creating a custom design. We offer a free designer consultation.

  • How do I prepare for the renovation?

    To get your dream kitchen, we recommend gathering as many designs and ideas as possible on what you need in your kitchen. These details will give us a clear understanding of what you want. It is also imperative that you find the best kitchen renovation expert in Bolton. We believe we are the best team for the job and have an impressive track record that can prove it.

  • What return on investment can I get from a kitchen renovation?

    A kitchen renovation offers the highest ROI for any residential property. According to recent studies, you can expect a return on investment of between 75% and 100% when the renovation is done right. Working with an experienced and reliable kitchen remodelling contractor is the key to bringing your dream to life. This is because the right team uses tried processes to help you earn the highest ROI.

  • Can you use wood flooring in the kitchen?

    It is not recommended to use wood flooring in the kitchen. However, wood flooring is still a popular option because of its visual appeal. Wood makes a great option when opening the kitchen to an adjoining area with wood flooring. Usually, designers avoid wood flooring due to wear and tear and exposure to moisture/water damage. With the kitchen being a high-traffic room, wood floors will wear faster. There is also the fact that wood floors need to be refinished now and then. Due to these facts, wood floors are discouraged in the kitchen. Tile floors are the most recommended thanks to their high resistance to foot traffic, leaks and humidity.

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