Walk-In Shower – A Complete Guide

A Complete Guide to Walk-In Showers 2021

Many homeowners prefer a walk-in shower as a stylish and practical addition to their bathroom renovation. A walk-in shower can be ideal in homes with younger ones as well as elderly persons with restricted mobility. If you’re planning a new bathroom remodel , consider installing a walk-in shower enclosure that’s beautifully designed to suit your space. Consider this as an essential guide that uncovers everything you need to know about walk-in showers in 2021. We hope the information we share will help you to make the right decision.

Benefits Of Walk-in Showers

Suitable For Small Bathroom Spaces

Since walk-in showers don’t have doors, a curb or curtain, they create an illusion of more space. They don’t have that bulky shower enclosure, doors, or a high tray that takes up lots of space which is why they are ideal in small spaces.

Opens The Bathroom And Brings In More Light

Walk-in showers can make the bathroom appear bigger and brighter. This gives you more flexibility when designing your bathroom layout. In fact, walk-in showers can suit perfectly in tight spaces because they only have a single glass panel that gives a streamlined view throughout the bathroom. It’s the perfect addition to bathrooms where the space is limited and there’s no natural light.

Easy tT Use For Persons With Restricted Mobility

One of the main advantages of walk-in showers is that the step-free and doorless design makes it easier for anyone with restricted mobility such as elderly persons to access. It provides a safer option with plenty of showering space especially for homes with younger kids.

Easy To Keep Clean And Durable

Walk-in showers have fewer elements that need regular cleaning compared to the traditional shower enclosures. With a walk-in shower, you just have to clean the showerhead, tray, and glass screen. The modern showers come with quality protective coatings that make them easier to keep clean and looking new for longer. Furthermore, this type of shower utilizes minimal fittings and fixtures which makes it more durable and long-lasting.

Minimalistic Look That Improves The Home’s Value

A walk-in shower can also provide a high-end, minimalistic, and modern finish in any home and instantly boost the property’s value. Should you decide to install a walk-in shower, consider it a great addition that makes your home rank highly in the market should you decide to sell it in the future.


How Much Will You Spend On A Walk-In Shower?

The cost of your walk-in shower will depend on several factors including:

  • The size of the walk-in shower: Waterproofing and tiling must be done and the bigger the shower enclosure, the more it will cost.
  • The finishing you choose: Some materials used in finishing such as marble can be costly.
  • The type of tray you choose

On average, walk-in showers cost between $200 and $300 per square foot.


Design Options When Choosing Walk-In Showers

Framed vs frameless: If you’re looking for a more symmetric look that complements your bathroom décor and creates an open and brighter space, choose a frameless walk-in shower. A framed walk-in shower, on the other hand, provides a more industrial look and is more suitable in Scandinavian style bathrooms. Framed walk-in showers can be ideal in both modern and traditional bathrooms.

Recessed walk-in showers: If you have adequate space for the walk-in shower, it can be installed in such a way that the glass screen is fitted to the wall or ceiling and can allow entry on both the left and right sides. A recessed design is often used in bathroom renovations where you want your walk-in shower to replace a bath.

Corner walk-in showers: You may also replace the traditional shower enclosure with a walk-in shower that’s fitted into the corner of the bathroom. This option is designed with two glass screens so it can only be accessed from one side.

Floating walk-in showers: A sleek and modern style of walk-in showers is designed with a single glass panel allowing for entry on either side.

All these shower configurations can be retrofitted to your space depending on your needs.

Top Considerations When Choosing A Walk-In Shower

  • Ensure the glass you choose is tough and meets the necessary standard. Typically, walk-in shower glass screens must be between 6-8mm thick.
  • Glass panels should be easy to clean with a protective coating. Choose glass panels designed with a coating that helps prevent soap scum from building up and sticking on the surface. This will make regular cleaning a lot easier.
  • The type of shower head you choose for your walk-in shower is very important. If you don’t choose the right showerhead or place it on the wrong spot, water can end up flowing out to your bathroom floor. The ideal shower head for a smaller walk-in shower is one that directs water down at your head (instead of at your body).
  • In homes with younger children, consider framed glass panels with blunt edges.
  • When choosing a walk-in shower tray, opt for the ones that are divided into two sections: one for showering and another for drying off.
  • A smartly designed walk-in shower can still offer you privacy. Consider designing one that has a shower screen or obscure glass to create a private yet open space for you.
  • The walk-in shower tray should be designed with a robust and durable material to withstand everyday use.
  • Opt for a stainless-steel shower drain that offers durability and is easy to clean
  • Check the flow rate of your shower drain. This will ensure that water flows quickly away to avoid keeping the area wet.
  • Don’t forget to confirm the guarantee period of your walk-in shower too. Some companies offer lifetime guarantees whereas others will only cover faulty materials and not breakage. Read the fine print and ask questions wherever it’s unclear.

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