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Custom Kitchen Cabinets and Remodelling

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Aurora’s Top Kitchen Remodeling Experts

Aurora has many Toronto kitchen renovation contractors, so you must weigh options to find the ideal one. The search process can become stressful and tedious, pushing you towards giving up before the construction begins. Easy Reno takes pride in eliminating the challenges – we make it easy. Our process involves virtual or showroom consultations, taking measurements, and material or finishing selections. Every member of our renovation crew, from designers who render your new space perfectly to installers who follow strict quality standards, will deliver exquisiteness.

Why Should You Choose Easy Renovation?

Usual Experience
  • Project management issues
  • Unpredictable price changes
  • Your responsibility: material sourcing
  • Limited design input
  • Doubtful credentials
Easy Reno Experience
  • Continuous support
  • Clear, upfront proposals
  • Material sourcing help
  • Skilled designers
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Aurora Kitchen Renovation Process

A distinctive build process that eliminates all stress.
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    Consultant listens to your descriptions and needs before drafting an estimate. The process takes minutes. Get your free estimate today!

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    Construction And
    Material Planning

    A project planner takes over to assist you in selecting an ideal design from our pre-designed options. We can also customize any design from our catalogue.

  • 03

    Confirm The

    Our 3D renderings facilitate visualization of your future space in a life-like manner. You can watch your dream come true without going over budget.

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    Get Your Materials
    And Fixtures

    You do not have to hassle with retail suppliers. Get materials from trusted suppliers in Aurora at affordable prices with the help of our procurement team.

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    Experts Begin
    To Build

    Building begins with a focus on quality. Our team gets it right effortlessly, thanks to over 30 years of experience, without shortcuts or disappointments.

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Why Choose a Kitchen Contractor in Aurora for Your Dream Kitchen Renovation?

Embarking on kitchen remodeling in Aurora paves the way for customization that reflects your unique style and personality, transforming your space into a dream kitchen. Our team excels in delivering custom cabinetry and complete kitchen renovations, managing the entire process to offer a hassle-free experience. We pride ourselves on providing superb customer service, making the renovation of your kitchen and bathroom seamless. From discussing new kitchen cabinets to selecting marble countertops, we ensure transparency, especially regarding costs, within your set budget.

Diving into DIY kitchen renovations might seem tempting, yet it’s crucial to resist. Such tasks require a professional touch to avoid potential damage. Consider the complexity of installing doors, tiling, plumbing, and electrical work, not to mention choosing the right materials for your condo kitchen or a larger space in Ontario. Our highly skilled contractors specialise in everything from custom cabinets to marble countertops, ensuring every aspect of your project, from layout to reality, is handled with expertise. Opting for our one-stop shop kitchen renovation services guarantees a new kitchen that combines quality with efficiency, truly transforming your house into a home, all while adhering to your business and personal needs.

Easy Custom Kitchen Renovation And Designs In Aurora

Worry-free kitchen renovations with everything catered to, ranging from labour to fixtures and materials.

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Experts You Need For A Kitchen Renovation In Aurora

Leaving all the renovation work to an expert brings an unmatched level of calmness that is often underrated. It brings contentment and reassurance that the end product will be exactly how you envisioned it without worrying about the stresses associated with the job. Renovation professionals from Easy Reno endeavour to produce a kitchen that matches your expectations. We keep the project within your time and budget scope while ensuring the full functionality of the space. We will also include you in the decision-making processes.
  • Tilers – Tiles are often the recommended flooring material in kitchens, making tilers a fundamental part of the renovation team. They can install floor tiles and backsplashes with commendable precision.

  • Kitchen designers – A kitchen renovation planner ensures that no section of the space goes to waste. They determine the best ways to utilise the kitchen and create a suitable design to match your needs and expectations.

  • Cabinetmakers – You can always have custom storage solutions for your kitchen space. Cabinetmakers keep you from conforming to conventional cabinetry designs by giving you variable options. They can build racks, drawers, and the ideal hardware.

  • Electricians – The electrician is responsible for wiring all your appliances and electrical components, including lighting fixtures. Their expertise ensures that every element that relies on electricity performs safely, optimally, and efficiently.

  • General contractors – General contractors keep you from monitoring the project yourself. They manage the job and workers, giving you updates regularly to keep you informed.

  • Plumbers – You need professional plumbers if you want your sinks, taps, water dispensers, and faucets to function suitably for longer.

Turnkey Kitchen Renovation Services Easy Provides

We excel at a variety of services.

Kitchen Design Services
Our designers can handle any task regardless of the uniqueness of your vision. You can share your prerequisites with us, and they will find a way to incorporate all the features you need within the available space without reducing the aesthetics or functionality. The design process happens before the existing kitchen is demolished and takes place in-house. We do not refer you to other designers or outsource the services elsewhere. We work with our able and reliable team.

Demolition Services
Most people make the mistake of thinking demolition is simple because it involves the destruction of structures. On the contrary, the task requires a skilled approach that warrants the deconstruction of the targeted parts. A lack of expertise, like a DIY approach, could leave you with expensive repairs before the renovation begins. Easy Reno has modern equipment for the demolition of various structures and spaces. More importantly, our crew knows how to use the machinery to complete clearances quickly and safely. We also have the experience and diagnostic skills to prevent unexpected damage and mitigate any arising issues before they manifest. We avoid mistakes by being intentional in our demolition procedures. Our insurance cover protects you from liability.

Electrical Work and Plumbing
Every kitchen needs plumbing and electrical features that only experts can handle. Unprofessionally installed pipes and fixtures can become faulty soon after they are put in place, resulting in avoidable costly repairs. Our technical team ensures you do not encounter additional charges unnecessarily. The experts aim for perfection, just like every other member of our kitchen renovation crew.

Upgrading Kitchen Walls and Flooring Installation
After roughing, we will embark on fixing the walls and flooring. We do not select the materials to work with; we install the flooring of your choice and paint the walls as our focus remains on high quality. Our team will confirm that the floors and walls are in the best shape before proceeding to other fundamental kitchen appliances and fixtures.

Sink and Cabinetry Work
The second last step in our kitchen renovation is the installation of cabinets, countertops, sinks, and backsplashes. Those essential kitchen components require professional handling to remain in optimal condition for longer. The fixtures contribute to the aesthetic appeal – they can make the space appear shambolic or harmonic, depending on installation adeptness. Our crew will ensure the design is seamless.

Finishing Touches
The finishing touches usually come after most of the renovation is done, during the final stages. That is when we handle your light fixtures, put kitchen fittings of your choice in place, do moulding, and place any other accessory in the kitchen. Although adding finishing touches seems simple, it also requires adequate planning and a systematic procedure. We agree on the fixtures and fittings you like and their budget when discussing the design. We take time to perfect this stage to guarantee the delivery of a kitchen you love. That does not mean we drag the process unnecessarily – our experts will do everything possible to save you time and money without interfering with the quality.

Questions You Should Ask Your Kitchen Contractor in Aurora

Hiring a kitchen contractor in Aurora without exercising due diligence does not usually end well for many homeowners. You must research the potential service person instead of relying on other people’s opinions, even if they are family members or friends. Find out the partnership type you can have with the contractor to eliminate possible shortfalls. The appropriate questions can give you all the information you need to figure out whether your working relationship will be smooth or not. Prioritize your needs when searching for a contractor. That is the best way to distinguish their ability to meet your expectations rather than gauging them based on someone else’s needs or previous jobs. Remember, knowing the correct questions is vital, but you should never disregard your gut feeling. Do not hire a contractor if you feel they are not the right fit. An unbiased approach can help you maintain your focus, so you can notice the red flags or dishonesty as you interact with the contractor.

10 Questions You Can Ask the Complete Kitchen Renovations Professional in Aurora

  1. Will you need outside help during the renovation, or do you offer comprehensive services? You should know if there will be subcontractors or if the company provides turnkey renovation solutions.
  2. How many people will you send to work on my property?
  3. Can you send someone to oversee the project, or will I have to do that myself? A supervisor on-site is better because that allows you to maintain your routine as the work continues.
  4. Does your expertise extend to the preparation of the work site? You should know whether you will have to hire someone else for that.
  5. How will you protect the rest of the property?
  6. Can I go through the documentation of some of your work? What about contacts of your previous clients?
  7. How extensive is your experience in the industry?
  8. Do you know suppliers we can source standard materials from at reasonable costs?
  9. Do you dispose of the rubble, or do I need another service provider for that?
  10. How do you handle contractual obligations – is there a written quotation indicating all the renovation aspects?

You can be sure of the qualifications and certifications of every person from Easy Renovation. We do not shy from answering all your questions and do not give vague answers. Feel free to set up the interview – our team will provide all the information to affirm our renovation capacity.

How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost in Aurora?

The main determinant factor when estimating kitchen renovation costs in Aurora is the contractor’s level of expertise. More experienced workers tend to charge more, but you can also consider the extent of the renovation. The larger the scope, the higher the budget.

You will likely spend between $45 and $100 per hour on kitchen renovations. The amount can increase if you hire independent plumbers or electricians. Such experts can charge more than $100 for complicated installations. You can avoid that by hiring a contractor with a diverse team capable of providing all the remodelling services. Some benefits of working with such service providers include paying a general fee covering all labour, access to the best suppliers who charge fair prices with the help of the contractor, and a guarantee that the job will be perfect. The option is more cost-efficient and stress-free.

Set aside between $12000 and $40000 if you want complete remodelling. The size of the kitchen, the contractor you hire, and the specific components you want will determine the exact amount you spend. You can always get estimates from several renovation companies to calculate a nearly accurate average budget.

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Common Questions About Kitchen Renovation Aurora

Answers to your lingering questions.
  • Can you give an accurate kitchen renovation period?

    Getting a precise renovation estimate from most contractors is always an uphill task, but not from Easy Reno. We believe that giving an accurate quotation can help you prepare adequately for the project while promoting transparency. We will guide you through the process by planning, designing, and building your new kitchen accordingly. Our timelines depend on the design style, your availability or readiness, and your choice of materials. Expect job completion within three weeks after catering to all those factors.

  • How do I start the renovation process in Aurora?

    First, share your intentions with us by calling or filling out our online form to set the process in motion. Our team will ask you a few questions to understand your needs better. Secondly, our team will create your estimate and share it online or in person – your choice. We will then organise how to take measurements to design a suitable style for the kitchen space. The renovation can then begin.

  • Must I have design ideas before the project starts?

    We understand that some clients do not like the hassle of going through several catalogues – online or otherwise – to find kitchen design inspirations. Some may not have the time, while others do not wish to. Whatever the case, we provide a design catalogue to choose from and allow custom modifications. You also get a free design consultation.

  • Are there specific measures I should take to prepare for a kitchen renovation?

    Begin with an idea of what you want as the new kitchen – it can be a rough idea or a clear vision. We will finalise the details according to your needs. Select the appliances you like, then contact a reputable renovation contractor. A reliable team will not produce disappointing results.

  • Will I get any return on investment if I renovate my kitchen?

    Research shows that remodelling a kitchen can bring around 75% to 100% returns, making such renovations some of the most rewarding home improvement projects. Hiring a renowned and dependable renovation team that can accomplish the task according to the highest standards increases the chances of getting higher ROI. The best contractor will take pride in helping you get the best returns and will strive to do so.

  • Is it possible to use wood flooring in the kitchen?

    Wood flooring is not always the most suitable option for the kitchen, even though it has an unmatched visual appeal. Excess moisture, liquid spillage, and high traffic within that space increase susceptibility of the wood to damage. You can use wood on nearby floors with low traffic or in sections connecting the kitchen to other rooms where frequent water use is not a problem. Choose tile if you want a lasting flooring material. You will not have to worry about speedy wear and tear or damage by excess moisture.

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