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Condo Bathroom Renovation – The Easy Way

The popularity of condo ownership in Toronto has reached unprecedented levels. Whether you are considering purchasing or selling, it is highly recommended to renovate the bathroom. Our dependable team of expert builders is the ideal choice for your condo bathroom renovation project in Toronto. We specialise in a wide range of renovation options, from simple updates to extensive transformations. Our commitment to surpassing expectations is reflected in our understanding of your preferences, adherence to budget constraints, and timely completion of the job. Get in touch with us today, and our experienced bathroom renovation professionals in Toronto will not disappoint you.

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  • Lack of renovation project management
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What Are The Requirements For Your Condo Bathroom Renovation?

When it comes to renovating a full shower or bathroom in your own house, the decision is relatively simple as it primarily affects you and your family. However, renovating a condo bathroom is a different story. Is it possible to renovate a bathroom in a condo? Yes, it is indeed possible, but the process is not as straightforward.

Before embarking on a condo bathroom renovation, you must obtain permission from the condo owners’ board on behalf of the other unit owners. It is crucial to thoroughly review the regulations outlined in the ownership agreement before initiating any renovation project, no matter how minor it may seem.

The condo corporation may impose certain limitations and restrictions. For instance, you may be prohibited from making changes to electrical and plumbing fixtures or altering common areas within the existing property for building design alone. Compliance with rules pertaining to waste disposal, noise levels, and designated work periods is also of utmost importance for condo owners. Our team of experienced contractors is well-versed in the challenges associated with condo renovations in Toronto and can assist you in navigating through these complexities.

What To Consider Before Renovating Condo Bathroom

Process to Remodel Condo Bathroom – Make the Most Out of Your Bathroom Space

Why Choose Us for Toronto Condo bathroom remodel

At our company, we specialise in condo renovations, and we take pride in the positive feedback we receive from our previous clients.
Our team possesses tailored skills and keeps up-to-date with condo rules and regulations to provide you with a hassle-free experience.

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    Plan for the renovation with the help of a reputable project manager. We will show you the nitty gritty elements to ensure you do not miss any material.

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    The Easy Reno team has a catalogue you can customise to suit your vision. Double-check the designs to ensure everything matches.

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    Get Your Fixtures and Finishes Delivered

    We can organise for a timely supply delivery to avoid mishaps. We know the most reputable suppliers who can give you the highest quality materials.

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    Our builders are experts in bathroom renovations, meaning a stress-free process for you. Do not worry about going over budget or avoidable late completions.

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Condo Bathroom Renovation Tips and Considerations

Renovating a condominium bathroom can significantly increase property value. When planning a condo bathroom renovation, consider the following factors: space, design, regulations. The idea behind a condo bathroom remodel is to enhance the overall appeal and functionality. In case you need assistance, contact Optimal Bath & Design experts or refer to their gallery for inspiration. Now, let’s explore how condo bathrooms can be renovated.

Renovating an entire house or condo bathroom can be challenging, but with careful planning and execution, it can result in a stunning transformation. Here are some valuable condo bathroom renovation ideas and tips for your project in Toronto:

1. Hire a reputable contractor:
It is crucial to choose a reliable contractor who can help you create a functional and visually appealing space that meets all your requirements. Conduct thorough research and seek recommendations from friends or family. At Easy Reno, we take pride in our experienced and professional condo bathroom renovation contractors who can assist you. Feel free to explore our past projects gallery for inspiration.

2. Stay within your budget:
It’s important to avoid exceeding your initial budget during the renovation process. Sit down with your contractor and carefully review all the associated costs. This will help you stay on track and prevent overspending. With careful planning, you can save money and enjoy your new bathroom without financial concerns. At Easy Reno, we will work with you to prioritise your needs and determine if there is room in your budget for additional upgrades.

3. Select your finishes carefully:
Take your time in selecting fixtures, flooring, and paint colours that align with your vision. Request samples to see how they look in person before finalising your decisions. Investing time in selecting and installing the perfect flooring and finishes is worthwhile to ensure long-term satisfaction. At Easy Reno, we offer a wide selection of quality flooring and materials from our catalogue.

4. Consider the details:
Pay attention to even the smallest details, such as towel bars, soap dishes, and toilet paper holders. Choose finishes that harmonise with the rest of the room, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look. Attention to detail can make a noticeable difference in the overall aesthetics.

5. Storage solutions:
Effective storage solutions can make a small bathroom feel more spacious. Discuss ideas with your contractor on how to maximise space and create functional yet stylish storage options. The difference it can make, both in appearance and convenience, will amaze you.

Factors Influencing the Cost of a Renovation

Factors influencing the cost of a renovation may vary from person to person or company to company. Depending on the scale and finish, the average cost can range from $600 to a lavish remodelling budget of around $32k+.

If you require assistance throughout the renovation process, our team at Easy Reno is always ready to lend a helping hand. Contact us today for a smooth condo bathroom renovation that aligns perfectly with your vision.

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Reviews about renovating bathrooms in apartments

Here’s what to expect when you hire us as your bathroom contractor in Toronto.

Common Questions About Condo Bathroom Renovation In Toronto

You have questions – you have answers
  • Can you renovate a bathroom in an apartment?

    Yes, you can renovate a bathroom in an apartment or condo. However, it is important to obtain approval from the condo board before making any modifications to the walls or structure of the unit. This is due to the shared walls, ceilings and floors in most condos now, which can impact the entire building. Consultation with the condo board and obtaining the necessary permits is crucial before starting any construction project involving wall modifications.

  • Can you move a toilet in a condo?

    Yes, it is possible to move a toilet within a condo. By adjusting the flanges, the toilet can be moved a few inches on all sides, allowing you to utilise the same wastewater connection. This can help save money and make better use of the available space. In condo designs that prioritise maximising space and functionality, creative storage options, movable or collapsible counter spaces, and high-tech fixtures play a crucial role. While moving walls or relocating fixtures may not be feasible in a condo, utilising colours, finishing materials, and decor can create an appealing and functional space.

  • How long does it take to renovate a condo bathroom in Toronto?

    The duration of a condo bathroom renovation in Toronto can vary depending on factors such as project scope, complexity, and condo rules. While condo bathroom renovations may have some restrictions compared to house renovations, the timelines can be similar due to regional bylaws. The best way to determine the exact duration is to consult with a reliable contractor who can provide you with an accurate schedule and time estimate during the initial consultation or visit.

  • How much does condo bathroom renovation cost?

    The cost of a condo bathroom renovation in Toronto depends on various factors such as materials, labour, and desired outcomes. Easy Reno provides a cost estimate after evaluating all the project requirements, and there is no fee for the initial quotation. On average, a condo bathroom renovation in Toronto can cost around $15,000. However, luxurious modifications or high-end designs can cost up to $40,000 or more. The general cost range is between $9,000 and $55,000, considering the size and specific factors of the project.

  • Where should you start with your condo bathroom renovation?

    Start by contacting Easy Reno, as we specialise in stress-free condo bathroom renovations. We will understand your expectations and provide you with all the necessary information about the condo and project’s phases. Simply give us a call or fill out our online form, and we will guide you step by step through the process.

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