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Bathroom Renovations in Oakville

As you think of a bathroom renovation in your Oakville home, you might realize the lack of structured approach, professional and design expertise available in the market. At Easy Renovation, we offer both virtual and in-house consultations, professional design services, as well as wide selection of materials that can be viewed either in our showroom or in our catalogue. We make the process stress free.

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Renovation Has Never Been So Easy

Bathroom Renovation Oakville

If you want to change your bathroom into an exciting space that you don’t dread spending time in, you’ve come to the right place. At Easy Renovation, we focus on meeting our clients’ demands and building bathrooms that reflect their vision. We have a very efficient team that will make sure you get professional services and value for your money. We understand that bathroom renovations can be costly, so we try to keep the costs down.

Other than quality, we also value timeliness. We can give you a new bathroom as soon as possible without compromising quality. Contact us for a quote and we’ll answer all your questions for free.

Easy Design Libraries

Bathroom Design
At Your Fingertips

Whether you prefer classic or want to go with a modern bathroom design, at Easy Renovation we offer a number of diverse design libraries to help you create your ideal bathroom. Remember, you can always mix and match the details, or integrate custom elements, the goal is to create a space you can truly call your own.

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Planning the renovation

As a resident of Oakville, there are several factors you should get in order before the bathroom renovation starts.

You should define your exact needs by identifying the changes you would like to make. Create a list of everything you don’t like in the current bathroom, then come up with another list of how you would like them to be.

Common renovation aspects you may consider in Oakville include:

  • Improving the bathroom floors and lighting fixtures
  • Adding new features to increase the value of your property
  • Expanding or changing the layout of the bathroom to create more room
  • Utilizing wasted spaces like under the sink and corners for storage
  • Adding extra features to increase the visual appeal

Once you’ve outlined what you want to change, you can start looking for a bathroom renovation contractor. Since Oakville has several contractors, you should make sure the one you hire can deliver according to your expectations. The following questions can help you determine whether they are the right fit.

How long will it take to complete the renovation?

You need a specific timeline so you can plan your routine effectively. The time we’ll take on the job will depend on how complicated it is and the type of changes you want.

Are the services inclusive, or will you have to outsource other services?

Work with a contractor that will handle your project until the end. You don’t want to deal with a new contractor when the project is already underway.

How many contractors will they send to your property?

This question will help you determine the number of people that will be coming and going from your property. It is crucial if you have a family and you live in the same house while construction is underway.

Will there be a supervisor?

The project manager or supervisor should be your point of contact with the company. They are the people you approach with any question, and they keep the other contractors in check.

Are there additional charges for the preparation of the site?

Find out whether the demolition or any other work done before the construction will result in additional charges. If so, the contractor should have it in the estimate.

How will you protect my home and loved ones?

The structure of the property should remain intact during the renovation. The contractor should also explain to you how the rest of the property will not be affected.

Have you done this kind of work before, and are there some samples?

Previous jobs will show you whether the renovation company can deliver according to your standards. Check the quality of the previous work and talk to previous clients to get a better picture of their abilities. Beware of a company that doesn’t show you some of their previous projects.

How long have you been in this business?

This question allows you to determine the experience the company has.

Do you buy supplies locally or outside Oakville?

Local materials are usually cheaper than imported ones. Having local contacts thereby allows the contractor to get the materials quickly and more affordably.

What you can get from us

Bad renovations can damage your property and reduce its value tremendously. We don’t want you to end up with a bathroom that’s worse than what you started with. That’s why we recommend that you hire a professional bathroom renovation contractor instead of attempting to do the job on your own. To make it easier, we provide different services such as:

Designing: We can work with you whether you have your own designs or not. Our skilled and creative design team can create unique bathrooms that ensure you get more usability from them. We can also adjust your current bathroom design to give it a better transformation.

Preparation: Demolition also requires expertise and skills to avoid interfering with the structural integrity of the property and the rest of the house. We will demolish the bathroom area only to prevent unnecessary repair costs. We will also keep all the crucial elements like water pipes in good shape for reuse.

Plumbing: Plumbing is an essential part of bathroom renovation and should be handled carefully. We have in-house plumbers that will make sure the systems work as they should. We also have experts in electrical engineering. We will install all the heating and lighting components to keep your bathroom bright and comfortable.

Flooring: Whatever type of floor you want, our contractors will install it. We will give you professional advice regarding the maintenance and durability of various floor types to help you make informed decisions. We can also install walls, vanities, and other storage items.

Furnishings and finishing: Easy Reno can install any kind of furnishing and add finishing touches that will make the bathroom aesthetically pleasing. We can add any detailing you want, whether it’s mouldings or backsplash, you can count on us to do it properly. Our dedication to our clients ensures we complete all tasks successfully to exceed all expectations.

Oakville bathroom renovation costs

To understand the amount you’ll pay for your bathroom renovation, you have to understand the factors that will contribute to that amount.

Labour costs: This depends on every contractor, but you can expect to spend between $45 to $100 per hour.

Renovation type: The larger the remodel is, the higher the costs. If you want a full remodel, you will pay around $250 per sq. ft.

Materials used: High-end materials will end up costing more, just like standard imported materials. Find out whether the floors, cabinets, or countertops are available locally before coming up with an estimate.

Bathroom space and property location: If your bathroom has a complicated model, then be ready to pay more to have it changed. The model may be harder to demolish and may take up too much time and effort. Similarly, if you live in a place that’s not easily accessible, the bathroom renovation will cost more.

Our renovation costs start at $13,595, and that is inclusive of all materials and labour. You can contact us at any time, and we will discuss your budget together with the type of renovation you want. We can customize our services to suit different needs and financial abilities.

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Renovation Do’s And Don’t

Bathroom renovation tips in Oakville


Here’s what to expect when you hire us as your experienced bathroom renovation contractor in Toronto.

Oakville bathroom renovation FAQs

Bathroom Renovation Questions and Answers
  • How long will it take to complete a full renovation?

    We will take between one week to two weeks depending on factors affecting the job such as electrical installations, plumbing systems installations, and the layout of the bathroom. We try to take as little time as possible without interfering with the quality of the work.

  • What is the first step of a renovation?

    The first step is to contact us and our professionals will take care of you. We will give you an exact timeline after coming up with a detailed renovation plan.

  • Is it possible to buy renovation materials without help?

    Yes. You are free to work with any supplier you trust, so long as they provide quality materials.

    With Easy Renovation by your side, your bathroom remodeling project won’t go wrong. We will extend the beauty of Oakville into your bathroom and make your property enviable. Call us now for a free quote.

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