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Full-Service Home Renovation Service in Toronto
Working with Easy Reno means never having to worry about the job being left half done or subcontractors coming to your property. We are the best home and bathroom renovation designers in Toronto because we control everything from planning to cleaning after construction. We build a professional relationship with our clients, and our cohesive team takes care of the rest. That way, you can make any changes you want to get the house of your dreams.

Why Choose Easy Renovation ?

Other Renovation Companies
  • Incomplete or unclear designs
  • Hidden fees
  • Material selection and purchase left to the client
  • Unskilled labour
  • Lack of project management
Easy Renovation Advantages
  • Reliable customer support
  • Detail-oriented designers
  • An upfront quotation that doesn't change
  • Assistance with material delivery
  • Licensed and Insured Contractors

Home Renovation Made Easy

Toronto Home Renovation Contractors Who Simplify The Process

Apart from the financial value attached to homes, most people also develop an emotional attachment to them. That is why keeping the house in the best condition is vital. By hiring home renovation contractors, homeowners can remodel their homes to suit their lifestyles, improve the value of the house in case of a resale, or modify it to match the current design trends. Furthermore, you can also turn the property into the cozy haven you have always envisioned through home improvement. These reasons show that home renovation is a good investment.
Where can I get affordable home renovation services in Toronto? Easy Reno offers the most competitive prices and inclusive services for domestic properties. We use unique techniques on the kitchen, bathroom renovation, basement, and whole house renovations. Our home renovation Toronto experts have the experience and skills to change the appearance and functionality of your home according to your needs. Your joy, comfort, and satisfaction are our priorities. We have a passion for what we do – it is never just a job to us. That is why we have built a good reputation in the Toronto area, and we intend to uphold it through excellent customer service.
If you are wondering how much does it cost to renovate a house in Toronto, contact us for a free estimate. The charges differ depending on the kind of renovation and the amount of work required.

Different Types of Home Renovations

One of The Well Known Home Renovation Companies in Toronto Providing Services for Every Taste

Easy Reno Taking Care of Complete Renovations

Home Renovation Services
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Our expansive knowledge is invaluable for all types of renovations. We specialize in every kind of home improvement, ranging from basement and kitchen remodeling to bathroom renovations. On top of that, we can also remodel the whole house for you.

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Complete Home Renovation in Toronto

Choosing the Right Renovation Company is an Important Step to Make Renovation a Success

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Enjoy a stress-free renovation with our unique build process.
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    Our Project Manager will meet you to learn more about your project and craft a custom proposal with a scope of work and transparent pricing calculation.

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    with Confidence

    After your space is measured, an Easy designer creates your dream space. Select from existing design catalogues or custom design your space. All covered: detailed drawings, finish materials and scheduled deliveries.

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    Let The
    Experts Build It

    Get your project built by professionals who will make your dream design a reality, staying on schedule and on budget so your renovation is stress-free.

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Do You Need a Permit To Renovate Your Home in Toronto?

When do I need a building permit for renovations? Most homeowners struggle to answer this question correctly. A renovation permit is mandatory when constructing or demolishing a property or adding an extension to the house. Any renovation that involves altering materials also requires a renovation permit. For instance, you cannot knock down walls, install new doors and windows in some parts of the property, or enclose outdoor areas like a deck without getting approval from the local zoning offices. You may also need to submit your renovation plan to the relevant offices and obtain a permit when doing a large home renovation.

Examples of Large Home Renovation Projects and How to Proceed With the Permit for Them

When pulling the permit, you will need detailed drawings of the renovation plan. The plan should represent the current cross-sections, site plan and floor plan, and the proposed renovation. A construction plan detailing the project specifications and materials required for the job are other requirements.

  • Adding a new floors to the house

  • Attaching a carport

  • Building sunrooms

  • Adding a detached garage

How to Choose the Best Home Renovation Company in Toronto

Tips to Hire the Right Contractors for Your Complete Home Renovation

When preparing for a renovation, one of the common questions is always, how do I choose a home contractor? A good answer is referrals. Talk to previous clients to gain insight into how the contractor operates and whether they are reputable. Asking other professionals in related fields can also yield good results.
When preparing for your home renovation project, you may work with realtors, financial planners, bankers, or lawyers. They may have worked with a good renovation company or contractor that they can recommend. As their client, their priority is to keep you happy. That means they are less likely to give poor recommendations. Remember to ask for licensing, certification, and insurance information of the company.
A renovation company or any other contractor will deliver what the client wants. As part of their professionalism, they listen to the homeowner and understand the needs before developing appropriate solutions. As such, you must define your objectives and expectations clearly, especially those directly related to the project results. Outline the features, fixtures, and design options you prefer in every section of the house. Do not hire any building renovation and design contractor that talks you out of your likes, especially if their reasons are not valid. For instance, they should only dissuade you if the building codes or regulations do not support the idea.

Toronto Home Renovation – FAQs

Do I need to find temporary housing while my home is being renovated?

Getting temporary housing or staying put depends on your tolerance level and the project size. You can stay put if you do not mind exposure to dust, noise, or construction equipment. Remember, some renovations can be too loud and invasive.

Our home renovation contractors can help you adjust as the renovation progresses. We will assess the situation and advise accordingly on when and whether to move, especially if the construction spans multiple rooms. You may have to relocate temporarily if the experts deem it appropriate.

What should be included in the home renovation contract?

Your contract should have details of the service provider, such as an address, contacts, and business name. There should be a comprehensive project scope, meaning an accurate description of every phase. The contract should also have the total cost of the renovation, payment terms, and the project timeline. The start and finish dates, labour, and material warranties should also be available.

We can give you a sample renovation contract for Toronto contractors with all relevant details, including sub-contractors and their payment terms.

Is it mandatory to hire a contractor for a home renovation in Toronto?

No. No law mandates homeowners to hire contractors – you can handle home improvement projects as a DIY. However, working with the best renovation company in Toronto has several perks, like experienced craftsmanship and cost-efficiency. Our professionals have the proper training, skills, and tools to fix every problem according to the required standards.

Handling complex or large-scale projects alone can result in the expenditure of funds and time without guaranteed success. You may fail to finish the job successfully after investing too many resources and energy.

Please note that some improvement projects involving electrical or plumbing work require a licensed professional. Others, like roofing repairs, also involve higher risks that only experts can mitigate. A more stress-free approach would be to hire a qualified contractor.

What is the best way to find a good home renovation contractor?

Comparison is the best way to find a good contractor – research a few companies and list at least three. Compare their attributes, the duration they have been operational, and recent references. Check their standing on trustworthy rating sites like Better Business Bureau and Canadian Home Builders Association. You can also check reviews by previous customers, keeping an open mind to avoid bias. If possible, interview them to determine how they would handle your project.

Request a no-obligation and accurate quote from us to kickstart the process.

What should I do once I have received quotes from home renovation contractors in Toronto?

Meet the contractor one-on-one for a detailed discussion of the home renovation quote and overall project. That is the only way you will prevent misunderstandings and miscommunication. Ask all the questions you want and give clarifications about your expectations and preferences – discuss the areas you consider important. For instance,you can ask about the timelines – when the project can start and end, the person responsible for acquiring renovation materials, and the payment structure. We will assign a project manager to guide you through the meeting and provide all the facts.

How much does home renovation in Toronto cost?

How much does it cost to renovate a home in Toronto? The exact amount you’ll spend on home renovation costs will depend on factors such as:

  • Your waiting period – The longer you wait to start the project, the higher the chances of the real estate market appreciating.
  • Location – A property that is not easy to access is more expensive because getting the machines and supplies there is more challenging.
  • Architectural complexity – Renovations on complex structures are mainly experimental, thus, more expensive.
  • Square footage –Vertical size is as critical as the horizontal one. A house with a higher ceiling costs more to renovate.

Feel free to contact us for your home renovation project.

Why do home renovation contractors ask for a down payment?

Down payment enhances the contractor's competency by enabling them to purchase the necessary supplies and get labourers. It also shows your commitment to the contractual agreement. The amount should not be more than 10% of the total cost, but if you decide to pay more, hold 20% of the total amount until project completion. Beware of modern home renovation Toronto contractors that insist on cash transactions and higher down payments.

How does holdback in Toronto work?

The Construction Act mandates that contractors, residential property owners, and subcontractors keep 10% of a renovation’s labour or materials costs. That requirement, known as a holdback, protects all parties involved in the project.

It allows contractors to take legal action within 90 days or request a lien on a property within 60 days. It authorizes domestic property owners to hold on to the final payment until they confirm their satisfaction after evaluating the project – you verify that the renovation is complete and meets high standards. You also corroborate that there is no property lien related to the home renovation before making the last payment.

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