Easy Bathroom Renovation Cost and Ideas

According to StudyFinds.org survey, a person spends 416 days in the bathroom in their lifetimes on average. The survey mentioned earlier also showed that men spend 23 minutes a day in the bathrooms, while women spend a little longer at 29 minutes per day. The same survey revealed that many adults experienced significant life moments in their home’s bathrooms. About 10% say they have given themselves a pep talk in a bathroom, 10% said they had arguments there, and 8% said they had an intimate, heart-to-heart discussion with a loved one in the bathroom. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the average bathroom renovation cost can be considered as sky-rocketing. Yet, solid and affordable options, including new fixtures, can change a bathroom design and play a significant role in one’s health.

An outdated and poorly kept bathroom can be a source of hazards and risks for the people at home. According to Dr. Gary Smith, the Policy Director for The Center for Injury Research and Policy (CIRP) — bathtub slips and falls and toxic moulds are among some of the top hazards in a bathroom. Second, having a nice average bathroom contributes to one’s overall happiness. The same StudyFinds.org survey showed that 51% of its respondents said a great or comfortable bathroom created a “sizable impact” on their overall satisfaction and that bathroom renovation has significantly improved their overall happiness.

Let us guide you by going over some additional reasons why you want to consider renovating your bathroom this year. We will also discuss the type of bathrooms so you can decide which direction to go. We will also clear the air about the legal and financial requirements involved in the renovation process. Finally, you will also get some tips and tricks that will help you save your next bathroom remodel or renovation project’s costs.

Without further due, let’s take a look at some of the common reasons why many homeowners renovate their bathrooms. Whether it’s a complete renovation, bathroom remodelling project, or just upgrading bathroom fixtures, understanding the overall cost and labour costs is essential.

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Why Should You Consider Renovating Your Bathroom?

Here are the top three reasons why bathroom renovations often add value to your home, save money, and your life.

1. Renovations Will Make Your Bathroom Safer

As discussed earlier, the bathroom can be a source of health and safety risks.
If your bathroom does not have a proper drainage system or the floor tiles are already worn out and too slippery — you are prone to falls or slips. Upgrading the floor and wall tile, adding insulation, and rerouting plumbing water pipes, and electrical are essential.

On the other hand, age, faulty construction, or poor ventilation in a bathroom can facilitate the growth of toxic moulds — which can be very detrimental to your health in the long term.

Additionally, if you plan to live for a long time in your house, you should consider having a safe bathroom for both the elderly and children. This might include new plumbing and electrical work, more space for accessibility, and the use of non-slip floor tiles.

2. Bathroom Renovations Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Your bathroom’s overall condition and quality are a few things included in assessing a house’s overall value. Therefore, bathroom renovations could prove to be a generally good investment, especially if you plan to sell your property in the future.

According to Zillow, bathroom remodels/renovations provide the most significant ROI for your home’s resale value. Renovating the bathroom with new bathroom design ideas, like replacing old bathtub or other fixtures, can increase the final cost of your property.

The National Bank of Canada estimates that while average bathroom renovations and cost estimates may vary anywhere from $12,500 for a $250,000 home — bathroom improvements could generate a recoverable value of about 85%. “A new coat of paint on the walls and some cosmetic changes can work wonders to create added value at a low cost.”

3. Greater Satisfaction and Improvements in Your Mood

When you want to improve your overall mood, renovating your bathroom is not the first thing to come to your mind.

However, if you think about it, the bathroom is one of the first places you go after waking up and one of the last places you go to before bed. So it only makes sense that its overall condition can and will affect your mood.

According to colour consultant Leslie Harrington, bathrooms are usually painted mostly in white because it evokes a sense of cleanliness. However, since bathrooms are evolving from just a place to wash up to an area of relaxation and rejuvenation — renovating the bathroom with hues of blue and green adds a calming factor and better space.

The Difference Between Renovation and Remodel

While people usually interchange these two words (Renovations and Remodels) to mean making bathroom upgrades, they have significant differences. A renovation usually means modifications of components such as fixtures. For bathrooms, these would generally mean new faucets and towel holders, improved lighting and cabinets, and changes to floor tiles or wallpapers, among others. These are done to improve the appearance of bathrooms. For example, you are changing the tiles to change the room’s vibe or installing more aesthetically pleasing faucets. Due to the nature of bathroom renovations, some people opt for a do-it-yourself approach for renovations, although hiring a good contractor is highly recommended.

Remodelling, on the other hand, is a more intensive process. It includes changes a renovation project would do plus other significant changes, such as switching the toilet or sinks positioning or adding a bathtub. The scale of a remodelling project usually means you also have to modify other bathroom parts, such as the wiring, the plumbing, etc. Bathroom remodel cost is usually less expensive compared to a complete renovation. Licensed professionals commonly do these due to their complexity.

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The 4 Common Types Of Bathrooms

Being aware of the different bathrooms is essential when considering a bathroom renovation project. It will be useful, especially when asking for a bathroom quote from contractors and professionals.

Four Essential Parts Determine The Bathroom Type:

  • The toilet
  • The sink
  • The bathtub
  • And the shower

Full Bathrooms

As mentioned earlier, a bathroom with all four components is called a full bathroom. Most homes usually have at least one full bathroom present because having all four bathroom components in your house is essential.

Estimating Renovation Cost: starts from $20,000

Bathroom renovation process might include:

  • Expanding the size of the bathroom
  • Adding structural headers
  • Adding insulation and recessed shower caddy
  • Floor and wall tile upgrades
  • Rerouting plumbing and electrical

Three-quarter Bathrooms

These have only three elements usually present with a sink and toilet, shower, or bathtub. Most closely related to full bathrooms, most three-quarter bathrooms typically have a shower instead of the bathtub — since showers are the more cost-effective and eco-friendly choice.

Estimating Renovation Cost: starts from $15,000

Bathroom renovation process might include:

  • New walls or wallpapers
  • Installing/upgrading new shower or tub
  • Updating plumbing or electrical
  • Installing new vanity

Half Bathrooms

Half bathrooms have two out of the four bathroom features, usually the toilet and a sink. The purpose of these bathrooms is considerably smaller than a three-quarter or full bathroom and usually does not include accessories such as medicine storage space, many factors which guests do not need.

Estimating Renovation Cost: starts from $5,000

Bathroom renovation process might include:

  • New plumbing and electrical
  • New walls or wallpapers
  • Upgrading toilet, vanity, and facet


Quarter Bathrooms

Commonly called utility toilets or utility showers, these bathrooms only have either a toilet or a shower, meaning they only have a single purpose. These do not usually come with houses or buildings and are added later on depending on their purpose.

Estimating Renovation Cost: starts from $1,800

Bathroom renovation process might include:

  • New minimal plumbing and electrical
  • Upgrading sink and shower
  • Updating lighting and flooring

Estimating Bathroom Renovation Cost Breakdown

Here is the breakdown of your bathroom renovation cost with additional tips and recommendations.

Bathroom Expansion

The average cost may vary between $1,200 and $18,000. Depending on the variables involved in every particular place, the price can be higher. You might have to consider adding insulation, structural headers and rerouting electrical.

  • Structural engineering: $360-$850
  • Plumbing: $420-$2400
  • Framing: $600-$1800
  • Electrical: $600-$3000
  • Architect: $1200-$2400
  • Drywall installation: $1200-$3000

Shower or Bathtub Upgrade

Installing or upgrading a bathtub or shower depends on the level of materials, styles and time. You can opt for a bathtub and shower combination or choose only one of them to be installed. There are numerous options out there, from fiberglass to cast iron when it comes to bathtubs.

Shower install/upgrade

  • Economical shower: $240-$9700
  • Walk-in shower $6000-$18000

Bathtub install/upgrade

  • Tub: $600-$800
  • Tub and surround: $1200-$2400

Electric and Plumbing Upgrade

To redo or install electrical fixtures or new plumbing, you will spend between $150 and $1,500. Make sure to check plumbing and electrical before starting. However keep in mind some issues might arise along the process.

  • Light fixture: $180-$980
  • Toilets: $150-$600
  • Water heater installation: $1000-$1800
  • New outlet installation: $150-$350
  • Toilets: $150-$600
  • New plumbing: $180-$600

Floor, Vanities and Cabinet Upgrade

When it comes to a cabinet, you might want to consider refinishing them instead of buying new ones. This will definitely save you money. The floor installation cost depends on the materials you use.

  • Bathroom vanities: $360-$4600


  • Linoleum: $120-$600
  • Vinyl plank: $180-$1000
  • Wood plank: $240-$2000
  • Tile: $600-$4200
  • Cabinet refinish: $1800-$4800

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Questions to ask a bathroom contractor

If you’re looking to hire a bathroom renovation or remodelling expert, be prepared to do a little detective work. Hiring someone just because he/she was recommended by a family member or friend may not be the best move. You must do some due diligence prior to partnering with any contractor. If it worked out for someone else, it doesn’t mean it will work out for you exactly the same way. Everyone has different remodelling needs and your project scope may be too complex for the same contractor to handle.
With that said, you need to know the right questions to ask when interviewing different contractors. Keep in mind that it’s also best to follow your gut feeling when choosing whom to work with. If you notice some red flags or lack of transparency during your first interactions, it’s best to look the other way. A good contractor should be able to clarify any concerns you may have in order to solidify your decision of hiring them.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

When you hire a bathroom contractor, the amount you expect to pay them for labour will depend on their level of experience as well as the scope of your project. Typically, bathroom renovation experts charge anything from $45 to $100 per hour. The plumbers and electricians may charge higher than $100 depending on the complexity of the work that needs to be carried out.
When you hire a contractor that offers an all exclusive service, you don’t have to worry about the employee’s pace. You will be paying a standard fee for all labour costs which is a good approach to take if you are planning a complete bathroom renovation project. This is a cost-effective way to get the work done by highly experienced and skilled contractors. Contractors who offer full turnkey renovation services also get you the best supplies at the cheapest price because they have agreements and discounts with most local suppliers.
You should budget for between $12,000 and $40,000 for a complete bathroom renovation. This cost will vary depending on the size of the bathroom, the materials you install as well as your choice of contractor.

Common Questions About Bathroom Renovation Costs

What is the average cost to renovate a bathroom in Toronto?

In Toronto, the average bathroom renovation costs are typically around $15,000. This figure may vary depending on factors such as the size of the bathroom, the quality of materials chosen, and the extent of the renovation work required.

How much does it cost to renovate a small bathroom in Toronto?

For a small bathroom, bathroom renovation costs can range from $5,000 to $15,000. This is due to a smaller square footage, which means fewer materials are needed and less labour is required, compared to larger bathroom renovations.

How much should I spend on my bathroom remodel?

When planning your bathroom remodelling project, it’s crucial to consider your budget. According to data from home-improvement company Easy Renovation, the average bathroom renovation cost is $7000. However, the amount you should spend largely depends on your personal finances and the value you hope to add to your house.

What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel?

The shower area, which includes the bath, the shower, and the walls, is typically the most costly part of any bathroom renovation project. This area needs to be waterproofed, which can be a complex process requiring high-quality materials and skilled labour. Updating bathroom fixtures such as the showerhead, taps, and shower screen can also add to the cost.

How much does it cost to replace a bathtub in Toronto?

The cost of installing a new bathtub can vary depending on three main factors: the price of the bathtub itself, labour costs, and the cost of removing the old bathtub. A new bathtub can cost you between $575 to $1,130. Labour costs can range from $65.50 to $393, depending on who you hire to complete the renovation. The entire bathroom, including commonly renovated rooms like the powder room, may also need to be considered in the cost. Pot lights and additional fixtures, the sink, the flooring, and the walls are also part of the project that could give a better idea of the overall renovation cost. As always, it’s a good idea to read additional articles and get quotes from multiple contractors before starting your bathroom renovation project, particularly if you have a growing family and need to ensure the project is completed quickly and efficiently.

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