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    Initial Estimate

    Discuss your expectations with a project consultant and get an instant estimate in minutes.

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    Design Visit

    Our designers will help you plan your kitchen layout and pick the best finish and fixtures.

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    Budgeting and
    Scope of Work

    We will provide the scope of work, design concept and a budget estimate with fixture breakdown.

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    the Design

    We supply the blueprint of your dream kitchen together with 3D models and a complete list of materials.

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    Our Experts
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    Quality is a priority. Our experts have more than 30 years of experience in kitchen renovations.

Get Your Toronto Kitchen Design From a Knowledgeable Team with Years of Experience

When searching for expert kitchen designers for your kitchen renovation in Toronto, you want someone that makes you feel comfortable in every aspect of the project, from choosing kitchen layouts to selecting kitchen elements. That is what you get from Easy Reno. Our kitchen designers have been serving homeowners in Toronto for decades with expert design solutions, custom solutions and perfect installations. Our service includes virtual 3D models to give you a better view of your dream kitchen. 

Why Choose Easy Renovation?

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Easy Renovation Experience
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Kitchen Designers Who Make the Renovation Process Easy

Why You Should Consider Easy Reno for Your Kitchen Design

Do you wish to create a flawlessly attractive and functional kitchen design with custom cabinetry? What you need is a modern kitchen design Toronto professional. At Easy Reno, we focus on precisely what you want while keeping up with the trends and suggesting the best design ideas that will improve the value of your property. Our specialty is in creating custom kitchen designs and building them to our client’s liking.

Is it worth getting a kitchen designer? Thanks to our years of experience dealing with different clients, we can give a confident yes answer to this question. This is because kitchen designs should bring your vision to life, be functional and stand the test of time. When you bring your kitchen idea to us, our experienced and trained designers will help create an effective floor plan in a week. We will provide blueprints and virtual 3D rendering to give you a better view of your dream kitchen. We are happy to work with you to refine the design to your liking.

How can I find someone to design my kitchen? Simply contact us now. We are always eager to help.

What You Need to Consider For Your Kitchen Design

Renew Your Kitchen with the help of Toronto Kitchen Designers
  • Layout

    Working on the kitchen layout is the first step in the design of a kitchen. The layout covers details pertaining to where to position elements in the kitchen. It plots the location of the countertop, kitchen sink, table, chairs, fridge and other key components. For the kitchen design to work well, the layout has to look structured and streamlined. A cluttered layout will negatively impact the look and functionality of your kitchen. The layout is what determines functionality and efficiency.

  • Storage & Lighting

    Once the layout has been plotted, the next step is to think about storage and lighting. Think of all the foot items and kitchenware that will need to be stored in the kitchen. You may have to think about adding more drawers, overhead cabinets and shelves. The goal of storage is to minimize clutter, creating a safe environment. Next, you need to think about visibility. The proper lighting will set the ambience, improve safety and make everything easy to access.

  • Flooring

    Never take the flooring of your kitchen for granted. This is simply because improper flooring will compromise safety, tarnish the design and make cleaning hectic. The rule of thumb is to focus on flooring materials that are safer and lighter. Light materials create a light and airy kitchen space. They also make it easy for you to spot spills and other potential hazards on the floor. The flooring material should also hold up against traffic and spills.

  • Ventilation

    You need the right amount of air circulation in the kitchen. That is why it is imperative to think about ventilation. Proper ventilation is crucial when preparing food and when it comes to maintaining the smell of the kitchen. You don’t want the smell of chicken curry to remain in your kitchen for days or the room to be filled with smoke. Investing in a good-quality range hood that has a powerful extractor will be great for kitchen ventilation.

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What does kitchen design include?

Working with experienced kitchen remodelling experts that come highly recommended will guarantee peace of mind in a kitchen remodel. A professional will start by listening to your preferences before offering expert advice on what can and cannot be done in a kitchen remodel. At Easy Reno, we are committed to making kitchen remodels easy. We will work with you from the conception to the completion stage. Our approach has helped us earn awards from Renomark, Bild and idc. Here is what our kitchen design includes.
  • Custom kitchen design.
    Custom kitchen design entails squeezing all your preferences into your kitchen space without sacrificing function and aesthetics. We provide a 3D rendering to help you see precisely what you will get.

  • Kitchen backsplash.
    Our design team will help you explore dozens of amazing kitchen backsplash ideas for your space. The backsplash ideas we provide comprise all the different materials, designs and colours.

  • Kitchen lighting.
    The kitchen lighting ideas we provide include expert advice. Our aim is to give your kitchen a cleverly planned illumination that lights the room and beautifully highlights key elements.

  • Kitchen layout.
    We offer practical kitchen layout ideas that include expert design tricks to help make the most use of your floor space. All the ideas we present will be inspired by your preferences.

  • Kitchen colour scheme.
    You never have to settle for dull colours. Our team offers creative colour ideas to give your kitchen a bold look. We can work with any colour you like.

  • Kitchen finishes.
    When it comes to finishes, we can help you know which finish best suits your kitchen design. We will tell you the difference between gloss and matte and help you choose.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Dream Kitchen

Open Concept Kitchen Design.
Do you have a large family? If you do, the open-concept kitchen design will work great in your home. This kitchen design includes a large island as well as a spare sitting area that serves as a lounge or a dining area. The kitchen design may have flat-panel cabinets, multi-coloured backsplash, solid surface countertops, stainless steel appliances, an under-mount sink and a glass sheet backsplash. Looking for kitchen designers near me? Talk to us to review this design. 

Kitchen Design That Includes Wide Island.
Are you a fan of islands in a kitchen? If you are, you can opt for a kitchen design that has a wide island. This can be a mid-sized open-concept kitchen with dark wood floors. The design can include recessed panel cabinets, an under-mount sink, stone tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances, marble countertops and an island with a gray countertop. 

Elegant Kitchen Design.
Is a large kitchen with an old-school look something you would be interested in? You can go with the elegant kitchen design. The design may include white cabinets, an under-mount sink, as well as a white backsplash. The island can be made from a stone slab backsplash. You can also have marble countertops and stainless steel appliances. With these unique kitchen design ideas, you will only be limited by your imagination and budget.

Mixed Kitchen Design Style.
No rule says that when conceiving and implementing kitchen design ideas in Toronto you should stick with a single design. If you have two or more designs that you love, you can marry them together to create something distinctive. For example, an updated farmhouse style can be married with a midcentury modern touch to create a stunning kitchen that feels trendy and classic. The rule of thumb is to ensure you match the colours properly. Even so, different elements can be contrasted and still feel cohesive. 

Country Kitchen Design.
Do you love laid-back kitchen designs? Then, the country kitchen can be perfect for you. It can be fitted with everything you want, from a lantern-style pendant to a distressed wood kitchen island. The colours can be bright and the décor completed with wood serving boards, vintage buckets and glass jars. 

Kitchen Design Idea with Raw Wood.
What is the most efficient design for a kitchen? As you seek answers to this question, you should consider the raw wood accents design. This has a warm, rustic-inspired design with reclaimed wood shelving, open shelves for the dishware and white subway tiles installed with black grout for contrast. 

Classic White Kitchen Design.
How about keeping your kitchen design classic white? This neutral design doesn’t need to feel bland. This is evident from the home of Shelby Girard, Havenly’s VP, Creative and Design. The kitchen weaves in natural stones like quartzite or marble with pops of brass, wood and textured accessories such as window treatments and rugs. The goal is to bring a decorative element that makes your kitchen feel more than utilitarian and like a true living space. The kitchen beams out a vibe of classic-meets-California-cool style. 

Kitchen Design with Multi-Textured Backsplash.
A monochrome kitchen simply needs texture. A kitchen designed by Beth Diana Smith demonstrated that creating a space around neutral colours mainly calls for texture. The kitchen she designed has more than white cabinets. There is a textured backsplash that has been added and framed out the window. The waterfall peninsula has been made black. Beautiful walnut counter stools have been added to provide more shape and texture. 

Open Wall Kitchen Design.
When you want to showcase your fancy kitchenware, the open-wall kitchen design will be perfect for you. Open shelves offer the opportunity to show off your remarkable styling skills. You can fill the open shelves with everything you love, from white platters to glass canisters. 

Kitchen Design with Colorful Lighting.
Lighting improves the ambience. You can use pendants as jewelry for your kitchen. The right pendants can tie the room together or make a great statement. This is evident in the Massucco Warner Miller kitchen design that uses a pop of yellow to draw the eyes upward. 

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Kitchen Design in Toronto – FAQs
All your questions have been answered
  • Can I fit an island in my kitchen?

    This is a widespread question among homeowners. The answer is, at times, no and for a good reason. To ensure a kitchen is safe, accessible and practical, there are numerous regulations that a kitchen design must stick to. There is also the fact that you have to consider what will look great. While installing an island sounds great on paper, it might not be practical. For a small kitchen, adding an island can make the kitchen feel cramped. Installing an island, in this case, would not look and feel great.

    Every kitchen space is unique. To know if you should install an island, there are a couple of things you can do. For an island to make sense, the space between the parallel runs of the kitchen cabinets must be at least 800mm. This is necessary to allow comfortable passage as well as adequate room for opening the cabinet doors. Standard islands are about 900mm deep. To guarantee you will have enough room, make sure there is a minimum of 2500mm between the run of the cabinets and the opposite wall or run of the cabinets.

    The best way to determine if installing an island will be practical and look good is to take measurements of your kitchen and contact us for a discussion with our kitchen designers.

  • Should I stick with the kitchen triangle layout?

    For efficiency in the kitchen, the kitchen triangle layout is recommended. The layout is based on the idea of keeping the most frequently used areas within a triangle. The most frequently used areas in a kitchen are the fridge, sink and hob. The layout makes it easy for you to access all the important amenities with ease because they will all be close to each other. While this is important, you don’t necessarily have to follow this rule.

    When designing a kitchen, the layout should work for you. This means you don’t have to stick to the triangle layout. This is more so when you think about how you and your family use the kitchen. Logically, you should consider having the three elements in a designated space, but that doesn’t mean you follow a certain format. The kitchen layout simply needs to be practical for you.

  • How long is the process of kitchen design from start to finish?

    The answer depends on the scale of your project. If the remodel involves knocking down walls and reconfiguring the layout, the project will take longer than a project that only requires cabinet replacement. On average, the whole process takes 5 to 6 months.

    The project starts after you contact a kitchen designer. The designer will come to your home to gather vital information and discuss your layout options. They then start working on the kitchen layout. Each cycle of design-presentation-revision can take weeks. If you are clear on what you want and communicate effectively, design can be done within 6 to 8 weeks. Cabinetry orders take about 8 to 11 weeks for custom cabinets to be delivered.

  • How should I prepare for the consultation about my kitchen design?

    The key thing to do when getting ready for a consultation is to gather as much information as you can about the project. The consultant will need to see photos of your kitchen space, floor plans, and pictures of your desired style (if you have them). Keep in mind that the process takes longer when a client doesn’t know what they want or are indecisive. Taking time to prepare everything in advance will help speed things up.

    The process will further be sped up when you create a list of everything you like about the current kitchen space and the things you don’t like. It is always helpful to share your project goals, ‘pain’ points and wish list with the designer.

    While it is not necessary, you will help the designer get a better idea of your vision by sharing photos of kitchens that inspire you. Provide photos or links to images you found online. Great sources include Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest. As you share inspirational images, be sure to identify the specific elements that interest you the most. The more details you share with the designer, the sooner you will arrive at what you want.

  • Do you offer kitchen design-only services?

    We are happy to offer design-only services at an hourly fee. When you come to us, we will provide you with detailed and dimensioned drawings that you can take to cabinet makers of your choice to get the cabinets you want. Keep in mind that the company you use will be responsible for the final measures, order, installation as well as warranty support.

    While we are happy to offer design-only services, we love and enjoy working with clients on their projects from start to finish. This enables us to guarantee that the orders are placed correctly, all kitchen elements arrive on site safely, and all the installations are done correctly. We also guarantee outstanding customer support and complete satisfaction.

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