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Professional Kitchen Cabinet Makers Toronto

When it comes to kitchen renovation in Toronto and  the best kitchen cabinets Toronto experts in particular, we take pride in being one of the most recommended teams for making custom modern kitchen cabinets. As professional kitchen cabinet makers, we have a knowledgeable and experienced staff that is keen to understand your vision and build the precise cabinet that suits your needs. We continuously offer the best bargain for quality cabinetry in Toronto. 

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Get Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto

New Kitchen Cabinets Worth The Investment?

Modern kitchen cabinets in Toronto are an investment not just in your home but also in your lifestyle. According to a report in Forbes Magazine, investing in a kitchen renovation is the best way to boost the overall value of your home. The best thing is that you can partner with affordable kitchen cabinets Toronto experts to achieve this.

When you add elements that enable you to work better, such as creating a more functional living space or adding cabinet lighting, you will not only be adding beauty to your kitchen but also boosting the value of your home. Investing in high-quality custom kitchen cabinets will result in a durable kitchen workspace.

Before you get started with a kitchen renovation, it is wise to talk to a designer to understand where you can add the most value to your kitchen. Is it cheaper to build a cabinet or buy one? A designer will also help you figure this out. Spending a little time researching what is trending will further help incorporate elements that are beautiful and timeless.

Our team is happy to bring your vision to life. We will customize your order to guarantee you get precisely what you want.

Main Kitchen Cabinets Types

Choose the best kitchen cabinets in Toronto to complete your dream kitchen
  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets

    Custom kitchen cabinets are designed and built to fit your space perfectly. To achieve this, a designer will assess your kitchen space, review the style and then create cabinets that are perfect for your kitchen. If your kitchen has an odd layout, custom cabinets will be perfect. They will further help maximize space while flawlessly fitting your interior design style. However, it is good to note that the work that goes into building custom cabinetry makes this option a tad expensive. The cost starts from $500 per linear foot. Get in touch with us to find out more.

  • Stock Kitchen Cabinets

    If you are in the market for affordable kitchen cabinets in Toronto, you should take the route of stock cabinets. These are the most affordable cabinets you will find. The cost starts from $80 per linear foot. There are two main types of stock cabinets available: assembled cabinets and ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets. The RTA option is cost-efficient and will enable you to buy quality cabinets in a range of options. The drawback is that assembling the cabinets will take 30 to 45 minutes, and you risk damaging the finish. Assembled cabinets are easy to install. They are, however, expensive to ship.

  • Semi-stock Kitchen Cabinets

    For the perfect balance between custom and stock cabinets, your best option will be the semi-stock cabinets (also called semi-custom cabinets). These are not as tailored to your kitchen space as custom cabinets, but they come in a range of custom features such as custom finishes, decorative additions and the option of changing certain dimensions. They are delivered in standard sizes, but it is possible to request door fronts and drawers and adjust the depth of the cabinet to match your needs. The starting cost of semi-stock kitchen cabinets is $150 per linear foot.

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What Are the Different Kitchen Cabinet Categories Everyone Should Know About?

At Easy Reno, we have earned several awards for being the best kitchen cabinet makers in Toronto. We have awards from Renomark, Bild and idc. In addition to having the most qualified team in the business, we come highly recommended thanks to our turnkey services. We will help you with every step, from budgeting and designing to delivering and installing the cabinets you need. Prior to placing an order, we find it helpful to learn about the basic categories of kitchen cabinets.
  • Tall Cabinets
    These cabinets are about 84” to 96” tall and mainly serve as pantries. Custom cabinets can be lower or higher. Their height will depend on the height of the ceiling and the style of your kitchen.

  • Specialty Units
    These are customized cabinets meant to maximize the space in the kitchen space. Many features fit under this category. They include hutches, corner cabinets, appliance garages, and bottle racks.  

  • Wall Cabinets
    These cabinets are between 12” and 24” deep. How deep they are will depend on whether you go for the custom or standard cabinets. These cabinets are typically attached to the wall above the base cabinets, leaving enough room to install an 18” tall backsplash.

  • Standard Base Cabinets
    The standard base cabinets are usually 34.5” tall without the countertops and 24” deep. Custom cabinets can be of varying measurements but cannot be deeper than 27”. The reason for this is to allow the user to reach the back of the cabinet. If they were deeper, that space would be wasted.

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas That Are Worth to Be Considered


Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The shaker style is the most common type for kitchen cabinets. The cabinet style is not only distinctive but also timeless. The drawers and doors in a shaker cabinet have a flat surface with a recessed middle panel. Other trademarks of this cabinet style are the sturdy construction with high-quality wood and utilitarian designs. The style is available in many colours and materials. In most cases, the material used is high-quality American wood. Popular woods used are maple, cherry, quartersawn oak and hickory. 

Since the design is simple, shaker cabinets can match almost any interior style. They are also preferred for the classic look they offer to both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs. It is good to note that this style transfers perfectly to bathrooms and laundry. You can thus use the same format in the entire house.  

Slab Kitchen Cabinets
This is yet another popular cabinet design style used in kitchens. It is often referred to as flat-front or panel-front cabinets. It is both stylish and simple. The best thing about this design is that it is cheaper to buy and install and also maintenance is easy thanks to its flat surface and the lack of sophisticated design details. Its unique design makes it a perfect fit for modern and contemporary kitchens. 

If your goal is to achieve a minimalist kitchen, the slab kitchen cabinet will not disappoint. The style can further be spiced up using unique stains, paint colour or hardware. To add depth to the cabinet doors, consider using oversized handles. 

Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets
Are you a fan of the Scandinavian flair? If you are and wish to add it to your kitchen, go for the beadboard kitchen cabinets. The fronts are made up of vertical slats, which offer a remarkable touch in a rustic or cottage kitchen. The design might, however, not be suited for a minimal home. It will, however, work great when you add a kitchen island that has beadboard cabinet doors to add an amazing twist to the design. 

The best thing about beadboard kitchen cabinets is that the vertical slats are very pretty to look at, more so when it comes to a glass-front cabinet door. This style is perfect when searching for a unique kitchen design. They can create a remarkable high-end farmhouse or cottage-style kitchen when used in a space with exposed wood beams. 

Louvered Kitchen Cabinets
The Louvered kitchen cabinets add an amazing appeal to the kitchen. These cabinets have layered horizontal slabs creating the impression of space in the kitchen. Although they are rather challenging to clean, the airy style pulls you in and elevates the look of an otherwise boring kitchen design. 

The style door is the ideal detail to add to a coastal, Asian zen or bohemian kitchen style. The Louvered doors look amazing when covering the base, upper or tall kitchen cabinets. They add an element to the space – it is good to note that this style attracts a hefty price tag. 

Inset Kitchen Cabinets
As suggested by the name, the inset kitchen cabinets feature an inset door positioned inside the frame of the cabinet. This is unlike other cabinets where the door is set outside the frame. For this door type to work, it is usually designed and constructed using incredible precision to make sure the wood is positioned perfectly inside the frame, and the door closes and opens smoothly. As a result of this craftsmanship, inset cabinets come with a high price tag. The good thing is that their classic look is timeless. 

Inset cabinetry can be customized to develop tailored cabinets with non-beaded or beaded inserts. Beaded inset construction is usually fitted inside the cabinet door itself. This radiates excellent craftsmanship. It is good to note that inset cabinets have exposed hinges. This drives up the cost. 

Glass-Front Kitchen Cabinets
This kitchen cabinet is also referred to as open frame doors. These cabinets are perfect for homeowners looking to showcase their kitchen items plainly. You may need this type of cabinet to show off your vases of crystal, unique plates or collection of international beer mugs. The cabinet enables you to keep these items safely and visibly. Unlike the open shelves, the glass-front kitchen cabinet offers more storage space. It will also protect your items from dust. 

The glass-front kitchen cabinets are used for some areas of the dining or kitchen and not in every part of the kitchen. Needless to say, having tall cabinets that have glass-front doors does a great job of elevating the kitchen space. They also work great with other cabinet styles, including inset, raised and shaker doors. 

The drawback with the glass-front kitchen cabinets is that they are dainty and harder to clean. Granted, the style is perfect for homeowners who love keeping things spick and span. 

Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinets
This is yet another popular cabinet style used in kitchens. It is both timeless and visually appealing. It has a three-dimensional structure which fits perfectly with virtually all interior kitchen design styles. The name of this cabinet comes from the fact that the center panel is slightly raised to add dimension. 

The raised panel kitchen cabinet is mainly used in traditional homes. The elegant style of the cabinet looks impressive in any wood type and colour. For example, dark espresso cabinets that are paired with a light granite countertop give a cozy traditional space. On the other hand, two-toned white and blue raised panel cabinets can transform a standard kitchen into a coastal dream. The options are unlimited.  

Plywood Kitchen Cabinets
Although cabinet boxes are usually made of plywood, this engineered wood is gaining popularity as the preferred option for cabinet doors. They typically have a clear finish that shows off the grain while protecting the strong and durable material from defacement. 

The plywood cabinets look amazing in minimalist, Scandinavian and bohemian-style homes. They also pair remarkably well with simple design features such as marble countertops or white subway tile backsplash. These cabinets are inexpensive but only look and feel great when high-quality plywood is used. 

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