How To Install And Design a Shower Niche

Easy Shower Niche Ideas To Apply

  • Is Shower Niche a Good Idea?
  • Where The Shower Niche Should Be Placed
  • Shower Niche Mistakes To Avoid
  • Questions To Ask Yourself Before Installing and Designing Shower Niches
  • How to Tile a Shower Niche in Your Bathroom?
  • Shower Niche Ideas Everyone Can Benefit From

Is Shower Niche a Good Idea?

With the availability of bathroom containers, storage racks and shower caddies, most homeowners never think about tile shower niche. Most people ask, are shower niches a good idea, and are shower niches worth it? When you think about the drawbacks of the alternatives, installing a niche in the shower is a great idea. It doesn’t take up bathroom space and offers a long-term solution that keeps your bathroom space organized.

As you ponder whether to install a shower niche or not, it is good to understand what it is and what it can do. A shower niche is an open storage space, such as a cubbyhole. It is installed in the wall of the bathroom or tub area. This unique bathroom wall modification can help organize and declutter an unorganized or crowded bathroom. You can have the niche in the shower or installed in a bathtub surround.

How do I choose a shower niche? Read through this post and use the provided resources to learn how to get the bathroom niche installed perfectly.


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Where The Shower Niche Should Be Placed

Getting everything right the first time is very important when installing a shower niche. You don’t want to incur more costs redoing the work. As you get ready for the installation, you need to consider more than just the shower niche height off the floor.

Ideal height

The number one thing you must do is think about the shower niche size and height. Any experienced contractor will tell you right away that the ideal height is about 5 feet or 60 inches from the floor. The size of the niche shower can be anywhere from 24 inches to more than 30 inches. To achieve the perfect niche height shower, make sure the top edge is at your eye level. Always put practicality ahead of aesthetics. You don’t want a beautiful niche that is impractical, do you?


Does the shower niche need to be centred? The answer is yes. The niche has to be spaced properly for your bathroom items to fit and balance well. If you go for a prefab niche, ensure it has enough space for your shampoo bottles.


As you choose the ideal location, don’t install it on an outside wall. If not installed properly, moisture can condense behind the niche. You must also beware of utilities and splash zones.

Installing a shower niche can be risky and complicated. To avoid costly mistakes, always get expert help.


Other considerations include:
  • The answer is a resounding yes. Everything with a recess, groove or niche in the bathroom has to be waterproofed. There should also be no leakage through the niche sill into the wall. Waterproofing helps prevent mould growth inside and behind the shower niche. Consider working with an expert.
Shower Niche Mistakes To Avoid

It’s frightening to learn about the shower niche installation mistakes people make. Some mistakes cause inconveniences, while others are catastrophic. As you learn how to install a niche in the shower wall, you need to pay attention to the shower niche problems too. The last thing you want is to make the same mistake that costs your neighbour a ton of money.

A ton of mistakes can happen in a typical shower remodel. This is more so if the contractor is building a custom shower niche. Even when you want to take the safer route of installing a pre-made tiling niche, you still have to learn how to install a preformed shower niche and adhere to several rules and procedures. Following the right steps can help avoid a ton of problems, including moisture problems and cracks. If you are now committed to installing a new shower niche, avoid making these dire mistakes.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Installing and Designing Shower Niches

How to Tile a Shower Niche in Your Bathroom?

Shower Niche Ideas Everyone Can Benefit From

There are many shower niche ideas 2022 to pick from but selecting the final idea is never a walk in the park. You will always worry about choosing an idea that ends up tarnishing the aesthetics of your bathroom. Your budget, size of bathroom and where you want the niche to be installed will also affect your options. The good news, however, is that there are experts who can help make the best choice. In addition to that, taking a look at some of the best shower niche ideas will give you much-needed inspiration. If you are not sure which idea to implement, the following shower niche ideas will benefit you a lot. Take a look.

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