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How It Works

There are so many steps involved in a bathroom renovation, and they can make you dread the thought of remodeling.
With Easy Reno, you can have a new beautiful bathroom in four steps.
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    Get an

    Receive a swift estimate for your project, whether it’s a complete overhaul or specific upgrades like new paint or a bath installation. Our consultant will quickly provide a rough cost idea.

  • 02

    Plan Your Constructions
    & Materials

    Discuss your project in detail with our team, including an on-site assessment. We’ll offer a detailed estimate and multiple options, allowing you to choose based on budget and schedule preferences.

  • 03

    Your Design

    Our in-house designers ensure precision in every detail, offering custom designs or inspiration from our catalogue. Before proceeding, we provide a 3D rendition of your chosen style to ensure satisfaction.

  • 04

    Get Your Fixtures
    And Finishes Delivered

    Following design finalization, we assist in procuring quality materials at competitive prices. Our industry connections ensure the best deals and quality assurance, with the final decision resting with you.

  • 05

    Let the Experts
    Build It

    Our construction approach ensures efficiency and adherence to schedules. We keep you updated throughout the process, ensuring a well-coordinated and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

Etobicoke Bathroom Renovation Contractors

Looking for bathroom renovation company for your Etobicoke home? At Easy Renovation, we offer a step by step process that will alleviate any stress and frustration, leaving you satisfied with the end result. From consultation and measurements to material selection and installation, our staff will adhere to deadlines, guarantee the workmanship and leave your home neat and clean.

Why Choose Easy Renovation?

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  • Management problems
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  • Minimal or no design
  • Unprofessional labour
Easy Renovation Experience
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  • Start-to-finish customer support
  • Materials ordered & delivered
  • Experienced design help
  • Professional trusted contractors

Renovation Has Never Been So Easy

Bathroom Renovation Etobicoke

A renovation can only be successful if it is well thought out and planned carefully. The planning must be systematic to reduce the chances of mistakes and omissions that could end up increasing the costs too high. Our designers and developers can make the bathroom the most pleasant place to step into first thing when you wake up, and in the evening before you sleep.

If you are looking for a company that will give you exclusive renovation services in Etobicoke, you have come to the right place. Easy Reno is a company that has dealt with numerous bathroom and kitchen renovations since it was founded. The core processes that drive our renovations are proper management of the projects, strong aesthetic appeal in the designs, excellent craftsmanship, and comprehensive product selection.

Easy Design Libraries

Bathroom Design
At Your Fingertips

Whether you prefer classic or want to go with a modern bathroom design, at Easy Renovation we offer a number of diverse design libraries to help you create your ideal bathroom. Remember, you can always mix and match the details, or integrate custom elements, the goal is to create a space you can truly call your own.

Why Choose Easy Reno in Etobicoke

We specialize in bathroom renovations and are confident of getting you what you’re looking for at the best prices.

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What should you keep in mind when planning a bathroom renovation?

If you jump into a bathroom renovation blindly without thinking about it through, you will soon be overwhelmed. You need to think about every step carefully and consider all the changes you’ll be experiencing, especially during the renovation when contractors will be moving in and out of your home.

Visualize the changes: Think about what’s bothering you about the current bathroom and the new bathroom you want. Visualize the color schemes, storage fixtures, where the utilities, including the toilet, is located, and any new fixture you would like to add. These will drive your focus on the main points and allow you to approach the renovation with a clear mind. Our company can install new fixtures and floors, install new full baths and half-baths, put in storage cabinets, and extend the walls for additional space in the bathroom.

The next step is hiring a contractor, which is more challenging. The renovation company you hire will determine the course of the project and whether it is completed successfully or not. The company also determines the amount you spend and the renovation period. Consider the following:

Services rendered: Do they have expertise in all areas of bathroom renovations, or will they install your new shower but get a different contractor to handle the flooring? If they can’t handle every detail, including the plumbing, they might mess up your project.

Maintaining the schedule: How will you communicate with the company if you need to? Will there be a manager in charge of the project to ensure everything goes according to plan and no time is wasted?

Site prepping: Are there demolition experts, or do you have to take care of the preparation of the sight on your own? Typically, a good renovation company will not want to involve the services of a third party or put you in a position where you have to spend more money than is necessary.

Cleaning: Will they leave the house the way they found it, or will you have a pile of waste after they are done and gone? Remember, waste disposal is not an easy task, and it can be very costly.

Home protection: How exactly will they protect your home? Do they use drop sheets on the floors while working on the walls, and will there be plastic to cover nearby valuables from dust? Where will they do the grinding and cutting? How do they control the dirt and dust?

Before and after gallery: Do they have proof of work they have done before, and are they willing to share that with you? Does the gallery show what the bathrooms were like before and after renovation?

Experience: How long have they been in business, and have they built a rapport with the locals? Have they formed partnerships with reputable local suppliers?

All these questions will give you an insight into the company before you sign a contract. Don’t hire a company that can’t give you logical and straightforward answers because they’ll most likely fail you.

When you hire the right contractor, you get professionalism, which translates to the job being done right the first time. You save money by not looking for someone else to complete a job done half-way or according to the right standards. A good contractor also gives you access to special skills that guarantee quality finishes and the wow factor.

How “Easy” can help you with your bathroom renovation project?

Our inclusive services cover everything from the conception to the final clean-up stages. We do it all, and we ensure it is done right.

Bathroom designs: Our designs aren’t just about making your bathroom fully functional or optimal. We will use our experience and design expertise to help you create a proper flow of the bathroom features to ensure everything blends in together, and nothing seems out of place. We will also make sure the bathroom gets an artistic appeal that will make it eye-catching. To us, a bathroom isn’t just a place where you spend a few hours getting ready before work and before going to bed. It is a vital part of every property.

Preparation before construction: Before we start a demolition, we will make sure the disposal bins are close by and the rest of the bathroom and house are covered properly. We also put protective shields on all the areas near the bathroom to control the damage. We have the right equipment to handle demolitions of different sizes, and our experts will guarantee safety.

Plumbing: Just like our electrical work, our plumbing is done by professionals that have been in the renovation industry for a long time. We will protect your plumbing and reroute it accordingly if necessary. Since a bathroom is incomplete without lighting, our electrical technicians will handle the electrical work to leave your bathroom bright and enticing. All our employees are licensed, so you don’t have to worry about the project being handled in a trial-and-error method.

Drywall installation and flooring: Part of closing up the bathroom is installing the drywall and the new floors. We pay great attention to detail to ensure the walls are installed correctly and plastering is done right. You can be sure of sturdy and durable drywalls. We also deal with all types of flooring options, including hardwood and laminate.

Finishing touches: Our finishing touches include painting the bathroom, installing vanities, grouting where necessary, and installing glass enclosures. We will also put in mirrors, lighting fixtures, faucets, towel bars, and toilet holders. At this stage, we check the bathroom to ensure all the little details have been done and every component, no matter how trivial it may seem, is put in place. We confirm that the bathroom is well insulated and all the joints have caulk. We finish by cleaning and letting you verify whether everything has been done to your expectations.

How much should I set aside for a bathroom renovation in Etobicoke?

You can pay between $5000 and over $10,000 for bathroom renovations in Etobicoke. That range can be higher or lower depending on the exact renovation you want to be done. If you have a specific budget you wish to work with, you can inform your contractor about the limit and let them guide you in the selection of the materials and design options that will fit that budget. It is also important to remember the real-life scenarios regarding budgeting usually differ from the statistics given. The best solution is asking for an estimate that details every product and service.

At Easy Reno, our renovations begin at $13,595. The exact amount you’ll spend will be determined by the type of bathroom renovation, materials you choose for every section, and where you are in Etobicoke.

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Easy Reno’s Dos and Don’ts of bathroom renovations

Your bathroom renovation experience can either be worse or better than you imagined. It all depends on how prepared you are before starting and how equipped you are to avoid common mistakes. These dos and don’ts should help you make a worthy investment that will make you proud.


Here’s what to expect when you hire us as your experienced bathroom renovation contractor in Toronto.

Bathroom Renovation in Etobicoke FAQs

Bathroom Renovation Questions and Answers
  • How long will the renovation take?

    We will take between one to two weeks, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Our experts will try to complete the renovation with the urgency it deserves.

  • Can I stay while the renovation is underway?

    Yes. We try to protect the rest of the house from dust and damage. However, there will be a lot of movement and noise that could bother you. You can find an alternative place to stay until we are done if you wish.

  • Do you choose the materials you work with?

    No. The bathroom will reflect your style, so you get to select all the materials and accessories. We can get the materials from our suppliers after you choose them, or you can buy them from your own supplier.

    If you, like other Etobicoke and GTA residents, visualize soaking in a tub at the end of the day, we can make that a reality. Contact us today.

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