Bathroom Vanities Cost Toronto

What is the Cost of Bathroom Vanities in Toronto?

The average cost of a bathroom vanity in Toronto ranges from $200 to $800. Although it takes up small square footage of your home, the bathroom is one of the areas you use regularly. However, due to the limited space, you have limited opportunities to add style to your bathroom renovation. With that in mind, when choosing a design and fixtures, you have to think everything through before making the purchase.

The first thing you notice in a bathroom is the vanities. The primary use of vanities is to hide the plumbing under the sink and provide additional storage. When carefully selected, vanities can also add style to a bathroom. As a result of this, the vanities come in many styles and materials. Getting familiar with the various styles and materials used in bathroom vanities can help you choose the best one for both your home and budget.

What is the average cost of bathroom vanities?

Bearing in mind there are so many styles and materials available for the bathroom vanities; the costs vary significantly. The average cost of a bathroom vanity ranges from $200 to $800. How much you end up spending will depend on the size, material and the work involved in installing the vanities. The average total cost ranges from $900 to $1,500 plus a labour fee of between $100 to $150 per hour.

While it may be difficult to choose the right material, style and size of your bathroom vanities, the input from an experienced professional can help get the best balance. The professional will consider your preferences and budget and help you choose the option that best suits your tastes.

Styles of Vanities

When choosing a style, you will mostly have to choose from 4 styles. The installation cost of each style varies, and each style can be customized to suit your needs. If you are not sure which style to use, a professional can help pick the style that maximizes your space and suits your budget.

  • Built-in 

If you have a large bathroom space to work with, you may consider installing a built-in vanity. This vanity fills the area from wall to wall and offers additional storage. Built-in vanities offer remarkable durability and stability; a thing that makes them ideal for a busy household.

Since the built-in vanities are large, they tend to make the room look smaller. The lack of space between the fixture and the floor further makes cleaning the floor more difficult.

  • Pedestal 

This is the best vanity for smaller bathrooms – it can work in just any space. They provide an airy open look and take up very little space. The downside, however, is that pedestal vanities offer very little storage. It is for this reason that they are common in guest powder rooms and baths. Pedestal style vanities are the cheapest styles that you can install.

  • Freestanding 

These are vanities that stand on their own. They work great in extending the line of vision in the room since the floor under them continues, unlike other styles of vanities that block the floors. These vanities offer a contemporary look while offering adequate storage and hiding plumbing of traditional vanities.

  • Wall-mounted 

Also known as the floating sinks, wall-mounted vanities offer modern designs in a bathroom. They are installed on the walls, which means there is space between the floor and the vanity. They create an open feeling that results in an illusion of more space in the bathroom. Cleaning the floors and under the vanities is easy thanks to the gap between the floor and the vanity. It is also good to note that these vanities offer optimal room for storage and can hide plumbing effectively. While they are beautiful, wall-mounted vanities are expensive to install.

Vanity Materials 

The materials used on bathroom vanities are the same ones you find in the kitchen vanities. If you are on a tight budget, you can use the leftover slabs or the same materials from the kitchen renovation. The most common materials used in countertops are marble, quartz, and granite. The cost of these materials ranges from $15 to $200 per square foot depending on the selected material.

Popular materials that are used for bathroom vanities are polyester, wood, lacquer and melamine. The cost of cabinets in the bathroom will vary considerably from the cost of kitchen cabinets because, in the bathroom, you need fewer materials. The key, however, is to understand the pros and cons of each material before making a decision. A professional installer can further help you find the best material for your bathroom cabinets.

Your choice of material for your vanities needs to be based on the intended use and your style. If you expect high traffic in the bathroom, you should opt for the more durable materials. Even as you trust your style you need to consult a professional to get the right materials.

Style of Sinks

A sink is a must have in a bathroom. The cost of installing a sink ranges from $80 to $300. The most popular materials used on the sinks are glass and ceramic. The cost of ceramic sinks falls between $80 and $120, whereas glass sinks are between $150 and $300. If you plan on installing more than one sink you can expect the cost of the vanity to go further up.

  • Vessel 

A vessel sink is much easier to install because you don’t need a countertop cut out. You just need a small hole on the countertop for the sink drain. When they sit on the counter, such sinks save space. They are, however, not as durable because they are prone to chips because they are a lot more exposed.

  • Undermount 

More work is required to install an undermount sink. The installation requires a countertop cut out. These sinks take up cabinet storage space because the sink sits inside the vanity. All in all, this style is more durable because it is not prone to chipping.

There are so many options for you to choose from when it comes to bathroom vanities. You can customize your bathroom the way you want and without exceeding your budget. However, before you choose an option, it is wise to speak to a professional first for advice on the best vanity.


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