Understanding Bathroom Tile Design

The thought of choosing tiles for your bathroom renovation may be daunting, but it can also be an exciting process when you have the best design ideas. Tiles are some of the most versatile materials that can allow you to be flexible with your designs and make the renovation process fun. Bathroom tiles are available in different patterns and colours that can help you create your desired bathroom easily. A very popular tile choice in this regard is the subway tile, which offers a neat and elegant feel to any bathroom. Apart from having the right designers to help you mix and match the tiles, you should also visualise the new bathroom.

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How To Choose The Right Tile Material For Your Bathroom?

Different tile materials each have their own qualities that would work for different bathroom spaces. For example, the tiles you use in a bathroom shared by all family members should differ from those you use in your master bathroom. Therefore, some of the factors you must consider when choosing are maintenance, ability to withstand traffic, and ability to withstand water and moisture. Best decision for you would be involving a professional that is knowledgeable about tiles even when you’re doing a DIY job. Our experienced team can guide you in choosing the right bathroom tile design pattern, whether it’s for a modern bathroom or a more traditional design. We have a vast range of options from glass shower door designs to innovative small bathroom tile ideas.

9 Best Bathroom Tile Options

  • Glazed porcelain tile
  • Marble tile
  • Ceramic tile
  • Mosaic/glass tile
  • Limestone tile
  • Vinyl tile
  • Pebble tile
  • Wood tile
  • White subway tile

Glazed Porcelain Tile

These tiles usually come in vibrant colours that can make wall space in any bathroom stand out. They are durable and can work on bathroom floors, but they work better on walls. It’s easier to find unique colours from these tiles than any other tile type.

Marble Tile

Marble tiles can add more value to your bathroom with their natural, elegant appeal. Even though they are very durable, they don’t do well in shower areas because they are porous. You can have them on the floors and walls outside the glass door or shower cubicle.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are the most durable, making them perfect for floors and walls in all bathrooms. Their diverse designs are also great for all bathroom styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. You can choose plain colours or herringbone patterns and still get a practical and striking bathroom.

Mosaic/Glass Tile

Glass mosaic tiles can be used together with natural stone tiles for a perfect contrast in small and large bathrooms. These tiles are also ideal for excess moisture, which makes them great for shower areas. The shiny appearance adds elegance to the bathroom space.

Limestone Tile

These tiles are perfect for upper walls, giving your bathroom a neutral and elegant design. They are more affordable and suitable for bathroom walls.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl bathroom tiles are great for bathroom floors with high traffic as well as shower walls. They are very durable, and they cost less to install and maintain. Match various colours and patterns to make your bathroom more striking.

Pebble Tile

Pebble tile designs won’t limit your creativity but will still give you the same appearance as natural stone. They can be great for shower areas, as well as adding accents to your walls, especially around your vanities. You can also choose different pebble colours, so your bathroom doesn’t look plain and boring.

Wood Tile

Wood tiles are water-resistant and can add natural elegance to the bathroom. The tiles can give your bathroom a rustic or clean finish depending on the kind of style you want. They can also be laid in different patterns to make the bathroom unique.

White Subway Tile

For a more affordable bathroom tile in Toronto option, subway tiles will serve you best. These tiles have been around for ages, and they are still among the top bathroom tile trends. The brick-like tiles are also easy to install and will look great on any bathroom wall.

Ideal tiles for each part of the bathroom

Best bathroom floor tile:

Some of the bathroom floor tile ideas you can try include having tile designs that contrast wall tiles and having different tile patterns for the shower floor. Whatever you decide, make sure the tile material is strong enough to handle high traffic, and it has anti-slipping features to enhance your safety. Some of the best tiles include marble tiles, pebble tiles, and luxury vinyl. All these are very strong and won’t crack easily. You can have the pebble tiles in your shower floors and the white marble on the rest of the bathroom floor.

Bathroom wall tile ideas:

Some of the best bathroom wall tiles to try out are wood tiles, natural stone tiles, or ceramic tiles that have been designed like natural stones. These tiles won’t just give you the aesthetic appeal you want; they are also easy to clean and maintain. Try to arrange the tiles in different patterns, so they don’t look monotonous. Choose colour combinations that will create the mood you want in the bathroom. In most cases, glossy tiles look better than matte tiles on a bathroom wall.

Small bathroom tile ideas:

Installing the right tiles can make your bathroom look larger than its actual size. Avoid using different tiles that will make the bathroom appear separated, thereby making it look smaller. Go for similar tile patterns on the floors and walls, and use close colour shades to transition from one tile size or pattern to another. Have the tiles up to the ceiling to give a high ceiling height illusion.

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A Deep Dive into Tile Types

Given the different types of tiles available in the market, let’s understand them in depth. This will help you make an informed decision while choosing the perfect tile for your bathroom.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a classic tile design that can be used in a variety of ways in your bathroom. The white subway tile is a popular choice for its clean, simple look. However, you can also opt for coloured tiles for a unique touch. Patterned tiles can also create an accent wall or add visual interest to your bathroom.

Square Tiles

Square tiles are a traditional choice for bathrooms. They are often used for bathroom floors but can also be used on walls. The square shape offers a neat, orderly look, which can make your bathroom feel more spacious. Using square tiles in a bold tile colour can make your bathroom feel more modern and stylish.

Natural Light and Tiles

One of the keys to a great bathroom is good lighting, and tiles can play a big role in this. Tiles with a glossy finish can reflect natural light, brightening up your bathroom. Even if your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of natural light, using bright, light-coloured tiles can help to create a brighter, more inviting space.

Wall Tiles

Wall tiles can add style and character to your bathroom. They are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and materials, allowing you to create a look that suits your personal style. Whether you prefer a classic white tile or a bold, colourful pattern, there is a wall tile out there that will fit your needs.

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Choosing the right floor tile can make a big difference in your bathroom. It’s not just about the look; the right floor tile can also make your bathroom safer and more comfortable. Some popular choices for bathroom floor tiles include porcelain tile, marble tile, and vinyl tile. These materials are durable and easy to clean, making them a great choice for the bathroom floor.

Coloured Tiles

Coloured tiles are a great way to add a pop of colour to your bathroom. Whether you choose a bold, vibrant colour or a subtle, soft hue, coloured tiles can add a unique touch to your bathroom. You can use coloured tiles to create an accent wall, a colourful backsplash, or even a colourful bathroom floor.

White Walls and Tiles

White walls paired with white tiles can create a clean, minimalist look in your bathroom. This is a great choice if you prefer a simple, modern style. White tiles can also make your bathroom feel larger and more spacious. For added interest, consider using tiles with different shapes or textures.

How to Mix and Match Tile Sizes and Colours

One of the key aspects of creating a stylish bathroom is learning how to mix and match tile sizes and colours. Here are some tips:

Tile Sizes
Using different tile sizes can create visual interest in your bathroom. For example, you could use large tiles on the floor and smaller tiles on the walls. Or, you could use small tiles to create a border or accent area in your bathroom.

Tile Colours

When it comes to tile colours, the possibilities are endless. You could stick to a monochromatic colour scheme, using different shades of the same colour. Or, you could create a contrast by using two or more different colours. For a bold, modern look, consider using bright, vibrant colours.

In conclusion, choosing the right tiles for your bathroom is a significant decision that requires careful thought and consideration. Tiles not only add functional value to your bathroom by providing a durable and water-resistant surface, but they also play a key role in determining the overall aesthetic of the space. From the minimalist appeal of a clean white tile to the classic elegance of marble, from the unique charm of penny tile to the modern sophistication of subway tile, there are countless ways to utilise tiles to enhance your bathroom’s design. The size, colour, shape, and layout of the tiles you choose can greatly impact the space, influencing its perceived size, light quality, and style. Whether you’re undertaking a full renovation or simply updating your bathroom’s look, selecting the right tiles is a crucial step in creating a space that reflects your personal taste and meets your practical needs.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to bathroom tiles. The best choice will always depend on your specific circumstances, including the size and layout of your bathroom, your budget, your lifestyle, and of course, your personal style preferences. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative with your choices. Experiment with different colours, try out unusual shapes, mix and match sizes, or consider interesting layout patterns. With a bit of planning and imagination, you can transform your bathroom into a truly personalised space that brings you joy and relaxation for years to come. Ultimately, the most successful bathroom design is one that makes you feel at home.

Common Questions About Bathroom Tiles

What type of tile is best for bathroom walls?

The best type of tile for bathroom walls largely depends on the aesthetic and functional needs of your space. However, porcelain tiles are often a popular choice due to their durability, water resistance, and wide range of designs. In particular, a white tile can lend a classic, clean look to your bathroom. For added visual interest, consider a unique tile shape or a chevron pattern. Subway tiles, especially, offer a timeless design that’s perfect for shower walls. If you want to create an elegant bathroom, marble tiles can add a touch of luxury. Just remember, the type of tile you choose should not only be about style, but also about practicality.

What is the best colour for bathroom wall tiles?

The best colour for bathroom wall tiles is one that creates the desired mood and matches the overall design of your bathroom. Light colours such as white or cream can create a bright, open space, reflecting natural light to make the room appear larger. These colours also match well with white walls, creating a cohesive look. For a more dramatic look, consider using black tiles or coloured tiles. Gold accents can add a touch of luxury, while a floral pattern can add a vibrant pop of colour.

What size tile is best for a bathroom wall?

The size of the tile best for a bathroom wall can depend on the size of the bathroom itself. In general, large tiles can make a small space appear larger by reducing the number of grout lines. These tiles are also quicker to install due to their larger size. If you have a large bathroom, tile sizes can vary. For instance, you can use smaller tiles to create a border or to add visual interest to a shower stall. For a unique touch, consider using scalloped tile or penny tile.

What colour tiles are best for small bathrooms?

For small bathrooms, light colours such as white, cream, or pastel shades can help make the space look bigger and brighter. Using the same colour family for both the walls and floor can create a sense of continuity, making the room appear more spacious. If you prefer a bit of colour in a powder room, consider using coloured tiles as an accent on the wall or floor.

What are the best tiles to make a small bathroom look bigger?

To make a small bathroom look bigger, it’s recommended to use light-coloured tiles, such as white or cream, which can reflect light and make the entire space seem larger. Large tiles can also give the illusion of a bigger space, as they have fewer grout lines. Another strategy is to use the same tiles on both the floor and walls, which can make the space feel more cohesive and open.

Do bathroom tiles look better vertical or horizontal?

The orientation of your bathroom tiles can significantly affect the overall look of your bathroom. Vertical tiles can make a low ceiling seem higher, while horizontal tiles can make a narrow bathroom appear wider. If you’re looking to create visual interest, consider using a combination of both orientations. For your shower pop for instance, you could use vertical tiles for your shower walls to create an illusion of a taller shower stall, and horizontal tiles for your bathroom walls to make the space feel wider.

Is it a good idea to tile bathroom walls?

Yes, it’s a good idea to tile bathroom walls. Tiles are durable, easy to clean, and water-resistant, making them perfect for the bathroom environment. They also add visual interest to the space and can complement the overall design of your bathroom. Tiling your bathroom walls can be particularly beneficial if you have a walk-in shower, as tiles can protect the walls from water damage. Tiles also allow for a variety of design options, from a classic black and white subway tile to a unique scalloped tile, giving you the flexibility to create a design that fits your personal style. However, keep in mind that while tiles are a popular choice, they do require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best.

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