Decorating a Large Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the places in your home where you spend a lot of time. As such, it should not only be practical; it should also be stylish and clean.

Tips and Tricks for Decorating a Large Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the places in your home where you spend a lot of time. As such, it should not only be practical; it should also be stylish and clean. You can achieve these by trying out several decorative options and installing various new fixtures.

Choosing the right colour scheme

Bathroom renovation Mississauga companies usually have large colour pallets for clients to choose from. However, you have to choose carefully because not all colours blend in a large bathroom. In most cases, neutral colours are best for such large spaces. They give the bathroom a calm effect, especially since neutral colours do not exaggerate the bathroom space. White and grey are examples of plain colours you can try. You can break the monotony by adding some shades of brighter colours like greens and oranges. Choose complimentary colours that will enhance your entire interior décor.


When looking for accessories, try to focus on their practicality instead of only looking at their aesthetic value. Accessories that are also practical will reduce the number of items you put in your bathroom. You’ll avoid overcrowding the bathroom space but still make the space breathtaking to look at. Some accessories to consider buying are tissue paper holders, towel racks, soap holders and many others. Choose those that look great but can still enhance the accessibility of the bathroom.

Double vanities

Double vanities can also make your bathroom look better than single ones. Vanities usually create a focal point in a bathroom, which means that double vanity will look better than the single ones. Having a vanity set also makes it easier for you to share the bathroom with your loved one. You can each pick a side if you are a couple and maintain harmony as you use the bathroom. Additionally, double vanities can also give you larger and more usable space by giving you a platform to add other accessories. You can have a large mirror or towel racks on top of the vanities to maximize the use of space. Buy any set of vanities you like most and match it with the furniture you already have in the bathroom for maximum visual effect.

Create a seating area

A large bathroom can appear hollow if it is not furnished properly. Adding a seating area will not only improve the visual appeal of the bathroom; it also increases your comfort when you use the bathroom. You can use the space as you prepare for work or bed. Select any style of seat you like. It can be a sofa, a chaise lounge, or several single seats. Whatever works with your interior décor will be great. You can add a small table if there is room left after placing the seats. Match these with the rest of the furniture to coordinate the colours, and you’ll have the perfect bathroom.

 Improved lighting

Well-placed lighting will make the bathroom look bigger and airy. When you add good lighting to natural light from the windows inside the bathroom, you will improve air quality. Place more lighting fixtures in the areas you want to highlight for better visuals. For instance, you can add accents around your bathtub, shower, or vanity. You could also make the bathroom more luxurious by having a chandelier with incorporated lights.

Adding accessories

Bathroom decorations can range from anything basic like tiles to various decorative stones. You can make your accessory of choice to blend with the existing materials. Use the items you already have in your bathroom as a guide. You can also select contrasting accessories so long as they complement each other. Just be careful not to overcrowd the bathroom with too many decorations.

Adding mirrors

Like light fixtures, mirrors can also have a dramatic effect in a bathroom. Various mirror designs are available for different bathroom designs. You just have to shop around for the most befitting one for your bathroom. When placed correctly, mirrors can also make your bathroom look more spacious. You’ll get the full effect when you compliment them with the lighting. Try combining different sizes of mirrors as well. Just make sure you have one full-length mirror, even if you add a couple of others over the vanities.

Making the bathroom green

More people are embracing the green concept, and your bathroom is the perfect place to try out the idea. Adding a few plants and flowers can increase the liveliness of the bathroom. You can buy ornamental plants if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on maintenance. If you don’t mind watering the plants as needed, you can get live plants instead. Whatever the case, you will have the perfect and simple accents for your bathroom. For live plants, choose the ones that withstand humid conditions. That way, you won’t have to worry about the plant dying due to the excess moisture in the bathroom.

Better storage

Just because you have a large bathroom doesn’t mean you cannot over-clutter the space. It’s easier to leave things lying around in a larger space, just like it is easy to throw things around in a smaller bathroom. To prevent that from happening, add more storage cabinets in the bathroom. Utilize the wall length to create separate storage solutions for your toiletries and other personal items. You can have a separate section for your towels and another one for cleaning supplies. It will not only be easier for you to locate the items you need when you need them, but your bathroom will also be more polished.

Using natural cabinets

Sometimes it’s easier to get carried away when choosing bathroom colours. However, natural colours are more appealing and sophisticated. They can make your bathroom stand out without making it appear too crowded. Try to choose natural-coloured cabinets and furniture. The outcome may look simple, but it will be more refined. White colours and woody colour tones can give you that visual effect. You can combine lighter and darker shades and make them blend with the other colours like on the floor and walls. It’s also easier to find tile colours that match the natural colours of furniture.


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