Cheap Ways To Renovate - How to Renovate a House on a Budget

Save Money on a Whole House Remodel With Easy Tips

  • Renovating a House on a Budget – Myth or Reality?
  • Is It Cheaper to Build a New House or Remodel an Old One?
  • One of The Important Ways to Save on Home Renovation is to Create a Budget and Stick to It
  • Consider Taking Advantage of Sales When Renovating Your House on a Budget
  • Make Sure You Have a Step-by-Step Plan
  • Temporary Bathroom Will Come in Handy
  • Replacing Cabinets Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot

Renovating a House on a Budget – Myth or Reality?

Have you been thinking about sprucing up your property? Do you wonder, how can I renovate my house cheaply?

Most people thinking about renovating a house do not move forward with the plans for fear of financial constrain. It is a common belief that renovation costs, including a bathroom renovation, can spiral out of control, making it impossible to complete the project on time for those remodelling on a budget. That can happen even if you take measures such as setting aside 20% of the budget to cater to unforeseen circumstances, avoiding additional renovation requests once the work begins, and getting the best contractor.

Therefore, the question remainshow can I save money on a whole-house renovation? It is possible to save money by renovating at the right time, using the appropriate materials, and choosing the best designs. 

We explore some cheap ways to renovate your house and make it an enjoyable experience below. Remember to reduce the cost of internal house renovationyou must pay attention to the little things. They contribute to the final cost. 

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Is It Cheaper to Build a New House or Remodel an Old One?

For most people, the cost is the main determining factor of renovation vs. building new house. However, several other considerations contribute to the decision and should not be ignored. You can weigh them with the help of your contractor.

Constructing a new house has the benefit of giving you a clean slate to try out various design options, choose the home structure, layout, and square footage. However, all these possibilities and other factors mean spending more money. 

Remodelling allows you to consider the addition of new rooms, knocking down walls, or remodelling bathrooms and kitchens. You can still change the layout to suit your lifestyle, but there are limitations with the square footage. Extensions can be other projects that also cost more.

Remodelling also has the advantage of not dealing with pre-building costs, but there may be demolition charges. You get to choose what to leave intact and what to change to reduce the costs. With a new build, everything from the foundation, framing, and permits are necessary. Most renovations do not require specializations unless they affect the house’s foundation.

When deciding whether to build or remodel, the build or renovate cost, duration of the project, design, and the project scope are some factors you cannot ignore. They influence your experience with the project and the budget. Consider and compare them, then choose the cheaper alternative.

Other considerations include:
  • Cost-effectiveness – erecting a new structure on a plot of land is more expensive than remodelling a house to give it a different functionality that suits current needs.

  • Functionality and visual appeal of the design – new construction has more flexibility regarding functionality and design. A renovation largely depends on the existing structure and does not give as much freedom.
  • Project timeline – the amount of work involved in new constructions translates to longer project durations. Renovations take a shorter time because most of the elements are already in place.

  • Scope – renovations have a smaller span than new builds. You can get carried away easily with all the options new constructions bring, leading to more costs and an extended project timeline.

One of The Important Ways to Save on Home Renovation is to Create a Budget and Stick to It

When considering how to create a home renovation budget, the first step is realizing that budgeting does not mean being cheap. It is a way of determining how much money you are willing to spend on the job. You get to know how much money you are using from your income and the amount remaining as savings.

Creating an ideal and reasonable budget for the project is the next step. Set aside the amount you can spend comfortably, then choose designs that fall within that price range. Do not pick the new style first. Instead, check out the fixtures and renovation supplies as you compare their costs. You can select those that work for the budget and leave those that don’t.

Spreadsheets also play a significant role in how to create a remodel budget easily. First, add every element of the construction, starting with the materials. Next, get quotes for the supplies from multiple sources for more accurate estimation, and remember to include waste, tax, and labour costs. Finally, determine the areas exceeding the budget and decide whether to substitute them with cheaper materials or eliminate them from the list completely.

Always include unexpected costs in the budget. It can be any percentage of the total amount, but keep it above 10% for better flexibility.

Consider Taking Advantage of Sales When Renovating Your House on a Budget

Timing your purchases to suit the seasons is one of the cheap ways to renovate your house. Some materials are lower priced than others during specific periods, and you can take advantage of that. For example, buying outdoor furniture when summer ends or waiting for Black Friday to purchase power tools or electronic gadgets can save you a lot of money. Research the sale seasons in your location.
Waiting for the perfect time to hire a contractor also works. For example, avoid doing the renovation in summer, during the festive seasons, or when children resume school. Those are busy times for suppliers and contractors, which means materials are more expensive and deliveries are not prompt.

Make Sure You Have a Step-by-Step Plan

Restoring old homes cost tend to be lower where there is a plan. That is why every expert recommends proper planning as a vital factor in renovating a house on a budget. Part of that is creating a reasonable budget and scheduling the work accordingly. Without a plan, you will spend more money than you intended, and the project may drag beyond the period you anticipated.
Step-by-step planning depends on the type of renovation. For example, you can look for an alternative placement area for the furniture or appliances on the section to be demolished. You can also cover them if you are only painting the place. Your contractor can help you figure out the best ways of reducing prices.

Temporary Bathroom Will Come in Handy

If there is only one bathroom in the house that requires remodelling, you will need a temporary one to use until the work is over. Then, the contractor can set up a practical one in the basement - far from the construction. They can connect it to the floor drain for more convenience.
Renting a restroom is also a good idea. Portable ones like those used in concerts may not be too technical to set up, and the renovation crew can help you out if you need it. Again, renting such a utility may not seem like a good idea when trying to save money on the project, but it is usually worth it.

Replacing Cabinets Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot

Cabinets can help you save a lot of money when you are renovating on a budget. Apart from reusing the old cabinets, you can also buy new ones and save the labour cost by installing them yourself. If you are reusing, you can apply a coat of paint to give them the visual appeal you want. Another option is to replace the wooden doors with glass. If you opt for a new installation, make sure you pick cabinets that blend with your design style. You will also need all the right tools before you start. Follow a systematic process by test-fitting them, putting them in the correct position, adding filler strips, making plumbing and electrical cutouts, and finally installing them.

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