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  • Easy Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide
  • Is it the Right Fit for Your Bathroom?
  • What You Need Vanity For
  • Bathroom Vanity Ideas and Styles
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  • Various Bathroom Vanity Tops to Choose From
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Easy Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

Selecting the right vanity is one of the most important decisions you may have to make when dealing with a bathroom renovation. Most people undermine these bathroom fixtures’ roles, but they are more than just storage areas for accessories. They also influence the design of the bathroom.
The availability of multiple bathroom vanity ideas does not make the process of selecting one easier. You have to carefully think about your wants and needs before you begin to look at the various sizes, shapes, materials, and styles available in the market. You must also do your research regarding where to buy bathroom vanity of the highest quality that won’t break or get damaged easily.
The process of sourcing for the right vanity can be overwhelming. This guide is here to make it less stressful and confusing. The information will make your experience more enjoyable and memorable.

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Is it the Right Fit for Your Bathroom?

The layout of the bathroom should be one of the considerations when choosing a befitting vanity. Buying a small vanity for a huge bathroom will not add any value, just like getting an oversized vanity for a smaller bathroom space.
If you are upgrading your bathroom, get vanity dimensions from the one you currently have. Take the measurements from front to back, keeping in mind the standard bathroom vanity depth is usually between 20 and 21 inches while the width ranges from 24 to 72 inches.
The bathroom vanity height is another essential element to consider when shopping around.You do not need one that is too tall for the people who will frequently use the bathroom. There is no standard height to work with, but you still need to make sure its countertop is easily reachable. For instance, if the bathroom is for children, shorter vanity models may be better than taller ones, which are more appropriate for taller adults.
Whether you are working with double vanity dimensions or single ones, make sure they match the size of the room by leaving enough room for opening doors. Installation of the vanity should not interfere with the traffic flow in the bathroom.

Other considerations include:
  • The location of the plumbing pipes, which could determine the vanity width. Also, remember to factor in other fixtures like mirrors, power outlets, and switches.
  • The preferrable countertop size and the storage needs are also pivotal. You can buy a vanity without the top and install your own counter space, but you still need to ensure the dimensions match.
  • The bathroom vanity depth, which should depend on your specific needs. The general rule is that the width and depth of the top should always be one inch larger than storage cabinets.
  • The use of a vessel sink. These items add at least 5 more inches to the standard vanity height , and that should be calculated.
What You Need Vanity For

Every person has different needs when remodelling a bathroom. Those factors should be considered when selecting a washroom vanity. For instance, if it is a master bathroom that you are sharing with someone else, a double vanity may be suitable. They are typically bigger, with the standard width dimensions ranging between 60 inches and 72 inches. However, if the bathroom is smaller, you can opt for smaller double vanities measuring 48 inches in width.
If the bathroom will be used by one person, a single vanity is sufficient. The normal width for these ranges between 18 and 28 inches. The smaller vanities are also suitable for smaller bathrooms because they can be installed in a corner.
If storage is your main concern, pick a vanity with large cabinet spaces, especially if the bathroom is small because it reduces clutter on the countertops.
Determine what matters most to you, and search for that in the washroom vanity you buy.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas and Styles

Some of the bathroom vanity ideas to consider include freestanding, wall-mounted, floating, and corner vanities. You could also choose a cottage or rustic style depending on the bathroom décor you have. Some of these styles are perfect for modern bathrooms, while others are for traditional decorations. Match the vanity type with the bathroom style you are going for.

Bathroom Cabinet Materials

Bathroom vanities and cabinets come in various configurations that you must consider when shopping around. The
materials used in the cabinetry are very important because they determine how long the storage spaces remain in
perfect condition. The materials can also have different finishes ranging from laminate to vinyl at different price ranges.

Do you prefer Framed or Frameless Vanities?

The difference between framed and frameless vanities is usually in their construction, with the latter lacking an
overlaying structure to support the cabinet. They can be selected depending on whether the bathroom is modern or
traditional and the kind of sturdiness required, which depends on the kind of traffic that will be in the bathroom.

Various Bathroom Vanity Tops to Choose From

When considering buying bathroom vanities with tops, durability and resistance to staining and scratching are the main
factors to prioritize. You must also contemplate colour and style options, together with resistance to chipping. Vanity tops
also tend to have cabinets sideways and at the front, which means they need more room. Make sure you factor in
possible extra depth and width when measuring the dimensions for the new cabinet.

Bathroom Sink Variations

The bathroom vanity and sink you invest in should be able to handle the traffic that will come from frequent usage. For
instance, rarely used powder rooms or guest bathrooms can have sculptured glass sinks, whereas stronger and larger
sinks like porcelain cast iron can be for shared bathrooms.
Some vanities come with in-built sinks, and others don’t so choose what you prefer.

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