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Burlington bathroom renovation process

Enjoy a stress-free renovation with our unique build process.
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    When you contact us, we will briefly discuss your needs before providing you with a rough over the phone estimate. Get free estimate today!

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    With the help of the design coordinator, we can help you pick your fixtures and finishes or select from predesigned packages the ultimate project.

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    Your Design

    Our technology comes into play at this stage. We use 3D rendering to make the design life-like and give you explicit depiction of your future space.

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    Get Your Fixtures
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    We only work with trustworthy suppliers; you can be sure of superior products. You get amazing discounts, resulting in cheaper than retail pricing.

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    Our 30+ years of experience enables us to do a stellar construction job. We will keep you updated on the progress through the project manager.

Bathroom Renovation in Burlington

Looking for a bathroom renovation contractor in Burlington? At Easy Renovation we offer a wide selection of materials, which you can view in our catalogue or by visiting our showroom. Our design consultants can help create the design of your dreams while our professional installers and project managers execute the project with your needs and timelines in mind.

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Easy Renovation Experience
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Renovation Has Never Been So Easy

Bathroom Renovation Burlington

Have you ever wanted to transform your bathroom, but you don’t know how? Easy Renovations is here to help. We are a construction company that operates in Burlington and other GTA areas. We can do the best bathroom renovations and remodeling to ensure an increase in the value of your property and the functionality of your home. We want you to feel comfortable when you get into the bathroom and spend as much time as you want without being irked.

Our company strives to deliver excellence, which is why we hire the most qualified professionals. Our level of expertise, and the ability to stay on time, are some of the factors that set us apart. We aim to give the residents of Burlington stress-free bathroom renovations. Whatever your style is, whether modern or traditional, our contractors will sort you out. We believe in our process and methods, and we would like for you to give us a try.

Easy Design Libraries

Bathroom Design
At Your Fingertips

Whether you prefer classic or want to go with a modern bathroom design, at Easy Renovation we offer a number of diverse design libraries to help you create your ideal bathroom. Remember, you can always mix and match the details, or integrate custom elements, the goal is to create a space you can truly call your own.

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Planning a bathroom renovation properly

When you outline the changes you want to make in the bathroom, you make it easier for the contractor to define the scope of the renovation. It will also be easier for you to focus on the project and control the budget.

Determine whether you want to change the bathroom fixtures only or the floors. Other changes you can make include making the room bigger, adding a new bathroom, building more storage features, and adding new mirrors or changing the vanity.

You should know the right qualities to look for in a contractor before hiring them. Examples are:

Ability to deliver quickly: You can find this out by asking the contractor how long they intend to take on the project. Remember, the longer they take, the more inconvenienced you’ll be.

Types of services: The best contractors will be able to give you all services ranging from designing the new bathroom, to the installation of finishing touches. Ask the contractor if they have handled projects similar to yours before.

The number of employees: Ask about the number of builders a company sends to your property. The number should depend on how big the renovation is. The company should have enough people to complete the project on time without overwhelming you.

Demolition: Ask the company about who will prepare the site for renovation, as well as any additional costs you’ll incur. Ask about the disposal services as well, and whether it will attract more expenses.

The ability of the renovation company to protect your property as the renovation continues, as well as the duration they have been in the business, are also crucial. Ask about their source of material as well. Easy Reno has the experience, contacts of local vendors, a variety of bathroom renovation services, and enough employees to complete large and small projects.

Why seek our services

The main reason why you should get a professional bathroom renovation contractor is the guarantee of the job being done right the first time. Having a license and insurance in Burlington makes Easy Reno best suited to serve you.

How we can assist

Designs for the renovations: We can turn your ideas into reality. We can also create unique designs that will give your bathroom a personal touch that is unlike any other bathroom. Our design team will optimize the bathroom space and still make it stand out.

Demolitions: How the demolitions are done will determine how much you end up spending on the repairs before the renovations. Other than being too expensive, a poorly handled demolition can also create dangerous situations for you and your family. You could damage the pipes and other bathroom appliances that will create an unsafe environment. When you have our professionals, you can be sure that all your elements and bathroom features will remain in good condition as we get ready for the renovation. Our skills and equipment allow us to handle the job meticulously and with the utmost precision.

Electrical work and plumbing: Your bathroom will be incomplete without a functional plumbing system. Poorly installed plumbing pipes can cause water leakage that destroys your property. Electrical wiring that isn’t handled by qualified technicians can also be very dangerous. We will make sure you get a well-heated bathroom with enough supply of water and lighting fixtures.

Installation of new floors: Whether you want new floors or want us to recycle your old floors, we will make it happen. We select appropriate flooring materials as well as other materials for furnishing the bathroom.

Final touches: To give your bathroom the visual appeal it deserves, you need additional details suitable for the space. The details can be decorative light fixtures, backsplashes, or moldings on different surfaces of the bathroom. Our designers will use their skills to make your bathroom pop by handcrafting the details you like.

How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Burlington?

Factors determining the cost or bathroom renovations include:

Your contractor: Burlington contractors aren’t obligated to charge a specific amount of money for their services. Every company will charge an amount they think is fair, and that will contribute to your overall costs. The labour charges are usually per hour, with most companies asking for at least $45 and at most $100.

Type of renovation: If you want a whole bathroom makeover, you will pay more than someone who wants to make a few changes, such as adding more lighting fixtures. Expect to pay at least $250 per square foot if you want a full renovation.

Materials: The type of material you use and their quality can also increase the price. If you prefer unique materials that are not available locally, you will spend more. Higher quality materials are also likely to cost more, but they offer durability and great value in return.

Bathroom space: Tight spaces that are hidden around corners are difficult to get to. They take longer to work around, which means they require more time and effort. As such, renovating such bathrooms will be more expensive than renovating easily accessible bathrooms.

Property location: Bathroom renovation materials have different prices in different parts of the Greater Toronto Area. Where the contractor chooses to get the building materials and where you live in Burlington will determine how much you spend.

Easy Reno’s costs start at $13,595 and can go as high as you like. We will give you a more detailed estimate when you contact us.

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Renovation Do’s And Don’t

Burlington bathroom renovation tips


Here’s what to expect when you hire us as your experienced bathroom renovation contractor in Toronto.

Bathroom renovation FAQs

Bathroom Renovation Questions and Answers
  • How long should I expect a full renovation to last?

    The duration of a full renovation is determined by several factors such as the complexity of the demolitions, the wiring and plumbing needed, and the number of contractors. Easy Reno has enough contractors that can complete the job within ten days to 2 weeks. We will give you a specific timeline after we check your bathroom.

  • How do I start the renovation process?

    We understand that starting a bathroom renovation is very difficult and nerve-wracking. You can begin by calling us, and we’ll guide you through the entire process.

  • Can I buy the materials on my own?

    You can buy all the materials needed for the renovation without help, but we advise that you involve a professional. Even if you work with your own supplier, we will get the materials and deliver them to your property.

    Easy Reno has everything you need to make such a project successful. We have been serving the Burlington area and its surroundings for a long time, and we intend to keep doing so diligently. Contact us today with all your bathroom renovation questions.

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