Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas for Your Bathroom

Wainscoting in a Bathroom Made Easy

  • What Is Bathroom Wainscoting?
  • What Is The Difference Between Wainscoting And Beadboard?
  • What Height Does Wainscoting Need To Be In Your Bathroom?
  • Advantages of Adding Wainscoting
  • How To Install Wainscoting in a Bathroom
  • Wainscoting Types For Your Bathroom

What Is Bathroom Wainscoting?

What is wainscoting in bathrooms? Bathroom wainscoting is a style of wall panelling. It originated from Holland and England. At first, homeowners covered an entire wall surface. Today, homeowners cover the lower parts only. Advances in wood processing technology have brought a wide variety of materials to pick from. Covering bathrooms during bathroom renovation with wainscoting involves nailing panels of wood on sections of the walls then topping it with a chair rail moulding. Chair rail moulding is a decorative wood trim that is placed horizontally on the walls.

As for what is the purpose of wainscoting, the first is to add interesting texture and a country appeal to a rather plain bathroom wall. It is also used to create a contrast with the walls to break the monotony. Towel bars mounted on walls above wainscoting look amazing. So, is wainscoting good for a bathroom? The answer is yes. The added layer protects your bathroom walls from moisture and serves as great insulation. Wainscoting will also add value to your home.

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What Is The Difference Between Wainscoting And Beadboard?

The purpose of both wainscoting and beadboard is the same. However, there are key differences between the two. For one, wainscoting has flat panels within a frame. They are distinguished by the appearance of upper and bottom rails plus side rails which divide the board. As for the beadboard, the panels match vertically to form stripes. The indented line comes from the tongue and tongue connection. This is an attachment mode in which a protruding tongue on a board slides into a receiving groove of the adjacent board. This mode of attachment is used in ceilings, exterior siding and flooring.

As you compare wainscoting vs beadboard, you should note that wainscoting is a style of wood panelling that is seen on the lower ½ to 1/3 of a wall. It is typically seen around the whole perimeter of a room. It protects the wall from damage, more so if the area is prone to impact. Wainscoting is commonly assembled from beadboard panels.

Beadboard is characterized by the long, continuous vertical grooves and the raised beads which are spaced by an inch or two. The boards can be purchased as individual boards or as large panels. Is beadboard good for bathrooms? The answer is yes. They protect the walls from damage.

Which is more expensive wainscoting or beadboard? This depends on the selected materials, the area being covered and the contractor.

Other considerations include:
  • Shiplap – Shiplap borrows inspiration from exterior house siding. They are selected for their appearance, not function. They give a rustic look.
  • Raised Panels - These are seen in expensive older homes, and used with wainscoting. They create deep shadows for an excellent eye-arresting look.
  • Tongue and Groove - This is an attachment mode where protruding tongue on one board slides into a receiving groove of the adjacent board.
  • Flat Panels - This is panelling that has a completely smooth front. It is the hallmark of contemporary or modern design.
What Height Does Wainscoting Need To Be In Your Bathroom?

Typically, the standard height of wainscoting for a bathroom is about 38 to 42 inches. This is about 1/3 of the bathroom wall. Should wainscoting be higher than vanity? For easier installation, the height shouldn’t go over the vanity and sink. However, if you want a tall wainscoting bathroom, it works best as a backsplash for your tub and vanity. You can place wainscoting 4 to 8 inches above these bathroom elements. More effort will be needed to complete the installation of higher wainscoting. Always avoid heights that exceed 48 to 54 inches.

How high should wainscoting be in a bathroom? You must always consider the size of your walls before you consider the installation of wainscoting. If you have a small bathroom, keep the height of the wainscoting low and vice versa if the bathroom is big. Always remember that the dark wainscoting causes a bathroom to appear smaller. This is more so if you have a low ceiling. If you are unsure how it will look, test it out using wall tape. The tape should mark your desired height.

Once you get the height right, you have to think about the bathroom wainscoting materials. Make sure you select a material that is treated to be moisture-resistant. Here are the best materials.

Advantages of Adding Wainscoting to Your Bathroom

Is wainscoting good for a bathroom? Wainscoting gained popularity in the 18th century. Initially, it was used to help with insulation and to make the wall more durable. Today, the main use of wainscoting is to decorate the wall. It breaks wall monotony and makes a room more visually attractive. Advances in technology make it easy to find the best wainscoting for the bathroom. Here are the key benefits of adding wainscoting.

How To Install Wainscoting in a Bathroom

The first step in the installation of wainscoting is gathering the supplies. You can get wainscoting in small packs of planks or large panels. You can get the panels cut to your desired size before they are shipped to you.
Next, you need to replace the trim work that has to be switched out. If your trim work looks cheap, you may want to get it replaced since it will look odd when panelling sticks out. Once the trim is situated, you can go ahead and install the beadboard panels. Use a stud finder to make the studs, then drill small pilot holes and attach the beadboard to the wall using trim screws. Liquid nails can also be used.

Wainscoting Types For Your Bathroom

Style Your Bathroom With These Wainscoting Ideas

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