Kitchen Cabinets Trends

Every home is a dwelling place that should deliver the necessary functionality. It should cater to your needs, but you must also do your part to ensure it remains in an optimal condition.

When Should You Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Every home is a dwelling place that should deliver the necessary functionality. It should cater to your needs, but you must also do your part to ensure it remains in an optimal condition. Occasional kitchen renovation or remodel and regular maintenance of the furniture, appliances, cabinet doors, and fixtures can help you achieve that. You can target specific areas at a time. For example, you can change your upper cabinets to your preferred style. So, what is the trend for kitchen cabinets?

Knowing the new trends in kitchen cabinets can help you regain the practicality and aesthetics of your kitchen space. It can also help you determine when replacement is a better option than restoration. Making that distinction can help you save a lot of time, resources, and money. It ensures you do not start restorative measures only to realise changing the cabinets would have been cheaper. How often should you replace kitchen cabinets like wall to wall cabinetry or wood grain cabinets?

Like everything else in the house, kitchen cabinets will wear off at some point. Repairs may keep them in shape for a while, but at some point, you will wonder, should I replace my cabinets or open shelving?

Common Questions About Kitchen Cabinet Trends

What is the trend in cabinet doors?

The trend in cabinet doors is moving towards shaker style doors. This design aesthetic, characterised by clean lines and a recessed centre panel, is gaining popularity in the design world. These doors, often seen in upper cabinets, provide a classic look that fits in with both modern kitchens and traditional kitchen designs.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet colour?

Although white has been the obvious choice for kitchen cabinetry for many years, the current trend is shifting towards warmer and more natural colours. Warm tones such as cabinet colours in shades like simple white, dove white or chantilly lacquer are bringing warmth into the kitchen space.

What are the latest trends in kitchen cabinets?

The latest kitchen trends include two-tone cabinets, open shelving, and mixed materials. Two-tone cabinets, particularly combinations like black and white or grey and white, are on trend. Open shelving, which replaces traditional upper cabinets, is also a popular kitchen trend that offers both visual interest and functionality.

What style of kitchen cabinets are most popular now?

Shaker style wood cabinetry is currently the most popular style for kitchen cabinets. With their simple, traditional design, these cabinets fit well in modern, transitional, or traditional kitchens.

What kitchen trends are going out of style?

Traditional cabinetry are being replaced by open shelves, which provide easy access and a charming aesthetic. However, remember that open storage isn’t necessary for every kitchen. Other kitchen trends, like freestanding furniture and puck lights, are also considered outdated. Modern designs tend towards sleek, integrated appliances, floating shelves, and bold colour accents.

Contemporary Kitchen

Life Expectancy of Kitchen Cabinets And Signs You Need To Replace Yours

Putting up new cabinets like base cabinets always seems like a permanent move, and for a good reason. It is an investment that should serve your household well for a long time, but that is not always the case. The lifespan of kitchen base cabinets also mostly depends on the quality of natural stone or cabinet lighting. That is why different types have varying longevity.

So, exactly how long do task lighting and custom cabinets last? Typically, superior cabinets can last up to 50 years. That is a long duration to have the same cabinets, which proves that they are some of the most valuable components in a cooking space.

However, when contemplating replacing the cabinets, you should consider other kitchen appliances also. That means you should strive to know the average lifespan of every item in your house. For instance, sinks can last between five to ten years, dishwashers have an average timeline of 9 years, fridges have 13 years, marble countertops have 20 years, and faucets have a lifespan of 15 years.

The timelines can help you reduce the workload and save time. Figure out if other items have reached or are approaching their lifespan when you budget for new wall space cabinets. Ensure new installations match in terms of durability to avoid regular replacements. The goal is to make a safe long-term investment.

In most cases, problems arise when you buy a used house. Unlike new constructions, you may not know how long the cabinets have been in place. Even if you find that out, other factors also contribute to the longevity of cabinets. To make an informed decision, you must consider all those other factors, including exposure to moisture. Remember, not all cabinets have a 50-year period. Some have fewer years. Below are some of the signs you should pay attention to if you want to keep your cabinets and kitchen in excellent condition.

Life Expectancy of Kitchen Cabinets And Signs You Need To Replace Yours

‘Soft’ Structure

Soft cabinets are usually beyond repair. You cannot fix them, leaving replacement as the only solution. A simple test can help you determine if yours are at that point. Press the inside of the cabinets to feel the softness level. It is usually a sign of extensive water damage that is irredeemable. The only solution is to change the cabinets instead of making cosmetic changes.

You should always conduct that test before replacing wood cabinetry or repainting them. It ensures you do not beautify unsteady cabinets that will fall apart soon after.

Modern office kitchen room in building with young man opening empty shelf cabinet looking inside wearing dress shirt

Bad Shape Of Cabinet Box

Sometimes the cabinet becomes too worn out that you cannot drill new holes or put in new hinges. It loses its structural integrity, meaning it cannot support adjustments like adding new doors or knobs. That shows the wood is no longer functional and requires replacement. You may try to patch it up, but that will only end up being expensive without any tangible results.

Always prioritise the structural shape of the cabinet before you buy new doors or paint. Inspect the interior and exterior sections to ascertain whether the cabinet is sturdy enough to support the changes you want to implement.

Bad Shape of Cabinet Box


Mould tends to grow on hidden surfaces, including inside kitchen cabinets. In most cases, the remedy relies on identifying the signs early. You can easily clean the mouldy spots with soap and water to control spread. However, if it goes unnoticed for long, it can spread widely and might compromise the functionality of the cabinets. In the worst cases, it can cause health problems to the house inhabitants.

If you or your loved one experience allergic reactions like sneezing or runny nose when around the cabinets, inspect the area for mould growth. You can also check the kitchen ceiling for signs of water damage because excess moisture is usually the common cause of mould.

Man Looking At Mold On Wall

Functionality Is Not Satisfying

Poor functionality of the cabinets is another indication that replacement is due, and repair is not a viable solution. Making cosmetic changes only makes the kitchen look pretty, but you will still lack efficient storage. Common signs of dysfunction to look out for include:

  • Inaccessibility of stored items. If you must remove some elements to reach others, your cabinets may need changing.
  • They do not open properly. For example, you must open one door at a time. Otherwise, they slam into each other.
  • Drawers get stuck or make a weird sound when you open them.

Functionality Is Not Satisfying

Water Damage

Common signs of water damage include dark spots around the cabinet, doors not closing properly, and wood swelling. They can manifest when there are leaks inside the walls, exposing the cabinet wood to excess moisture. The severity of the damage determines whether you should replace or restore them. Other signs you might notice include warping, bubbling, delaminating, staining or changing colours, and mould growth.

Find out the source of leakage if you notice any of the above signs. If repair is possible, ensure the cabinet completely dries first. Partial replacements may be necessary if some parts are more damaged than others. Consult a professional if necessary.

flooding in the modern kitchen.

Other Reasons You Need To Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

  • New Designs
    New kitchen trends come up regularly, and that includes cabinets. The ones you install are bound to become obsolete at some point, forcing you to consider getting newer models. Every homeowner deals with outdated designs at some point, regardless of whether the house is old or the cabinets have been overused and are worn out.If your cabinets are outdated, compare newer designs in the market and select the one likely to match your style and needs. You can opt for custom cabinets if your budget allows. Ensure you get the correct colours to achieve the perfect blend or contrast with the rest of the kitchen components.
  • Lifestyle Changes
    As you evolve, your lifestyle changes automatically. It reaches a point when you must make other adjustments around you to suit the new lifestyle. One of them is the layout of the house. Remodelling can make the home more exciting and efficient. The kitchen is one of the areas you can target, and since cabinets cover most of the space, you can change them to make the dining room more vibrant. Start by replacing the doors and panels if you do not want to change the components. Be attentive to the practicality, together with the visual appeal, because they both matter.
  • Increase Value
    Buying a house is a significant investment. It gives you an asset that you can liquidate whenever the need arises. You can always sell the house or take a mortgage if you need funds for other investment opportunities or want to move to a better location. That is why keeping the house in top shape is crucial. Make it more appealing by improving the interior design features before showing potential buyers it’s worth.
    Fixing or changing the cabinets are some ways of increasing the property value. The job is simple enough and is less likely to overwhelm you.

Kitchen Cabinets Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

Most people ignore cabinets thinking they do not contribute to stylish kitchen trends, but that is a misconception. They define the layout and outlook of a kitchen. That is why refreshing the kitchen layout or updating it involves changing drawers, shelves and updating cabinets. If you are looking for the best kitchen cabinet trends, several options await you. Examples include popping colour selections, warm-tone wood options, and floor-to-ceiling arrangements.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The safest trend you can try is shaker cabinets. It complements any kitchen setup and remains in style for a very long time. It is also available in multiple choices, giving you varieties to work within your kitchen. You can choose a colour that blends with the kitchen walls and the rest of the items. You can also pick any size or shape you prefer. Whatever you choose, you are less likely to make a design error with the shaker style. The design has been around for a long time, and all signs indicate it will be around longer.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Open Shelves Upper Cabinets

Open shelves are trending, but it is a risky option because some experts believe it will go out of style soon. To be safe, combine them with some closed cabinets or glass doors. It will improve the visual aspect and make the whole kitchen feel more appealing. Another alternative for open shelves is adding vignettes. They are categories of items placed on display on tables or shelves. The elements can be souvenirs of places you visit, your favourite small pieces of artwork, curated collections, or any other thing that interests you. You can use the shelves to showcase them, turning the kitchen into an attention-grabbing space.

Open Shelves

Dark Cabinets

Dark cabinets are the new kitchen cabinet trend. It is a way of adding some dramatic aspects to the kitchen without losing the stylish component. You can combine woods that have darker shades with other rich hues to make dark colours in the cabinets stand out. Some of the shades should match other kitchen surfaces.

Expansive modern kitchen with sleek black cabinets, gold accents, bar area with stools, gold tray with glasses, adjacent black toilet, and essential appliances, illuminated by natural light.

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching cabinet hardware correctly with other kitchen appliances can produce your dream kitchen design. For instance, you can break down the monotony of plain white cabinets by adding round knobs with some handle pull. Ensure the appliances also match by choosing the latest trending options like stainless steel.

Add Height to Bare Walls

Creamy Kitchen Cabinets

What colours are in for kitchens? You are not the only one thinking about that question. The answer revolves around warmer colour palettes. Most people find the earthy tones soothing and love them for it. However, they can also create a significant visual impact in a kitchen design. For instance, creamy yellow and sage-green colours can bring an organic feel to the sitting room in the house.

Consider Adding Design Prints

Natural Woods Cabinets

Lighter shades of natural wood have regained their place in kitchen design trends. The popularity increased after a Scandinavian design known as hygge found its way to other parts of the world. Because of that, natural wood kitchen cabinet trends involving unstained wood on cabinets, floors, or furniture cannot steer you wrong. You can use any hardwood type that has a warmer tone. One of the most popular choices is oak. Although it went out of style a few years ago, its classic appeal makes it one of the best options for this style.

What Are the Styles and Species of Wood Countertops1

European Style Cabinets

The style is also known as frameless cabinets. The seamless nature results in a clean and sophisticated look that works for any kitchen type. Simplicity is another appealing factor. The edge-to-edge door style hides the framing behind, giving it a continuous flow. Initially, the design was custom-made. However, it is now easily accessible because of the increasing popularity of the Scandinavian style cabinetry. The style works with other design options such as traditional, flat panel, or shaker style cabinetry. As such, you get more flexibility as you select what works best for you.

European Style Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trend

You cannot go wrong with kitchen cabinet hardware, especially when you contrast them. Do not fear trying out items that do not match. The differences can create a harmonious style that makes your kitchen stand out from the rest. Achieving that look is easy and does not require the assistance of a professional designer. Note the colour of the cabinet, then select the most contradictory hardware. For instance, you can use metallic gold or silver if you own dark cabinets with matte finishes. Alternatively, grey or white cabinets can work with oil-rubbed bronze hardware.

Modern Kitchens and Cabinets Ideas Worth Investing In

Customized Kitchen Cabinets

Customization brings the advantage of making the kitchen unique from all others. Personalising cabinets is the easiest way of achieving that. Initially, such cabinets were too expensive, but that is no longer the case. You can find custom cabinet modules from various stores and mix them to create a unique style that suits your dreams. Increase the functionality by installing vertical sliding drawers. You can keep items you frequently use there for easier access. Try installing a plate or wine rack too. They make the kitchen more practical and personalised without the high-cost such cabinets before.

Curved Edge Island

Color Blocking for Kitchen Island

Colour blocking means grouping colours in different areas of the kitchen. The trend has been around for many years, with most homeowners also using geometric shapes to segment the space. The style is now evolving, with several options coming up. One of them involves cabinets. There have been cases where expert designers choose different colours and use them to group cabinets. You can do the same to improve the kitchen style. For example, you can have darker shades on the lower level and brighter hues above. You can also have black cabinets around the kitchen island and grey tones on other sections.

Going for Black Counters

Blue Cabinets

Blue cabinets are also among the top kitchen cabinet colour trends. They are an overdue replacement for white, grey, and wood cabinets that have been the safest choice for many years. Many interior designers opt for the blue colour, making it a trending design option. Different shades of blue can bring varying results. Some can be vibrant and instantly noticeable, while others can be the foundation because they are neutral. If you choose the latter, add other colours to make the kitchen more attractive. Most cabinet manufacturers offer navy blue cabinets, but you can also find lighter hues.

Grounding Blue Kitchen Cabinets

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