Backsplash Cost in Toronto

It is the little details that set a kitchen or bathroom apart. Today, it is almost impossible not to hear about backsplash when talking about bathroom and kitchen renovation.

What is the Cost of Adding Backsplash?

It is the little details that set a kitchen or bathroom apart. Today, it is almost impossible not to hear about backsplash when talking about bathroom and kitchen renovation. If now is the first time you’ve heard about the backsplash, this is the wall space directly above the countertops. These walls are not very tall because they range from the countertops to the base of the cabinets. However, if there are no wall cabinets, the backsplashes can extend all the way to the ceiling.

With careful planning and creative designs, it is possible to add a splash of character in the precious wall space with eye-catching backsplashes that are not only fashionable but also functional. When done properly, the backsplashes are excellent accents to one of the most frequented rooms in a home. Ideally, the backsplash can be installed simultaneously with countertops. However, it is okay to do them later on with the help of a professional or on your own.

With a wide range of colours and materials, you will undoubtedly find the backsplash that fits your home perfectly. However, the big question is this: how much will it cost, on average, to add a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom?

How Much Does a Backsplash Installation Cost?

How much it costs to install a backsplash depends on the square feet covered, the materials you will use, and the cost charged by your professional installer. The good thing is backsplashes come in all sizes and shapes. You will be able to install them easily, even in awkward angles.

Typically, marble, porcelain and ceramic offer versatility with design. They are suited to the evergreen backsplash design styles such as subway tiling. You can change the mood by experimenting with the grouts. All in all, before you select a material, it is always wise to consider what your end goals are. If what you want is an elaborate design such as a hand-painted Moroccan-style backsplash, you need to consider the effect the available materials produce and weigh if they will satisfy you for years to come.

Even with that out of the way, other factors come into play in determining the cost of adding a backsplash. The tile choice has the biggest impact on the final cost. The more expensive the selected tile is, the more expensive the project will be. Labour costs range from $40 to $60. If you are opting for a peel-and-stick design, the labour cost will be about $40. You can expect to pay a lot more for intricate designs because of the skill and time required to install the backsplash properly.

  • Cost of a Kitchen Backsplash 

If you plan on installing the backsplash on an area of 16 square feet, you will pay $400 to $600. This is exclusive of labour costs. It is also good to bear in mind that the cost of your selected tiles will affect the overall cost. Cheaper ceramic tiles, for example, will take the costs close to $400. On the other hand, if you opted for the higher quality tiles that are more expensive, the cost will play in the neighbourhood of $1,000.

  • Cost of a Bathroom Backsplash 

Tiles and backsplashes in a bathroom renovation are often a huge cost. Prior to getting started with the project, it is always wise to consider the number of tiles you will need. If you need a lot of tiles to get the work done, you should consider buying cheaper tiles to keep the costs down. If you plan to cover a small area, for example, behind the sink, you can spend a little more on the expensive tiles because you will need a few tiles. All things considered; the cost of a bathroom backsplash installation will be approximately $1,000.

Which Tiles Are Used in Backsplashes?

The most common tiles are cement, porcelain, ceramic, stone and marble. Glass has also been used. Choosing the best tile for your kitchen or bathroom is simply a matter of willingness to experiment and personal preferences. Even so, there are a couple of things that are worth knowing before you select tiles to use for your backsplash.

The first and most obvious point you need to remember is that tiles don’t cost the same. They are priced based on square feet and the material used in making them. Marble is more expensive than other materials. However, being smart when shopping can help you achieve the look you want at a much comfortable price. When shopping for a backsplash, here are important tips you have to bear in mind.

  • Glazed porcelain tiles that have high gloss coated on the surface for shine mimic the look of marble.
  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer numerous options for transforming a traditional kitchen into a contemporary one.
  • Natural stone and stainless steel. When used together, these materials will bring a wealth of warmth to your space,
  • Mosaic tiles offer the best return for your investment. They are ideal if you wish to turn your space into a work of art.
  • Sheet glass is a popular choice in backsplash materials. It is low maintenance and adds a lighter look for the space to complement just any style.
  • While not common in traditional kitchen backsplash, wood can be used for rustic aesthetics. Proper care must, however, be taken during installation and maintenance.

Who Can Install a Backsplash?

While it is possible to install a backsplash on your own, it is easier and better to hire a professional. If you plan on installing intricate pattern work with expensive tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, you should take the time to hire an experienced professional. While a professional will charge you a fee for the installation, you will be happy you paid once the work is done.

Backsplashes offer a great way to add beauty to your space as well as protect your walls. You must, however, work with a professional to get a more refined look.

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