Designing Your Bathroom – Remodel Guide

Bathrooms may come in the smallest sizes in a house, but remodeling them is one of the most hectic projects you can ever undertake.

Design Your New Bathroom – Remodel With Easy Reno

Bathrooms may come in the smallest sizes in a house, but remodeling them is one of the most hectic projects you can ever undertake. Only professionals and homeowners who have done several bathroom renovation projects can understand the complexities involved in such processes and handle them with ease. If you are considering such a project for the first time, knowing what to expect and the proper considerations can help you save a lot of time and money. Otherwise, the whole process can turn out to be a nightmare that costs more than you had planned.

One of the important considerations is the main function of the bathroom. Before the bathroom remodel, you must decide whether it will be a guest or master bathroom or a main shared bathroom. The utilities are also important as they will determine the fixtures installed and any other special additions like stabilizer bars. Other factors to consider include lighting fixtures, paint colours, flooring materials, countertops, and the type of shower you want. Toilet design, baths, additional accessories, and fittings also matter. Remember to list all the other items you desire, no matter how luxurious they may seem. Many modern bathrooms are made with charging ports, towel warmers, or TVs, which means you can incorporate them in your bathroom remodelling ideas.

Figuring out all these factors can be time-consuming and tiring, but you must remember that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms that determine the resale value of a property. These amenities are no longer built for practical needs only, but for relaxation too. That is why implementing some bathroom art ideas during the remodel is not a strange concept.

Easy Reno can make the tricky steps involved in bathroom remodelling easier. Our technical skills will ensure you get a well-fitted bathroom that serves its main purpose and gives you a place to pamper yourself. You can start by following our remodel guide.

Stunning Design

Why Should You Consider Redesigning Your Bathroom?

  1. Bathroom Remodel as a Way to Embrace Change
    With time, the conditions or circumstances around your life may change, forcing you to adapt to maintain the same level of comfort you had before. One of those changes may revolve around the design and functionality of the bathroom. The space that may have been satisfactory when you bought the house may no longer be so because of additional members of the family or other occurrences. For instance, if you have a child or more, the once comfortable bathroom will be less efficient. You may also be approaching an age where you think additional safety measures are necessary for the bathroom. These are some of the reasons why it is always advisable to think about possible future changes when buying a home or remodeling the bathroom. Easy Reno can redesign your bathroom to suit your current and potential upcoming needs.
  2. Fix and Prevent Mold and Moisture Damage
    Moisture and humidity are constantly present in bathrooms, making them susceptible to mould and other fungal problems. In most cases, regardless of the amount of protection implemented, bathrooms still develop mould and decay problems as they age. Such issues can call for major bathroom redesign and remodelling that require extensive demolitions. Your best option may be to have full remodelling, which comes with the advantage of allowing you to construct a new bathroom that fits your current and subsequent needs.With the input of the creative team from our company, you will have a bathroom that not only serves its intended purpose but also surpasses modern design expectations. We use the finest materials that guarantee longevity and limit cleaning and maintenance needs.
  3. Bathroom Remodel Will Increase Your Home’s Value
    Domestic properties tend to lose their value over time due to natural wear and tear. The bathroom can age faster than the other rooms in the house because of the humid and high moisture conditions, especially if low-quality materials were used. That is the main reason why real estate agents focus on the bathroom state when putting up the property for sale.If you consider selling your house or just want it to have a higher value like the others in the neighbourhood, redesigning the bathroom will be necessary. It will give you a higher negotiating power and increase the chances of getting your asking price because people fixate on the condition of the bathroom, which determines the amount they end up paying for the house.
  4. Efficiency and Sustainability is the Key Factors
    The amount of water used in the shower and toilet in most homes makes up half the total quantity used in the entire home in a day. That means your bathroom contributes significantly to your utility bills. One of the best ways of conserving water, which is a precious natural commodity, is to remodel the bathroom. It also helps with the reduction of the monthly bills.Install water-efficient showerheads, toilets, and faucets to ensure you continue to enjoy the maximum usability of the bathroom without wasting water. Before buying any fixture, check its efficiency level and confirm that it has been tested and approved. The money you will save with the modern enhanced fixtures may not seem like much initially, but you’ll realize the higher efficiency and sustainability benefits with time.
  5. New Bathroom Storage Ideas to Apply
    Bathroom storage ideas have also improved tremendously over the past few years, and installing new ones can be a great way of adjusting to your increasing family needs. As the number of people using the bathroom grows, the number of products used in the bathroom will also increase. Over time, the storage capacity will no longer be enough for everyone, and the bathroom may become cramped. In the worst cases, moving around the bathroom will be a problem.Reorganizing and finding new bathroom storage ideas during the remodelling is the best way to solve such problems. There are storage designs suitable for bigger and smaller bathrooms, making it easier for you to choose any style that fits you. With the right guidance, you can maximize the available space.
  6. Updated Bathroom Design To Cater To Family Needs
    Bathroom styles tend to get outdated with time, with new and more appealing designs coming up frequently. By renovating your bathroom, you will incorporate new products and fixtures into the design to make it more functional and suitable for the current family needs, especially if there have been major changes like the addition of a new family member. Your family will also love the new bathroom design, and the upgrades will make their lives more pleasant.A modern bathroom can also add more value to the home by attracting more potential buyers who will be attracted to updated styles.

How To Design Your Bathroom: Where To Start

Apart from setting aside a budget, designing the bathroom is another major aspect of planning a remodelling. It allows you to choose a style that works for the bathroom layout and your personal preferences.

Start by comparing bathroom layout ideas to ensure you pick the one that allows you to maximize the use of the available space. Make that decision early by selecting a design choice that meets all the requirements in the new bathroom.

Next, use online platforms provided by bathroom contractors to develop a suitable style that will make you proud for years to come. Once you have a vision of what the new space should look like, create a floor plan with the available tools. Easy Reno has drag and drop tools that make the process a lot easier. For best results, create floor plans for both the old and new bathrooms for comparison.

Choose ideal finishes for the wall, floors, and ceiling, then select the fixture you would like to use. You can use our bathroom design ideas as inspiration to create one-of-a-kind finishes. All these can be done in 2D or 3D layouts to give you a clearer view of the final product.

Design Your Bathroom Remodel. Where to Start

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The 6 Common Types Of Bathrooms

Being aware of the different bathroom types is essential when considering a bathroom redesign project. It will be helpful, especially when requesting a bathroom quote from contractors and professionals.

Four Essential Elements That Determine Bathroom Cost

  1. The toilet
  2. The sink
  3. The bathtub
  4. And the shower

Full Bathrooms

As mentioned earlier, a bathroom with all four components is called a full bathroom. Most homes usually have at least one full bathroom present because having all four bathroom components in your house is essential.

Estimating Bathroom Remodeling Cost: starts from $20,000

Bathroom renovation process might include:

  • Expanding the size of the bathroom
  • Adding structural headers
  • Adding insulation and recessed shower caddy
  • Floor and wall tile upgrades
  • Rerouting plumbing and electrical

Do You Need a Permit for Bathroom Renovation?

Three-Quarter Bathrooms

These have only three elements usually present with a sink and toilet, shower, or bathtub. Most closely related to full bathrooms, most three-quarter bathrooms typically have a shower instead of the bathtub — since showers are the more cost-effective and eco-friendly choice.

Estimating Bathroom Remodeling Cost: starts from $15,000

Bathroom renovation process might include:

  • New walls or wallpapers
  • Installing/upgrading new shower or tub
  • Updating plumbing or electrical
  • Installing new vanity

Bathroom Renovation in Etobicoke

Half Bathrooms

Half bathrooms have two out of the four bathroom features, usually the toilet and a sink. The purpose of these bathrooms is considerably smaller than a three-quarter or full bathroom and usually does not include accessories such as medicine storage space, which guests do not need.

Estimating Bathroom Remodeling Cost: starts from $5,000

Bathroom renovation process might include:

  • New plumbing and electrical
  • New walls or wallpapers
  • Upgrading toilet, vanity, and facet

Half Bathrooms

Quarter Bathrooms

Commonly called utility toilets or utility showers, these bathrooms only have either a toilet or a shower, meaning they only have a single purpose. These do not usually come with houses or buildings and are added later on depending on their purpose.

Estimating Bathroom Remodeling Cost: starts from $1,800

Bathroom renovation process might include:

  • New minimal plumbing and electrical
  • Upgrading sink and shower
  • Updating lighting and flooring

Quarter Bathrooms

Combined Bathroom With Double Vanity

Combined bathrooms are comparable to three-quarter ones, but they are larger, which allows the installation of additional features. They are perfect for double vanities, especially if they are shared. Two sinks, larger counter space, and more storage space make these bathrooms perfect for families with children of any age group.

Estimating Bathroom Remodeling Cost – $17,500

The redesigning process may include:

  • Installation of the vanity sets and cabinetry underneath
  • Putting in sinks, shower, and toilet
  • Adding accessories and fixtures like vanity mirrors

Combined Bathroom With Double Vanity

Custom – Large Master Bathroom

Popularly referred to as primary bathrooms, master bathrooms tend to be over 80 square feet with luxurious fittings. It is common to find steam showers, wooden cabinets, large vanities, granite countertops, and bidets that add a modern or contemporary touch to these bathrooms, even if the main design is traditional.

Estimating Bathroom Remodeling Cost – $25,000

The remodel may include:

  • Installation of tubs and walk-in showers
  • Demolition of walls to change the bathroom layout
  • Installing new cabinetry, countertops, and flooring as upgrades.

Combined bathroom with double vanity

Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Help You To Optimize Space

Regardless of the bathroom size, lack of enough storage can lead to cluttering. Having an inventory of your bathroom products and towels can help you create ample storage space to ensure everyone who uses the bathroom gets enough space. Below are some ideas that will help you utilize your space to the fullest:

Wall cabinets
For large or master bathrooms, having a dedicated wall section for bathroom storage can be a better idea. Elegant modern designs such as flat-panel doors can keep everything hidden without changing the layout or style of the bathroom.

Drawers and shelving units in awkward spaces
Drawers can be made with different depths to cater to other bathroom products such as hair dryers and cleaning products. You can add dividers in them for easier organization of smaller items like makeup and nail clippers. Available gaps in different sections of the bathroom can also be made useful by adding custom-made shelves. Alternatively, you can have hidden cabinets for essential bulky products in unused spaces, such as corners that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Ceiling height shelves
If the bathroom has high ceilings, make use of the vertical space by having open shelves installed up to the ceiling. Frequently used items can be kept on the lower shelves, while accessories and ornaments can occupy the upper shelves. Such storage will also create more floor space for free movement within the bathroom.

Wall-mounted racks, ladders, and hooks
Racks on walls are perfect for delicate garments and can also be used to plan outfits for an entire week. The best part is that space below can be used to fit cabinets for more storage. Hooks and ladders can be perfect for towels.

Wall-to-wall vanity drawers
Custom vanities may be more expensive, but if you can afford them, they will allow you to maximize the use of space. They can be made to fit wall-to-wall and fitted with drawers instead of cabinets. They will be more efficient, and your bathroom remodel contractor can help you choose modern ones that will be sleeker.

Bathroom Design – Materials Make all the Difference

Materials Make all the difference – Design in Style

Bathroom Backsplash

One of the best ways of accessorizing bathrooms and adding a personal touch to neutral spaces is by adding backsplashes. These materials can be used to create a wide range of designs, including metallic mosaic, recycled glass, and irregular ceramics. You can work with your interior designer and contractor to develop artistic patterns that can be soft or bold depending on the colours you go for.

For instance, you can have a calming spa-style by using natural tiles in neutral hues such as greys, browns, or greens. You can also have the backsplash covering the entire wall up to the ceiling in some or all parts of the bathroom. For a more subtle design, using recycled glass, especially mosaics, on a few small sections of the walls will be enough. It makes the room more interesting without making it overwhelming, especially if the mosaic tile pattern is consistent.

Bathroom Lights

Bathroom Lights

In most cases, bathroom lights reflect the bedroom, which may be uncomfortable when the bathroom is being used at night. The solution is to plan a lighting scheme and create different levels of lighting that prevent vanity shadows without overwhelming the neighbouring rooms.

Think about what you want to achieve with the lighting before buying any. You may want to illuminate the tub area to make it the focal point, light up footpaths, or add a backlight to the mirrors. Some options to consider include task lights focused on vanities and sinks and accent lights that highlight specific areas or objects. Decorative lights are also available to make the room more interesting, while ambient lights can give the bathroom a soft glow.

The lighting fixtures must be balanced for functionality and aesthetics. Try to use energy-efficient bulbs by checking the energy star rating, colour rendering index (CRI), and colour temperature.

Bathroom Specialty Features

Bathroom features can be basic, but they can also make the space more special and comfortable. Examples include heaters for the floors, towel warmers, and steam showers. They may not be mandatory in the bathroom, but they will make your experience more pleasant. These features can transform the bathroom from a basic utility to a sanctuary that you can unwind in when the need arises.

When choosing heaters, consider the size of the bathroom and whether the layout will support the kind of feature you want to add. For instance, before adding a steam shower, make sure the shower cubicle is big enough to accommodate it. Water pressure and ventilation also matter with these fixtures. The type of flooring available will also determine the kind of heating.

Other fixtures you may consider include coloured lights for chromotherapy and bidets, though the latter may not work in a regular bathroom. Always pick a fixture that suits the bathroom, the footprint of the bathroom and its infrastructure.

Bathroom Specialty Features

Bathroom Cabinet & Vanity

One of the most important factors to focus on when choosing a vanity is size. A big one could take up all the space and make it hard to move around the bathroom. A smaller one may not have enough storage or countertop space, which will reduce the usability of the bathroom.

The design and material used to make the vanity and cabinets are also crucial, as they ensure you get proper placement and durability. High moisture content in the bathroom should not interfere with the material or cause it to wear off quickly. Some designs like floating vanities and wall cabinets are better for a smaller bathroom because they save space.

Vanities that allow you to incorporate storage spaces and cabinets that can be used in awkward spaces are also better, especially in larger bathrooms. If you can afford to, have customized ones that will suit your bathroom style and space.

Bathroom Cabinet & Vanity

Bathroom Flooring

Foot traffic is one of the essential considerations when choosing bathroom flooring. You have to ensure it can withstand the kind of traffic that will be there. Other factors are maintenance, level of traction to prevent slipping, and moisture resistance. There are several flooring options available, and they all have different features that you should consider. For instance, natural wood and stones may be the most elegant, but they may be more susceptible to moisture damage. In addition, you will have to invest in quality sealants if you choose to install them.

On the other hand, vinyl, porcelain, and ceramic tiles are more resistant to moisture damage and easy to clean, making them a better option. However, these options can be too cold, which means heating systems will be necessary. You can install radiant heating around the toilet and shower instead of the entire floor.

Bathroom flooring is an expensive investment, so make sure you consider your future needs when choosing one.

Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures can be the centrepieces as they add to the practicality of the bathroom. You have to select one fixture to use as a focal point; otherwise, too many of them can appear to be too much. They should also match the existing bathroom style for better flow.

One of the essential fixtures to pay close attention to is plumbing, and choosing them is increasingly becoming challenging. Prioritize quality and the kind of water flow you want in the showers and sinks. Decide whether you want a basic standalone shower, body spray showers, or rain shower head. Your faucets should be durable and visually pleasant. They should match the other features and fixtures, such as vanity and sinks.

The finishes applied on the surfaces are also part of fixtures that can create a cohesive or contrasting flow. If you decide to go for glossy paint finishes, have it consistent in the whole bathroom. Avoid contrasting materials like oil-rubbed bronze and nickel.

Bathroom Fixtures


Bathrooms are known as wet and sometimes humid rooms, which makes them thriving grounds for fungi such as mould. These opportunistic organisms can grow on any surface ranging from floors, walls to ceilings. Therefore, protecting these surfaces through waterproofing is better than waiting and getting rid of the fungi after they grow and spread.
For the walls, install a moisture barrier inside instead of only applying the sealant on the outside surface. It should be done before the wall construction is completed. Choose wallboards that are manufactured for wet conditions.
Choose flooring materials that are suitable for bathrooms, such as tiles. Make sure grout is applied correctly to prevent water seepage into the subfloor. If you use any other materials like vinyl, make sure you apply sealant regularly.
Waterproof paint and proper ventilation should be enough to keep the ceilings free of moisture. Inspect the bathroom occasionally to ensure your waterproofing is still intact.


Bathroom Countertops

Countertops should be able to resist everyday wear and tear while still providing enough surface for regular use. In addition, they must be resistant to corrosion and withstand other agents like soap, makeup, and water that may spill daily on the surface. Other important considerations you should not ignore when searching for ideal countertops include material, style, and shape.

Natural stones like granite and marble are some of the popular high-end and lasting materials you can use. They are elegant and luxurious, which is why they tend to attract more buyers and higher prices during the resale of the property. The only possible downside is that they need regular sealing. Other materials you can consider are quartz and tiles.

You can consult experts to help you choose affordable and low-maintenance countertops. Our team at Easy Reno can take you through available style options as we help you compare the characteristics of each type.

Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom Design Tips That Will Make the Process Easy

Having bathroom remodel ideas can make the redesign process easier, but you must first understand your needs. It is the only way to avoid being overwhelmed with all the ideas. The right bathroom contractors can make the process a lot easier by helping you explore options that are only suitable for your specific needs and bathroom design. Additional helpful tips include:

  • Tip#1. Colour scheme for your bathroom.

Start by choosing the primary colours you want on your walls, floors, and other surfaces. It will be easier to add other hues to the first colours and create a design that ends up being cohesive in the bathroom. Instead of one, have at least three. Having options will make it easier to compare accent, secondary, and primary colours. Neutral colours like white and cream are better, but you can also go bold with brighter ones like yellow.

The basic rule is that the primary colour should not be more than 60%, secondary 30%, and the remaining 10% is for accent colours.

  • Tip#2. Interior design ideas.

When thinking about interior design ideas, start with the floor plan, then add other fixtures as you build around it. Involve your contractor and interior designer as you create the 3D designs. They will give you objective opinions to help you make the right choices. Try out different finishes to get the best fit as you continue to design. Add a personal touch to the plan by choosing accessories, fixtures, and lighting. Go through the 3D when it is finished to confirm that everything is in place.

  • Tip#3. Bathroom remodelling plan.

Involving the whole family during the planning phase can help with decision-making, which will make the remodelling progress faster. The plan will depend on what you want to achieve. The size of the bathroom will also play a major role in your planning.

Get advice from trustworthy contractors, especially if it is your first time redesigning. They will help you understand what to expect and prepare adequately to reduce the chances of mistakes and frustrations once the work begins.

  • Tip#4. Organize your tradespeople.

Choosing the wrong people for the job can result in a lot of costly mistakes and time wastage. That is why seeking referrals from people you trust, such as friends and family, is important. Although choosing personnel you trust is crucial, liking them is also just as essential. It will help you get along for the duration they will be on your premises.

Know where to find the ideal tradespeople. For instance, if the remodelling involves knocking down walls, replacing joists, or installing new windows, the building control office near you may be the best place to start. Find out whether you need permits and ask about the reputation of contractors you are interested in hiring. Chances are, they have dealt with them before or at least heard about them.

When it comes to buying fixtures or fittings, ask your builder for assistance. They may have suppliers they already built a relationship with, which may get you some fantastic deals and discounts. They will also advise you on the best and fastest delivery options. However, some contractors take a small percentage of the costs for helping you.

You must also remember that buying luxury materials may come at an extra cost and possible delays. Think about how soon you need the products delivered. Some manufacturers may deliver within a month, while others may take up to two months.

Consider possible damage when placing your orders. Do not buy the exact quantities needed as that could cause problems if some of them get damaged. You may have to pay the contractors extra for the time they wait for the new products to arrive.

Confirm the return date and the condition of the supplies when they are delivered.

  • Tip#5. Budget-planning.

When setting aside the budget, do not have the exact amount indicated in the estimate. Bathroom remodels can be extensive, which increases the chances of errors or possible mistakes. Always have an extra 20% of the total cost to cater to possible surprises that may arise. Try all you can to keep the budget within scope.

  • Tip#6. Shopping tip.

It is better to time the shopping sprees with upcoming holidays to increase chances of getting sales and offers. Some stores even allow booking of products, which means you can order and put the delivery date to coincide with the holiday. Do not rush to order the first item you come across. Instead, compare several products and the prices advertised daily. It will allow you to determine whether there will be a better deal with a sale.

You have to remember that shopping can also be overwhelming, even though it may seem enjoyable at first. You can reduce the chances of exhaustion by not doing cluster shopping. Instead, dedicate each week to specific products. For instance, search for flooring materials one week and finishes the following week. Try to have breaks within shopping to prevent mental fatigue.

Take advantage of samples to understand better how they will look when applied in the bathroom. Sometimes emotions, lighting, and the atmosphere in the stores can give you a different perspective on a product and cause you to respond to it differently. Taking the samples home and seeing how they look in the space can help you make a more objective decision.

  • Tip#7. Bathroom Materials.

You can always choose popular materials, but make sure they match your preferred style. Their durability and strength must also be factors in your decisions. Consider why you are doing the remodelling and select materials based on the possible results. For example, if you intend to sell the house, too unique materials may not be ideal. Decide whether you want a simple remodel if you have a tight budget, a midrange bathroom, or a deluxe one, then choose the materials accordingly.

Best bathroom floor tile

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