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Scarborough Bathroom Renovation Experts

If you are looking for a bathroom renovation in your Scarborough home, Easy renovation has you covered. We offer consultations both in house and virtually, while our carefully crafted process allows you to easily select finishes and use our design services. Our professional and experienced construction crews offer outstanding quality, cleanliness and shall adhere to your deadlines. We make the renovation process Easy

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Bathroom Renovation Scarborough

Easy Renovation is a company involved in the designing and construction of new bathrooms in Scarborough and other parts of The GTA. With punctuality as one of our core values, you will have a bathroom renovation that is completed in time. Our team of professionals is not only well-trained, but they are also passionate about meeting every client’s demands. We also value transparency, an attribute that allows us to simplify the process for you. You can rely on our company to give best value for your money regardless of whether your renovation project is big or small.

Our pride is seeing how content our clients are after every bathroom renovation. It pushes us to keep striving for excellence with our designs as well as our building procedures. Everything we do is planned in detail from beginning to end. We don’t guess our designs or the renovation steps, which guarantees quality. Our diverse team works with multiple renovation ideas. Contact us to get an estimate on your project.

Easy Design Libraries

Bathroom Design
At Your Fingertips

Whether you prefer classic or want to go with a modern bathroom design, at Easy Renovation we offer a number of diverse design libraries to help you create your ideal bathroom. Remember, you can always mix and match the details, or integrate custom elements, the goal is to create a space you can truly call your own.

Why Choose Easy Reno in Scarborough

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How It Works

There are so many steps involved in a bathroom renovation, and they can make you dread the thought of remodeling. With Easy Reno, you can have a new beautiful bathroom in four steps.
  • 01

    Issuance Of A Free
    No-Obligation Quote

    Contact us with your bathroom vision. We’ll discuss the layout and your goals, then design a plan that complements your space. Reach out via call or email to start.

  • 02

    Plan Your Constructions
    & Materials

    Meet with our project manager to detail your needs. This meeting personalizes the proposal and clarifies costs, involving you in every step of the pricing process.

  • 03

    Your Design

    After making measurements, our design team crafts your new bathroom’s vision. Choose from our catalog or create a new design based on your ideas and images.

  • 04

    Get Your Fixtures
    And Finishes Delivered

    We facilitate material procurement, ensuring timely delivery and cost savings. You have the final say in purchasing, with our team ready to assist at any point.

  • 05


    Our experienced builders start the renovation, knowledgeable in various materials. We ensure your project aligns with your budget, executed by our skilled professional team.

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What should you consider first when starting to plan a bathroom renovation?

Understanding what’s involved

Bathroom renovations aren’t easy, especially when you hire unreliable contractors that can lead you astray or fail to meet your expectations. The renovations can also be harder when you don’t have a clear picture of what you would like to change. We understand that sometimes you may desire change even when you don’t know the exactly what you are looking for. To gain clarity, we recommend that you create a list of all the features and fixtures you don’t like in the bathroom. Some of the changes most Scarborough residents work on include:

Revamping the bathroom: This means changing the appearance of the bathroom, which can be done in numerous ways. In some cases, a simple paint job is enough to get a revamp, but in other cases, changes to the entire bathroom layout are necessary. We will do whatever you want us to, whether it is limiting the renovation to changing the flooring, or going full-scope with the renovation.

Extending the bathroom: For most people with growing families, a bathroom extension is usually the most requested renovation. Whether you need more space to accommodate more family members or want your bathroom to look less cramped, we have the best team to help you.

Adding baths: You may want a half-bath in one part of the house to increase its value or to make it more usable. Either way, this is one of the best renovation ideas you can ask for.

Additional storage: Not having enough storage in your bathroom can be frustrating because it means keeping your bathroom essentials in your bedroom or another room. For more convenience when using the bathroom, we can install storage features for you. We are experts at maximizing the space and utilizing areas that others easily ignore.

Choosing the right contractor

Knowing the right attributes to look for in your bathroom renovation contractor can save you a lot of time and money. The qualities will ensure you get the most befitting service and keep frauds away.

Time estimate: You must always ensure the contractor is willing to work within your timeline. You don’t need renovators that will hold you hostage and make your home inhabitable for more than necessary. As you give a timeline, be reasonable, and don’t expect the impossible. You should also factor in natural occurrences that can delay the project, such as rain or storm.

Services: The extent of the services that a renovation company provides will show you whether they can meet your expectations and if they’ll be valuable for future projects. For instance, if you need a full makeover, a company that can handle all the aspects from design to finishing touches and decorations will be better than one that sub-contracts some of the services. Other than the services that are associated directly with construction, you should also find out if the company provides extra services like waste disposal and demolitions.

The team: Other than knowing the number of people the company will be sending over to your house, you should also know their abilities. They should have enough people to handle the workload within the schedule, and they should have diverse skills to guarantee a professional outcome in every aspect.

Experience and customer care: Do the renovators have the equipment and skill to protect your home from damages during construction? Will other crucial features like pipes and the structural integrity remain intact as they continue transforming the bathroom? These questions will give you the clarity you need. Determine how long they have been providing services in that location as well.

How can “Easy” bathroom renovation assist you with your next project?


Before new construction can start, walls have to be knocked down, and the old bathroom features have to be removed. These require the skills of a professional demolition company that will minimize the damage to the targeted areas only. Of course we won’t destroy parts that can still be used or parts that are connected to the other house sections like the water pipes and gas pipes.


You don’t need to have a clear vision of the new bathroom to contact us. You don’t need to spend money on other designers either, though if you want to, it’s your choice. Our in-house designers are more than prepared to come up with sleek designs that you’ll enjoy. We also know how to personalize them and give you the bathroom you imagined.

Technical services

A bathroom project is never complete without plumbing or electrical work. The slightest mishap with the plumbing pipes can change your entire experience for the worse. Let our technicians handle the electrical work and the plumbing pipes to ensure you don’t run out of hot water when you use the shower and you don’t encounter leaks.

Flooring and décor

The finishing touches done in a bathroom are just as important as the construction because they affect the outcome. Our ability to handle different flooring materials effectively ensures you get the functional and pleasant floors you need for the bathroom. We also do all the finishing touches by hand to give it a more personal outcome. For unique moldings, fittings, and backsplash that will take your breath away, we are the company to call.

Factors affecting Scarborough bathroom renovation costs

The main factor that will determine the amount you spend on your bathroom renovation is the contractor you work with. Most contractors charge hourly fees, which could range between $45 and $100.

The type of bathroom renovation you want and the materials that will be used will also drive the cost up. You may be spending up to $250 per square foot for a complete remodel if you choose to use high-end fixtures and a licensed contractor.

The location of your house and the bathroom also affect the renovation costs. If you have the bathroom squeezed between two rooms, it will be harder to renovate because accessing it and getting the supplies there will be more challenging. The same applies to homes that are located in inaccessible areas. We will still try our best to stay on schedule regardless of the locations.

If you want an accurate cost estimate, you will have to contact us. We issue these quotes without obligation or additional charges, and they are drafted depending on the specifics of the job.

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Easy Reno’s Dos and Don’ts of bathroom renovations

Your bathroom renovation experience can either be worse or better than you imagined. It all depends on how prepared you are before starting and how equipped you are to avoid common mistakes. These dos and don’ts should help you make a worthy investment that will make you proud.


Here’s what to expect when you hire us as your bathroom contractor in Toronto.
Bathroom Renovation in Scarborough FAQs
Bathroom Renovation Questions and Answers
  • How long will I have to wait for the new bathroom?

    The bathroom renovation will not take more than 2 weeks if you have the funds ready. If it is a small renovation, it will take us a shorter period.

  • Why should I choose Easy Renovation?

    In addition to the professional qualifications, our workers are friendly, respectful, and courteous. Our commitment to our clients also means we will not leave the job half-done. Our goal is your satisfaction, so you can be sure you’ll get seamless, stress-free services.

  • Can Easy Renovation team help me start the renovation process?

    Yes. Our customer service team is available to help you find out what exactly you are looking for, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Submit your information to get an estimate or simply give us a call!

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