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Bathroom Lighting Guide – Choose the Best Lighting for Your Bathroom

  • Bathroom Lights Guide – How To Choose the Most Flattering Lighting for a Bathroom
  • Discover What Type of Lighting is Best For a Bathroom
  • Choosing Light Bulb That is Right For Your Bathroom
  • Different Types of Bathroom Light Fixtures
  • Variety of Bathroom Light Fixture Styles
  • Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas
  • Choose The Best Lighting For Bathroom With Easy Tips

Bathroom Lights Guide – How To Choose The Most Flattering Lighting for a Bathroom

A lot goes into deciding bathroom lighting, yet it’s an element of design and bathroom renovation that often gets overlooked. This bathroom lighting guide delves into the types of lighting and fixtures most common to redesigns and renovations. The best lighting for bathrooms is that which illuminates some key areas. Mirror lighting. Vanity lighting. Lights in strategic places. That’s what we’re discussing when we talk bathroom lights. A single ceiling light fixture rarely is enough to light a bathroom adequately. Your bathroom is somewhere to relax and escape what’s going on in the outside world. It’s not somewhere that should be dark or unkempt. This guide highlights several different approaches, touching upon layered lighting, mood lighting, targeted lighting, and more.  The right bathroom lighting design is easy to achieve and intuitive when you really get down to looking at a bathroom’s existing layout. Then, with a little help, anyone can have luxurious, trendy bathroom lights placed in all the right areas.

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Discover What Type of Lighting is Best For Your Bathroom

A strong bathroom lighting design is typically one that has layered lighting. That is, to think of lighting as a form of cascading layers.

You will have a light by your vanity, for example, so that the person there can see what they’re doing. This is task lighting.

You have ambient lighting, which can be thought of as a sort of artificial lighting. It’s very central, usually surface-mounted, and can be dressed in some really exquisite fixtures highlighting your unique sense of style. There is also accent lighting blended in to highlight certain architectural features or can be used more decoratively.

Even a small bathroom can benefit from understanding where accent lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting are to be placed. These three types of bathroom lighting have to interact with one another as a miscalculation results in the room either having not enough lighting or too much.

The best bathroom lighting for your bathroom is custom to what else is in the room and how you intend to use it. The shape and size of the bathroom, the size of the vanity and mirror, and the shower stall or tub placement are all considerations that will affect where you will want to put bathroom lights and what kind of lighting is needed.


Other considerations include:
  • Ambient. This type of lighting is general and illuminates the whole of the bathroom. Ambient lighting takes the place that natural light would normally have. A ceiling light is an example of ambient lighting.
  • Task. Lighting assigned to specific areas, such as a vanity and mirror, is task lighting. It is targeted and a necessity in a bathroom where tasks like brushing teeth, bathing, and getting ready take place.
  • Accent. A bathroom still may suffer from dark, poorly lit areas. In these spots, accent lighting takes center stage. This is a form of supplementary lighting.
Choosing Light Bulb That is Right For Your Bathroom

The best light bulb type for a bathroom is often LEDs which are energy-efficient, last decades, and don’t contribute to heat buildup.

Brightness is a key factor in selecting bathroom light bulbs. The more lumens and wattage involved, the brighter the bulb. In a bathroom, you never want blinding light, of course. A standard 100-watt bulb is 1,600 lumens and should be more than enough to supply adequate bathroom lighting, although this really varies according to taste.

Light colour is also very important to relax in a bathroom. Light bulb types for a bathroom should range from soft whites and yellows to daylight or blue-range bulbs. Most bathrooms will go reaching for warm whites. For chrome or white fixtures, a bright white light bulb is another type you might rely on. Anything brighter is generally unnecessary though, again, this is according to taste.


A dimmer is also an aspect of bathroom lighting that, if you want, you want to make sure you have the fixtures and light bulbs that can accommodate it. Dimmers are a great bathroom lighting idea as it emphasizes mood, gives you control over how bright or dark it is, and is adjustable according to taste. Fortunately, most light bulb types are capable of working with a dimmer, so you shouldn’t have any trouble there.

How the light appears on your skin is something else to know when buying bulbs. A crisp white can illuminate almost any skin tone accurately, but with filters and other colours in the bathroom, you might surprise yourself with exactly how much the look of skin changes when you look in the bathroom mirror.

Different Types of Bathroom Light Fixtures

The fixtures you choose for your bathroom can really freshen up the look, emphasizing style and aesthetic. Your light fixtures should relate to the styles and elements already present around them, from installing lighting around a vanity to doing a whole bathroom renovation. The right light fixture might not just be decorative. They add direction in some cases and help to filter certain types of light bulbs. These different types of light fixtures are well worth having a look at!

Variety of Bathroom Light Fixture Styles

It’s important to have a sense of the different styles of bathroom light fixtures available. The aesthetics vary quite a bit, each style perfect for a different bathroom. From modern sleekness to industrial weight, materials and shading also vary under each design category. As a result, light fixtures are something every bathroom can play with, regardless of size, shape, or budget.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas

The right bathroom vanity lighting is not only stylish but illuminates the area to serve a purpose. No one wants to be putting on makeup in the dark. If you don’t have enough natural light – and most bathrooms don’t – the lights installed around a vanity is as ambient as it is task-based. Find the right bathroom vanity lighting to layout in your bathroom design with these bathroom lighting ideas.

Choose The Best Lighting For Bathroom With Easy Tips

You’ll spend hours every week in your bathroom, in amongst the layout and lighting. The best bathroom lighting gets the details right how it’s positioned. At what height. How the lighting creates or minimizes shadows. These things are worth getting right in choosing the right bathroom lighting for you. So here are a few tips for weighing as you look at ways to fill your bathroom with just the right amount of light.

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