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A premier kitchen renovation company in Ajax – here are the reviews.

Kitchen Renovation Experts in Ajax

Nowadays, getting a reliable Toronto kitchen renovation contractor is not as simple as it used to be. Due diligence that allows you to compare several options from the many choices available is recommended. Otherwise, the process can turn out to be a series of frustrations and stress before the construction work begins. Easy Renovation provides a way out. You can get all-inclusive services, from virtual consultations, showroom visits, and material selection to project finishing touches. Our professional team ensures you get a one-of-a-kind kitchen by sticking to the highest installation standards.

Why Choose Easy Reno

Usual Renovation Experience
  • Inconsistent management and customer support
  • Price changes as the project progresses
  • Material acquisition without professional assistance
  • Uninspired designs
  • Unqualified and unreliable contractors
Easy Renovation Experience
  • Continuous customer support until project completion
  • Issuance of the renovation proposal at the beginning
  • Material selection, ordering, and delivery
  • Professional design assistance
  • Contractors with the necessary know-how

Dream Kitchen Renovation - Made Easy

Here is how our renovation process works.
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    Get Instant Estimate

    Talk to our consultant for a swift estimate. Receive it within minutes during your call or after form submission. Reach out now for prompt service!

  • 02

    Visit for Design Help

    Our kitchen designer will guide your layout plans and fixture selections from our extensive catalogue, ensuring a personalised approach to your space.

  • 03

    Review Budget & Scope

    Get a detailed scope, design concept, and estimated budget including fixture costs. Our breakdown ensures clarity and transparency in planning.

  • 04

    Finalise Kitchen Design

    Obtain a full blueprint and 3D model, encapsulating your kitchen’s potential. A comprehensive materials list accompanies to complete the vision.

  • 05

    Construction by Experts

    Our seasoned professionals, boasting over 30 years of experience, prioritise quality. Trust in their expertise for your kitchen’s transformation.

Welcome to the Easy Renovation Approach

Why You Need A Professional Ajax Kitchen Contractor

If you are planning a kitchen renovation in Ajax, customization is one of the vital considerations. You need to hire a contractor that can give you a unique design that blends with the kitchen layout and suits your lifestyle or needs. That is what Easy Renovation delivers. We start by answering all your questions truthfully without holding back any facts. We aim to make kitchen and bathroom renovation stress-free in Ajax, which begins with transparency.

Kitchen renovations involve several components that complicate the procedures. Handling such a task as a DIY is never advisable, even if you think you have what it takes. You will have to tackle indispensable aspects, such as electrical work, plumbing, and flooring, which require a specific knowledge base. An expert approach is also necessary when selecting the best materials for each phase of the kitchen revamp.

A professional has what it takes to determine the finest materials for your kitchen – we prioritise your budget, practicality, and aesthetic appeal. Experts will also consider your preferred outcome when making recommendations during the planning phase to ensure you get the highest quality results.

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The Kitchen Renovation Experts You Need In Ajax

Having a kitchen renovation expert by your side means the project will not be flawed with various challenges that prolong the process unnecessarily. Instead, you enjoy peace of mind and the assurance that you will get your new kitchen within a specific timeline and budget. Kitchen renovation specialists know how to approach every detail to ensure the space comes out how you imagined. Easy Renovation pros follow your lead, meaning we adhere to your budget as we focus on solving your needs to deliver a functional and elegant kitchen.
  • Plumber – A plumber caters to the sinks, faucets, and taps, ensuring their effectiveness and lasting functionality. They also connect water flow to the relevant appliances like fridge dispensers.

  • Designer – Designers determine how to maximise the use of the available space without compromising visual appeal. They ensure your kitchen suits your style preference and needs.

  • Electrical Technician – Electricians connect all kitchen appliances to the power outlets and ensure lighting fixtures are working correctly. They guarantee safety and functionality.

  • General Contractor – These experts oversee the renovation process, relieving you of the headache. They facilitate communication and cohesion between the other specialists to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Tilers – You need tilers if you want to add a backsplash or tiled floors. They handle the installations with maximum attention to detail and precision.

  • Cabinetmakers – You can rely on cabinet makers if you want to utilise unconventional spaces for storage. They can install cupboards in corners or provide other custom cabinetry solutions for your lifestyle.

Renovation Services You Can Expect from Easy Reno in Ajax

Our team specialises in a variety of services in Ajax.

Kitchen Design
We have what it takes – experience, knowledge, equipment, and skills to work on simple and complex designs. Our designers can turn the description of your dream kitchen into a reality effortlessly, regardless of the uniqueness of your preferred style. We work with in-house designers; therefore, you get reliable and creative services suitable for your space. You can be involved in the process to ensure the design solutions meet your needs.

Property Clearance
Demolishing a kitchen or any space requires expertise that DIY approaches lack. Hiring a professional demolisher who cares for your property by knocking down appropriate sections without causing unnecessary damage is better. Demolishing the kitchen yourself also presents a safety risk because of the available plumbing and electrical components. The Easy Renovation crew can guarantee your safety and complete the job faster. We have the necessary machinery and prefer a cautious and well-planned approach that ensures you do not incur additional costs. We do not make mistakes and have insurance covers that protect you from liability. Our workers also have excellent problem-solving skills.

Plumbing and Electrical Services
The practicality of a kitchen depends significantly on the functionality of the plumbing and electrical work. Any kitchen with dysfunctional water pipes or electrical outlets ceases to be accommodative. That is why the flawless installation of those components is vital, yet only experts can achieve that perfection. Our technicians can give you the best layout and efficiency.

Wall Upgrades and Flooring Installation
Flooring and wall installation comes after plumbing pipes and electrical fixtures connection. The Easy Reno crew closes the walls and impeccably instals your flooring material of choice. We ensure all the finishing touches, like painting or staining, are complete before proceeding to the next step.

Sink and Cabinetry Work
Installing sinks, backsplashes, countertops, and cabinets also requires precision that our team can deliver. The kitchen elements also contribute to the usability and aesthetics of the space. Other than selecting the correct colours and quality, placing them in a way that guarantees prolonged longevity also matters. We ensure you get a replica of what you envisioned.

Adding finishing touches comes last when the kitchen renovation is almost complete. Most fixtures used at that stage are for beautification. However, some are also multipurpose – for practicality and adding visual appeal. Finishing touches include adding lighting fixtures, kitchen fittings, and other relevant accessories. We can also add any feature that will make your kitchen stand out, like moulding.

Like every other part of the remodelling process, finishing requires planning, which our crew excels at – we do not exclude you from the process and stick to your budget range. Our team strives to save you money. We do not rush this process, but we ascertain that you get admirable results quickly.

Questions to Help You Hire the Best-Suited Contractor

Getting a kitchen renovation contractor to deliver your precise requirements in Ajax may not be straightforward. You must do your due diligence and be ready to dedicate time and energy to research. Recommendations are not always enough, even if they come from a family member or friend. Find out any relevant information about the contractor before giving them the job. Remember, renovation needs differ, so a contractual agreement that worked for someone else may not suit you.

Focus on your needs and expectations when searching for a contractor. That means knowing the correct questions to ask to determine if they can handle the project scope and design preferences. Do not ignore your intuition when asking those questions. Note any uncomfortable signs, vagueness, or lack of honesty when interviewing the contractors. The tiniest red flag should be enough to disqualify a potential interviewee. Remember, good contractors are available, and they do not shy from transparency or providing clarifications that cement your trust in them.

Ten questions to ask

  1.  Which renovation services will the project require, and which do you offer? Inclusive services are better because they eliminate the need for multiple contractors.
  2. How many people will the crew have, and what are their specialties?
  3. Will you send a project manager to oversee the project? A supervisor ensures that the work does not overwhelm you.
  4. Do you cater to the demolitions, or should I hire someone else for the preparation?
  5. How will you prevent unnecessary damage to my property? Or how will you contain the damage to the relevant sections only?
  6. Can you share previous client information to enable follow-up with them? Do you mind showing your previous work?
  7. How many years have you been renovating kitchens?
  8. Do you have any long-standing suppliers that can deliver quality materials, or will I have to source supplies on my own?
  9. Will you clean up after project completion?
  10. Do you provide a written contract with all the specifications of the job clearly outlined, and will you honour it?

Easy Reno has done the challenging part – doing background checks on every team member. We send a crew we are sure can do the job efficiently and effectively. However, you can ask us the above or any other questions you like. We will provide the clarifications and facts you need to confirm that we can provide the best kitchen renovation services in the region.

What is the Cost of Kitchen Renovation in Ajax?

Ajax kitchen renovators charge renovation fees according to the amount of work and experience. That is their level of expertise and the labour force required to complete the job on time. The average hourly range is between $45 to $100. You may pay more for specialised skills. For instance, electricians and plumbers are likely to charge more than $100, especially for complicated jobs. That means you could pay more if you hire separate contractors for different phases of the kitchen renovation.

Hiring renovation experts offering inclusive services brings many advantages. One is the assurance that the crew will achieve perfection. You do not have to follow up or keep up with employees’ pace. You also pay standard fees that include labour, meaning cost-efficiency. The ability to provide comprehensive renovation services also means the contractor has a network of local suppliers that can give you superior materials at affordable prices. You can get offers and discounts courtesy of the contractor.

When planning a complete kitchen upgrade, the budget should be approximately $12000 to $40000. The specific amount you spend will depend on the size, your choice of materials, and the renovation contractor.

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Here’s what to expect when you hire us as your bathroom contractor in Ajax.

Common Questions

We provide the answers to your questions.
  • How long does a complete kitchen renovation take?

    You can get an exact schedule and project timeline from an estimate we give during consultation. We believe that a well-outlined description keeps you informed and enables us to craft a foolproof plan that we can execute to build an outstanding kitchen. Factors that will determine the duration include the design, your availability, and material preferences. However, we strive to complete all renovations within three weeks once everything is settled.

  • What is the best way to start a kitchen renovation?

    Contact a reputable renovation contractor. You can call us or fill out our online forms to begin the process. Our representatives will ask you a few questions to gain insight into your requirements and expectations. We will set up a meeting that can be in person or virtual to check the current kitchen. Our designers will then measure the space and produce a custom rendering. That creates room for the rest of the renovation processes.

  • Can you provide design inspiration for clients who have none?

    The Easy Reno team can work with any client, whether they have designs or not. You can always get ideas from catalogues, but we can provide some if you do not have time to search. Our imaginative designers can guide you as we create a custom style, or you can peruse our catalogue for appealing options. We offer free design consultations that you can utilise to your advantage.

  • What preparatory measures can I take before kitchen renovation commences?

    Look for design inspiration or have an idea of how you want the new kitchen to appear. Create a list of appliances you would like in the new kitchen, then search for a reputable and reliable renovation contractor. Remember, a knowledgeable and experienced team guarantees the best results.

  • Do kitchen renovations provide any value addition in the long or short term?

    Kitchen remodelling is one of the best ways to increase property value. Therefore, you can expect tremendous returns on your home. Some studies have confirmed that such renovations can yield between 75% and 100% ROI when done expertly. That enhances the essentiality of hiring qualified professionals who know how to make your dream kitchen a reality. A suitable contractor will make the process painless by choosing ideal materials and using the best procedures to maximise profitability.

  • Can I choose wood for my kitchen floors?

    Wood has a timeless appeal that makes it a preferable choice for most people, even though it is not always suitable for the kitchen. The wear and tear factors minimise its suitability for the kitchen space where chances of damage by excess moisture or water spillage are higher. That is why most experts recommend its use in adjacent rooms with low traffic or as a connection between the kitchen and another section of the house. Installing wooden floors in the kitchen calls for regular refinishing due to the high traffic and plumbing fixtures available within that space. Tile is a better option if you want the floors to remain in excellent condition for longer.

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