What is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Your kitchen is a place that is often neglected when it comes to aesthetics and ambiance, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. Refacing is a process of kitchen renovation, where the existing surfaces are sanded down and prepared for new layers of paint, real wood veneers or laminate. Kitchen cabinet refacing is usually done to give kitchens a fresh look without the expense of cabinet replacement.

This process does not require a massive investment and does not take a long time to complete. It generally does not cost more than a few thousand dollars in most cases.

Does Cabinet Refacing Look Cheap? The truth is that it is worth the money and does not look cheap in any way when done by professionals. Read further for additional information about kitchen cabinet refacing.

Is it Worth it to Reface Kitchen Cabinets? Kitchen cabinet refacing is definitely a value-for-money move for many reasons. It can be done at a fraction of the cost that is involved in a full renovation or remodeling process.

Is it Cheaper to Reface Kitchen Cabinets? Kitchen cabinet refacing is usually a better option than replacing them altogether because it is also a low-cost process and is eco-friendly since the existing cabinets are reused rather than thrown out. Some professionals do not even require homeowners to remove the existing kitchen cabinets and they will reface them right then and there.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Should You Reface Your Kitchen Cabinet?

Retain Your Kitchen's Look

If you’re fine with the current setup of your kitchen, then refacing is probably what you need. The process does not lead to any major change in your kitchen layout.

Make Your Home More Efficient

Refacing is beneficial for the environment, and increases the resale value of your home. This is because it is cost-efficient and reduces energy consumption. The process also keeps chunks of cabinets away from the landfill.

Save Money

The process of refacing kitchen cabinets is also more cost-efficient than traditional home renovations. This is because it is a simple makeover option that does not involve structural changes. So you end up spending less in one easy move.

No Layout Changes

If you’re looking to reinvent your kitchen, then cabinet refacing is not the best option. It is made for renewing cabinets that are already in place. It may not be beneficial for renovating old cabinets.

No Shelves

If your current kitchen cabinet doesn’t have storage space like shelves, you’ll still not have them after a refacing procedure. Refacing doesn’t involve replacing shelves unless you have a big enough budget.

Wood Veneer May Need Finishing

Your wood veneer may require finishing and varnishing. If you decide on a DIY refacing, these extra steps may not be so easy. If you face any difficulty, call Easy Reno right away!

What is Cabinet Replacement?

Cabinet replacement is a method of updating a kitchen by replacing old or worn cabinets with new ones. It allows homeowners to update their kitchens without re-doing the whole kitchen, and can be a great way to give your kitchen a facelift. If you have old cabinets that are outdated, broken or just too worn out for your liking, you can simply replace them.


Pros of Kitchen Cabinet Replacing


  • Your home has better value if you intend to sell.
  • You can add more space if you want.
  • You can change your kitchen layout and style.

 Cons of Kitchen     Cabinet Replacing


  • Replacing kitchen cabinets costs more than refacing.
  • Less environmentally friendly since you trash a lot of stuff.
  • Your home may become a workshop during this period.
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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets VS Replacing

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is one of the most popular forms of updating your kitchen. It is also a cheaper alternative to completely replacing your old cabinets.

One question we get asked often is whether it’s cheaper to reface kitchen cabinets or replace them. It is obvious that refinishing is going to be less expensive.

What to Consider Before Going For Either Option

  • Cost
  • Possibility to DIY
  • Why and when you want to do it
  • Do professionals need to be involved?

Cost of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets VS Replacing

In some situations, cabinet refacing may be as costly as cabinet replacement. If that’s the case, and you’re looking to save money, painting cabinets is another option.

Possibility to DIY

Cabinet refacing requires tools and techniques that you may not have if you decide to do it yourself. While professionals will do a better job replacing your cabinets, you may be able to DIY as well. Just be ready for some heavy lifting

Why and When You Want Reface or Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

Refacing is recommended when the cabinet boxes are in good shape but due to a small budget, the cost is a problem. On the other hand, replacing is best when the cabinet boxes are damaged or you’re doing a fully-fledged kitchen remodel. 

Do Professionals Need to be Involved?

While only an average number of professionals and companies are known to be involved in kitchen cabinet refacing, there are a host of contractors and individuals available to take up your kitchen cabinet replacement work.

What You Should Know Before You Start Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

What Cabinets Makeover Will And Will not Fix

Refacing Is Not an Easy DIY Project

Refacing your cabinets does not mean that you can easily do it yourself. Sure, it may seem easy – you’ll take the doors off of the cabinet and replace them with new ones! It’s not as complicated as remodeling an entire room, right?

Well, there is more to refacing than just taking the doors off of the cabinet. The wood boxes that your cabinets are contained in will also need some work.

Things you should know before refacing your kitchen cabinets:

  • Refacing requires intact cabinet boxes.
  • It is a difficult DIY task.
  • You may have to fix your countertops too.
  • It won’t fix a poor kitchen design.

It Is Beneficial if Boxes Are intact

If your cabinet boxes are not intact, your cabinet refacing project may not turn out so well. Frequently people might find that they need to replace all of their cabinets, or at least some of them, and this can be incredibly costly.

At Easy Reno, we’re ready to assess your kitchen cabinets before deciding as to the feasibility of a cabinet refacing for your kitchen.

If Backsplashes and Countertops Are Unsightly Refacing Doesn’t Make Much Sense

When you opt for refacing, you save money because you don’t have to purchase new cabinets. However, if backsplashes or countertops are unsightly, refacing doesn’t make much sense unless you add them to the project. In the end, other options such as replacing backsplashes or updating countertops will offer more improvement for the money spent.

It Won’t Fix the Design of Your Kitchen

If you have a shoddy kitchen design, cabinet refacing won’t solve the problem. Houses with little storage and counter space or kitchens that were designed without a sense of how people actually use their kitchen will still have those problems after the cabinet refacing. Only a kitchen remodel will solve those problems.

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing – FAQs

Do cabinet refacing and refinishing mean the same thing?

No. Refacing means replacing just the doors and drawer fronts on existing cabinets, while refinishing is a complete overhaul of your cabinets–replacing the cabinet carcass (the visible structure) with new wood, prefabricated plywood or MDF panels.

Is cabinet refacing an eco-friendly solution?

Cabinet refacing is eco-friendly. It reduces the amount of cabinet waste that ends up in landfills.

How long does cabinet refacing typically last?

Cabinet refacing should last for 15-20 years. Different brands have different life spans, so always check with your cabinet refacing contractor before entering into a long-term agreement.

Are cabinet refacing installers trained or is it a DIY job?

Easy Reno hires only trained contractors for the job because it can get dangerous when dealing with chemicals and power tools.

Will refacing my cabinets make them more structurally sound?

Yes. At Easy Reno, we have doors and drawers that are thicker and sturdier than the original cabinets. Doors and drawers now tend to be much more stable because we use well-researched designs for hinges, slides and balances.

Do I need to get a permit to have my cabinets refaced?

Cabinet refacing does not require a building permit. This saves you money as plumbing and electrical changes do require permits that could cost a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.

Can I reface my cabinets if I’m removing the soffits?

Yes, you can. We can remove the soffits but our draftsmen will need to determine what is in them.

Do you usually reface the drawer box or replace the whole drawer?

Drawer boxes need to be replaced as they can’t be refaced. Cabinet refacing at Easy Reno always includes drawer box replacement.


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